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Desmond Anderson gently placed his elbows on his desk as he listened to the woman who was pouring out her matters to him, hoping for a perfect solution. He was known to be a famous counselor on relationship issues and as an erotologist. He knew much about the issues that people always bring to him and offer them the best solution he knew. He hates to see people's hearts getting broken by the ones they love. He hates to see young ladies crying as a result of broken hearts.

He watched in silence and gave the young woman the attention she needed. She was seeking advice on her relationship. She had fallen in love with a man but her parents refused to accept him as their son-in-law. She cried as she begged the man whom she knew could help her.

"Please, help me. What do I do?" the young woman pleaded.

Desmond sighed heavily as he leaned back on his office chair. "Miss Ava, you don't need to cry," he consoled and the woman nodded and wiped her tears with a kerchief. "What I want you to know for sure is that whosoever are meant to be together surely will. I can understand your parents and of course, I understand you as well. You know — Love is strong, really strong," he said and gestured with his hands.

"But what do I do now?" Ava asked.

"Make your parents understand the reason you want to marry him. The two of you should prove to them that you can't do without each other. The marriage of your parents wasn't arranged, right?" he asked.

"No,it wasn't. It was out of true love."

He clapped his hands. "Then, that's it. Make them realize that. Your own should also be out of true love, don't you agree?" Desmond said with a cute smile.

Ava nodded. "But — Can they be persuaded that way? Just by talking to them?"

"Yes, they can. They will be persuaded, I'm sure. Give it a try," Desmond urged.

"Okay,thank you. I will get back to you," Ava said as she rose to her feet and turned to leave.

"I don't know who the man is but I wish you can be together,"he said and paused for a few seconds until the young woman turned back to him. "He's very lucky to have you,"he said in encouragement.

Ava smiled and went outside the office.

His cellphone rang and said as he received the call, "Hello,Caleb. I'm almost done with work. Just some few people to attend to. I'll meet you there," he said and then hung up the phone and called his secretary to send the next person inside his office.


Desmond finished work and drove to his friend's house who was celebrating his birthday. He got there late in the evening and rushed inside to meet, surprisingly, many guests. He wasn't expecting that but instead was hoping to see few people to just celebrate with his friend briefly and leave.

"Wow! There are quite a lot of people," he exclaimed as he entered the hall that was being used for the birthday party. It was decorated in a way that made it a ballroom and there were people who chose themselves in twos, most of them not with the same gender. He squeezed his face as he watched in disgust as some whispers in their partners' ears while some were making out, not even caring they were in public.

He smiled as he came in contact with his friend but he was with a lady.

"You're late," his friend said.

"Adamson, I am so sorry. Today was quite hectic. Here," he said,stretching forth a wrapped gift toward him. "Happy Birthday," he added and received a hug from his friend.

"Thanks a lot, buddie," Adamson appreciated and signalled to the young lady beside him to leave the two to talk. The lady kissed him on the left.

Desmond squeezed his face as he watched in distaste, the action of the lady before leaving. "Your girlfriend?" Desmond asked.

"Yeah! Sorry, I'll introduce her some other time. Let's sit over there," his friend said, pointing to a place in the hall that was made like the pub. His friend nodded, followed him to the place and asked for a drink.

"How could she do that?" Desmond said with an irritating look.

"She? Who? Do what?" his friend asked with curiosity.

"Your so-called girlfriend. How could she kiss you like that? In the presence of your friend? Couldn't she do that when there is no one watching?" Desmond said. He found himself getting angry. He did not fancy such things. "She doesn't even look the type that would not cheat."

Adamson laughed out. "You're kidding, right?" He could not believe his ears.

"Does it look like it?" Desmond asked with all seriousness.

"You know, it surprises me how you could be a well known and respected erotologist and yet a nihilist. Had it been I did not know you and was told someone was behaving as you do, I would never believe it. Desmond, you need to wake up to reality," his friend advised, counseling the counselor. "Love — is —real," he added.

"Am I asleep? Why do I need to wake up?"Desmond replied.

" Your eyes are closed to reality, dude."

"And what's the reality? Love? Come on,we both know that's just a mere word which definition doesn't exist," Desmond defended.

"You only believe that," Adamson corrected. "I don't. You —"

"Let's forget about that," Desmond put in.

"Okay. How I wish you came with a lady."

"I just told you to get off that, didn't I? " Desmond asked.

"oh! You did?" Adamson asked in reply jokingly.

"You didn't tell me you'll mark your birthday this much. There are so many people," Desmond said in avertion of what his friend asked.

"Oh yeah, I didn't expect them to be this much either but it's okay," Adamson replied and his friend nodded in agreement as he sipped his drink after cheering with the celebrant.

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