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Faith Smith dressed hurriedly in her room at the command of her best friend who wanted her to follow her to a party that night. Faith had insisted that she would not be able to go as a result of the night. It was too late to go to a party,but her friend had been so persistent. She had convinced her that they were going to have the best fun of their lives so far and with Eunice's angelic tone of conviction, she could not say no.

"Oh! Eunice," Faith said with the hint of sadness in her voice.

"What's wrong?" Eunice asked with concern, wondering how her mood could change all of a sudden.

"My mum. She won't let me leave because it's late. What do I do now? I guess I will just stay at home," Faith answered.

"Come here," her friend urged and whispered in her ear when she got close to her.

"Oh, goodness! I really really love you, darling. You're smart," Faith cheered.

"What do you mean you love me when I am not your lover?"

"Come on, baby. I love as well as whoever my lover is going to be. I love the two of you. Don't you know love does not inform you before it starts living in your house?" Faith said with a grin.

Eunice was confused. "What do you mean?"

"Never mind. Let's do as you planned and get out of here on time," Faith said and wiggle out of the dress and shoes on her and packed it in a bag, then put on her pyjamas.

"Nice," Eunice said and carried her bag in her hand and started walking out of her room while she followed behind.

They met her mother in the living room. "Mum, I am going to see Eunice off. I could stay long cause we still have a lot to talk about. So, go to bed without me, but don't lock the door," Faith said.

"It's late, dear. Don't stay too long, okay?" Mrs. Smith said.

Faith shrugged and frowned as she replied, "Okay, mum. Bye — Oh! I'll be back," she said and went outside the house and out of the gate.

"It worked, it worked!" Faith jubilated as she jumped up and wagged her non-existent tail.

Her friend laughed and said, "You need to get changed, babe. Let's go inside my car," Eunice said and they retreated inside her car that was just a few paces away.

After changing, Eunice drove to where the party would be held. They alighted and walked in with many faces especially those of men glancing their way and commenting on their looks and gorgeous dresses. Faith was putting on a short red dress while her friend was wearing a bum short and a green strapless top.

"Wow! This is really a big house," Faith said without minding the little attention her exclamation brought her way.

"You can say that again, baby," Eunice replied.

"But, wait –," Faith uttered and halted as they got to the center of the hall, standing before each other with a tall wine holder separating them. "Whose party is this?" Faith asked. Wasn't that stupidity to follow a friend to a party that you neither know the type nor the host.

"It's the birthday of Adamson," Eunice answered.

"And how is he to you?" her friend furthered.

"He is – uhm – a friend's boss."

"Oh,my God! Gosh, Eunice," Faith shouted and laughed,but when her friend only laughed too and chose not to reply, she shrugged it off. Her friend could sometimes choose to be crazy.

Faith looked around the hall that was encompassed with so many people as if she was in search of someone.

Her friend noticed that and asked her who she was looking for.

"You know I could find my Prince charming here now," Faith replied with a cute, but childish smile.

Eunice laughed. Faith could be so dramatic at times. She took the word 'Love' as if it was her breathing line. "You'll never change."

"I should be leaving soon—" Faith started saying.

"You definitely can't leave tonight. It's now very late. Till dawn, dear," Eunice informed as she took two cups of drinks from a waiter that passed by. She handed one to her friend who took a sip and sat the glass on the table separating them.

Faith sighed. Her mother should not know she stayed the night out or she was going to be in trouble. It was not her first time not to sleep at home, thanks to the 'bish' she called her best friend. "I need to visit the ladies room," she called the waiter that gave them drinks and asked for the direction of the bathroom.

"You just need to go outside of this hall, turn left, then –" the waiter directed. "Do you understand, Miss?"

With doubt, she answered, "Oh! Yes, thank you so much," Faith thanked and faced her friend when the waiter had left. "Will you be fine alone?" she asked.

"I should be the one asking you that."

"I will be fine. Besides, I will be back in a while." She walked through the crowd and outside the hall. She turned right and started looking for the restroom. She had forgotten how the waiter described, so she walked up to a man who had his back to her.

She cleared her throat slightly and said in her best voice, "Excuse me, please?"

The man turned to her with his hands in his pockets and with a serious look. He was obviously taller than her as he gazed down at the woman before him. He seemed to watch with great interest that widened his eyes but was able to keep them normal so as not to appear strange.

His voice echoed her words to him. It came out of the loveliest voice he had ever heard. He said nothing and kept his serious look as he intently studied the face of the young woman.

"If you can just spare a few minutes, I will be very grateful if you can show me the restroom," Faith asked in a polite way, but the man did not say anything,but averted his gaze instead.

'Oh, God! Please, answer me. I really need to use the bathroom,' Faith thought, but stayed calm still. 'Can he not talk?' she wondered in her mind.

" Hello? Please, it is kind of urgent," she replied but still, no words came out of the man's mouth. She could not help but stare at him, though. He was extremely good looking.

'Oh, my God! What kind of a man is this? Vampire? Goblin? What kind of animal could be this good looking, serious and probably – mute? Oh! It's a fish,' Faith thought within her and scanned the man from head to toe.

The man squeezed his face as he looked at her one more time as she checked him out. Didn't she say she needed to use the bathroom urgently? He wanted to tell her, but he could not form any word out of his mouth at that moment.

'Can a fish be this tall and straight? He's neatly dressed,' Faith scanned and pouted her lips. 'I am sure he would be strict at something,' she concluded.

The man looked at her intently as he tilted his head to a side in thought. He shifted his eyes to her lips and looked deeply. Something was strange. How come he could hear the woman talking without her mouth dancing out the words?

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