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In the following days, Mo Lingxi spent her days in the library, eating and sleeping. She didn't have any information about this world in her head, so she needed to make up for it.

She had learned from the books that this continent was called Spirit Fantasy Continent and that it was divided into three great nations and a few small nations. These three great nations were respectively Hulie Nation, Ice Phoenix Nation, and Ri Britain, and of these three great nations, Hulie Nation was the strongest, thanks to that mysterious Regent. It was said that before he appeared, Huai Lie Nation was the weakest of the three great nations.

Other than the Psionic Illusion Continent, there was also another continent. The two continents were separated by a blue heart sea, so for a thousand years, they didn't invade each other. They would even send emissaries to protect the peace. There were only two countries in the Phoebe Continent, the Falling Wind Nation and the Liuhan Country. There was very little information about these two countries. However, what surprised Mo Lingxi was that there was a mysterious existence on these two continents, which belonged to the strong. Mo Lingxi wanted to know more about that place, but that was all there was in the book.

Mo Lingxi was now most interested in and needed to solve the problem that was related to cultivation on this continent. There were no more than five people on this continent who had reached the purple rank, right now. Thinking about this, a godfather should be counted as one, it was indeed impressive enough, but the eighth and ninth levels were all made up of black spiritual energy, while the ninth levels were colorless. It was said that these two levels would not appear on this continent, and only that mysterious existence would be able to cultivate to these two levels.

The spiritual energy levels were divided into three levels: elementary level, intermediate level and high level. However, most people would be stuck for at least a few months, a few years, or even their entire life without a breakthrough.

Mo Lingxi also read a lot of books on medicine in this world. She specialized in medicine in the first place, and it was completely different from her era where medicine was used to cure people, and basically, medicine was used to cure people, but Mo Lingxi still liked the modern ways of treatment. Thinking about this, it seemed like she needed to create a set of her usual medical instruments. Mo Lingxi also knew a lot of the herbs here, and when she recalled the herbs she picked in the Demonic Forest of Souls, she realized that these were all high-grade spiritual herbs, and there were even divine herbs, and any one of them would turn out to be a bloody storm. Mo Lingxi thought naughtily, it seems that she still has a chance to return to the Demonic Forest of Souls, which made those demonic beasts thousands of miles away shiver.

Mo Lingxi's memory was very good. Although it wasn't a photographic memory, it was still pretty good. In the modern world, many people were envious of her memory. Mo Lingxi also read many books about how to cultivate spiritual energy, as well as various cultivation techniques. Before this, she had already learned some ancient martial arts. She was still very interested in martial arts. She had been advised to specialize in ancient martial arts before, but she still chose the doctor, so she had a wide range of interests. She had dabbled in all aspects of music and dance as well.

Mo Lingxi felt that she had read enough. It was time for her to truly cultivate ?

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