"No, I didn't ?"

Chu Zhao was extremely afraid of that matter.

Moreover, she was now pregnant, just two months old.

No, no, not now!

Chu Zhao struggled helplessly. From Bo Shiyan's point of view, he looked like he was welcoming to refuse.

Chu Zhao instantly crumbled as she cried and shouted, "Bo Shiyan, I hate you, I don't want to love you anymore!"

His body abruptly stopped as his tone became more sinister. He bit down on her neck. "Say that again!"

"I don't love you anymore, Bo Shiyan!"

A familiar pain engulfed his entire body, and Chu Zhao's eyes were covered by a layer of mist. She could not clearly see this man, and only heard his vengeful voice resounding beside her ear, "Remember this pain firmly!"

Daybreak had arrived.

Chu Zhao looked at the ceiling, unable to sleep for the entire night.

She was curled up into a ball and did not cover herself with the blanket. Her body was trembling slightly.

So cold, from his body to his heart, he felt so cold ?

The door was opened.

Zhao Lan walked into the bedroom. "Young Mistress ?"

Reaching the bedside, Zhao Lan saw Chu Zhao who was on the bed and immediately cried out.

"Young Mistress, how did you get injured like this?!"

Chu Zhao's body was covered with scars, there were some wounds that had been bandaged previously, the bandages were already messy, and there were still some bloodstains on them.

Zhao Lan said with concern: "Is there a need for you to be careful? I'll call the doctor. "

Chu Zhao pulled up his blanket and tightly wrapped it around himself, then replied indifferently: "No need."

She was quiet for a moment, then lowered her eyes and asked: "Has Bo Shiyan left?"

"Young Master, he ?" They left last night. "

Zhao Lan could no longer bear to look at Chu Zhao, so she changed the topic: "I am here to tell you, today is Old Master Chu's anniversary, do you want to go to the mausoleum garden?"

On Chu Zhao's face that was not angry, finally loosened up a little.

She blinked, then remembered that today was the day of her grandfather's death.

She nodded. "Yes."

"Then what about Young Master's side ?" You need to tell him yourself. "

Chu Zhao dialed Bo Shiyan's number, and rang many times before finally getting picked up.

"Bo Shiyan..."

Before she could even finish her words, Su Jinghao's ambiguous and soft cry suddenly came from the other side: "Ah, Ah Yan, be gentler."

Her fingers suddenly tightened, Chu Zhao bit his lips, it seemed that he was in no mood to care about her.

In the cemetery.

Chu Zhao placed a bunch of flowers in front of his grandfather's tombstone.

In the photo, his grandfather was still affectionately smiling.

Chu Zhao's heart ached. Leaning on the tombstone, she couldn't help but tell her grandfather the words in her heart, "Grandfather, are you alright? I have a baby now, a child of Ah Yan and I ? "

"Ah Yan, do you still remember him? While you were here, you seemed to like him best, and always wanted me to marry him. Now, as you wish, I have really married Bo Shiyan and his child. "Furthermore, to me, he ?"

As Chu Zhao said this, his voice suddenly choked, and he was unable to continue.

He wondered if lying to a deceased elder would be repaid.

She gave a self-deprecating laugh and continued lying to herself. "He treats me very well. You can rest assured."

"I will also give birth to our child. When the baby can walk, I will bring him to visit you ?"

Chu Zhao caressed his lower abdomen. In this place, a new life was being born, blood and bone blood for both her and Bo Shiyan.

Even though she was in the hospital and angrily told Bo Shiyan that she wanted to beat him up, in reality, she liked this child a lot.

In this world, this child was the only family she had left.

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