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A cool breeze blew past, causing the person lying on the dead branches and leaves to shiver. A certain woman was completely unaware of her current situation, and as if she had suddenly thought of something, her eyes immediately regained their clarity. She wanted to sit up, "Damn!" Who could tell her why her whole body was in such pain? It was as if she had been hit by a car.

She knew it because she had been in a car accident before, and the pain was unforgettable. Looking around her, she realized that something was wrong. Wasn't she on the night shift in the hospital, sleeping in the duty room, and here she was, an ominous feeling welled up, and then she lowered her head to look at her body. "Damn!" She cursed again, who could tell her what was going on, her pink ancient clothes were full of scratches, big and small, and still stained with blood, so she touched her bloody hands from head to toe, this wasn't her body.

An important conclusion formed in her mind. After staring blankly for a while, she let out a forlorn laugh. "Ah!" She did not expect that the heavens would actually play such a joke on her ?

Since she was a child, she had no parents, so she quickly accepted reality. Fortunately, there was no one that she cared about in that world. As for where she was living in, it was simply a place for her to live.

At this time, many memories that didn't belong to her suddenly flooded her mind, letting her know the identity of this body. She was called Mo Lingxi, 14 years old, the only daughter of the Fire Nation's master with another surname, she had never seen her own mother since she was young, and the rest of her memories were related to a man called Sikong Ye Hua. In short, she chased after her in all sorts of ways while avoiding other people like ants. She laughed at herself, but had no choice but to accept reality. From now on, she was Mo Lingxi, no matter who she used to be.

Mo Lingxi was puzzled. She was the only daughter of the Prince's house, and should have been doted on by thousands of people, then what was wrong with this malnutrition? It seemed like there were some things that were not as simple as she thought ah...

"Roar ?" The deafening sound pulled Mo Lingxi back from her thoughts. She thought, "Not good, a wild beast will be coming soon. With her current condition, if she was found out, she could only cook dinner for that wild beast." A pair of clear eyes quickly scanned the surroundings and finally chose a tall tree with many branches. It dragged its body up the tree in pain, reaching a certain height and finding a relatively hidden spot to squat down, before concealing its presence.

Hiding in the leaves of the tree, coupled with the fact that it was night, it was hard to find her. It was an animal that looked like a rhinoceros, but it was immediately rejected by Mo Lingxi. This was because this rhinoceros was much uglier than any rhinoceros she had ever seen, and its pair of huge eyes were glowing with red light. It looked extremely ferocious, with a black liquid flowing out of its triangular mouth.

The wild beast looked around in confusion. It had obviously sensed the scent of a human, so it came over, but why was it gone now? This damned human, don't let it find you, or it will eat her in one bite.

Mo Lingxi, who was sitting on the tree, let out a sigh of relief and changed her position to lie down. Mo Lingxi lay on the branch and looked at the sky full of stars, thinking, how did the original owner come here? However, why was there not even the slightest memory of it? 'No, I still have to find a way out tomorrow,' she wanted to find out what was going on. Since she had come, she would not let the original owner die without a clear explanation.

Maybe she was seriously injured, and her body was too tired. Not long later, Mo Lingxi fell into a deep sleep...

A dreamless night passed. Mo Lingxi was woken up by the intense sunlight. She leisurely opened her eyes, "Oh, it's morning." She sighed and quickly got up. He checked the situation around him, 'It looks safe for the time.' Climbing down from the tree, she found that her body was much better than when she woke up last night. At least she could walk now. She had to get out of here as soon as possible.

According to the original owner's memories, her father doted on her a lot. Perhaps it was because of this body, and she didn't want Mo Hao to worry about her current 'father' ?

Mo Lingxi picked up a thick, straight branch from the tree to use as a walking stick. What Mo Lingxi didn't know was that she was currently in the Demonic Forest, which made the people of the continent frightened. Moreover, she was in the center of it. The fact that she could spend the night here safe and sound only meant that her luck was too good.

Aside from the fact that there were many high level magical beasts here, there was another terrifying legend that a thousand years ago, a deity with the ability to destroy the heavens and the earth had fallen here. This caused the spirit beasts that originally lived here to be influenced by the gods and devils overnight, turning into the bloodthirsty beasts. This greatly increased the lethality of the spirit beasts, causing them to grow many spirit herbs and fruits that everyone wanted. Of course, there were those who were not afraid of death, but they could only move outside the forest. For a thousand years, no one had ever dared to enter the heart of the forest ?

However, both Mo Lingxi from before and Mo Lingxi from now knew nothing about this. However, this body's memory was really limited. The one who remembered the most was that man ?

The pitiful Mo Lingxi was holding onto her self-made walking stick, her petite figure was shuttling back and forth in the forest, 'Weird, why didn't I see any wild beasts on her way here, and instead the surroundings became unusually quiet. This didn't make Mo Lingxi relax, instead making her more vigilant, the calmer her surface, the more dangerous it would be.

Sure enough, the wild roars of beasts suddenly reverberated in the sky above the Demonic Soul Forest. Mo Lingxi's heart shook as well. There was a mysterious pull in her heart that made Mo Lingxi say to her, 'We have to go ?'

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