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Mo Lingxi still didn't know anything about cultivation, so she first followed the book and tried condensing her spiritual energy. If it wasn't possible, then she would go to her godfather for help. Mo Lingxi left the library and returned to her own room. She gave Lan Lan instructions for the food to be delivered to her room. Next, she would have to go into closed door cultivation for a month. When Bai Xiao heard this news, he immediately took out three Spiritual Gathering Beads and placed them in Mo Lingxi's room. This Ghost Domain was actually quite special. No matter which part it was in, it would be several times richer than the external world's Spiritual Energy.

Mo Lingxi sat cross-legged on the bed and began to meditate, slowly feeling the flow of spirit energy in her body, following the instructions in the book and leading them to her dantian, beginning to feel the warmth in her dantian. Mo Lingxi knew that it was her first spirit energy, and couldn't help but feel extremely happy.

Three days had already passed, Mo Lingxi was still sitting on the bed without moving. During these three days, she hadn't touched the food outside of the room, and it was unknown why she didn't feel hungry while she was cultivating. Mo Lingxi discovered that the only change in her body during these three days was that there was an extra pearl in her dantian that was emitting a faint white light.

Could this be the so-called Spirit Orb? But it doesn't seem like it. The book also said that only Green Rank High Rank Spiritual Beads would appear. The green color would also change with the advancement in the future. Of course, the size wouldn't change. Generally, it would be about the size of a medium pearl, but her estimation was only the size of a pea.

Mo Lingxi didn't feel that anything was wrong. Perhaps it was a good thing. She no longer hesitated and continued to cultivate. Another three days had passed. Bai Xiao and Wang Anbo, who were bored to play chess in the garden, suddenly felt a strong fluctuation of spiritual energy, they knew that someone had advanced here, almost every day, so they were not surprised. They didn't think that it would be Mo Lingxi, the first time she cultivated she would be to find a spirit root, but this process was very difficult and took a long time, ordinary people would find it impossible every six months, "I wonder how that girl is doing ?" Bai Xiao looked at the chess piece on his finger in boredom.

Over here, Mo Lingxi held her breath. She didn't expect that six days had passed and she was only a High Level Red Rank. She gritted her teeth, this speed was too slow. It seemed like she had to work harder, because she still had a lot of things to do.

In the following days, every few days, a strong fluctuation of spiritual energy would be emitted from somewhere within the palace. Moreover, it was getting stronger and stronger, but no one cared about it.

This day was beautiful, and it was also the day that Mo Lingxi came out of seclusion. Early in the morning, Bai Xiao, Xiu Jie, Wang Anbo, and the other four sisters had already been waiting at Mo Lingxi's door. Unexpectedly, they were all unusually quiet and no one said a word, "Creak ?" Mo Lingxi, who had just left her room, was startled by the scene in front of her. Why was there a large group of people at her doorstep this morning, and the one leading them was her stupid father. When Bai Xiao saw Mo Lingxi, his face lit up with happiness, "Little girl, how was this month?" It seemed as if they were waiting for her, their hearts were moved, "Just so-so, just at the Mid Yellow Rank." As soon as her words came out, everyone present was instantly petrified. They did not hear wrong, having reached Mid Yellow Rank in one month without any spiritual energy, being still so-so, hearing her voice, it seemed like she was not satisfied yet... The first one to react was Wang Anbo. He embarrassedly coughed, which caused everyone to come back to their senses. Bai Xiao was so excited that he was at a loss for words, not knowing what to say. It seemed that he really picked up a treasure this time. About that, the four Lan sisters wanted to cry but had no tears. They had been in this Ghost Domain for several years and had barely reached the Primary Level of Yellow Rank. Their Young Master was one level higher than them in a month.

Mo Lingxi speechlessly rubbed the back of her head. What happened to them? Could it be that she said something wrong ?

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