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Mo Lingxi ignored Bai Xiao and walked around him to ask Lan Lan, and the four sisters suppressed their excitement and looked at Mo Lingxi. They discovered that the young master seemed to have become even more beautiful than before, especially that skin, even they wanted to touch it, and couldn't help but blush when they thought about it, truly, why would they have such thoughts about the young master? Mo Lingxi was speechless, what's wrong with them, they all started blushing, was there something on her face? She shook her head, "Wen Lan, Yuyan, help me prepare something to eat, remember how much meat you have to eat." This just happened to give Wen Lan a chance to leave this awkward place, she pulled Yuyan away, Mo Ling Xi looked at Yulan and Qingyue again, "You guys help me prepare some paper and pen, I'll be using it later, it'll be hard on you guys ?" Mo Ling Xi smiled at them, making them dizzy.

Mo Lingxi discovered that Lan Yue, who had been recuperating in her spiritual sense for the past month, had completely recovered. It said that as her cultivation increased, not only would her injuries recover quickly, but her cultivation would also increase.

After eating something, Mo Lingxi released Lan Yue, who had been holding back for a long time, but of course, she couldn't reveal her real body. Thus, under Mo Lingxi's request, Lan Yue transformed into a blue fox that looked ordinary. After Bai Xiao found out about Mo Lingxi's abnormal talent in the morning, he unexpectedly gave the Ghost Domain headquarters and the other branch three days of leave, calling it a 'fun'. This matter had already spread to the outside world. Rumors had it that the Ghost City was overjoyed, but what exactly was the excitement? Everyone had their own opinions and opinions, and this matter had alarmed the other powerful forces on the continent.

This set of sword technique was developed by the founder of the Ghost Domain, as all members of the Ghost Domain needed to practice this set. This set of sword technique, after practicing it, Mo Lingxi also discovered its ingenuity, there was not a trace of fancy in the moves, they were all killing moves and defense, if infused again, the power would be even stronger. Wang Anbo had just finished his business and came back from outside. Mo Lingxi saw him running over, so she hurriedly said, "Your subordinate greets the young master," Wang Anxi patted his shoulder, "I already said not to treat you like this, but next time you can't do this," Wang Anbo momentarily blanked out and then smiled, "Okay, Lingxi," Mo Lingxi revealed a smile, "Oh right, what happened to the thing I asked you to make for me last time?" Although Wang Anbo didn't know what those strange things were used for, he still discovered their subtleties. He was also a bit curious, "It's quick, it's good, I'll send someone to send it over to you." "Okay, you can busy yourself, I'll go practice the sword!" Mo Lingxi said as she ran off.

Wang Anbo looked at Mo Lingxi's back in deep thought. He wondered what kind of man could match her in this world ?

In the past few days, Mo Lingxi had thoroughly mastered the Ghost Domain Sword that Bai Xiao had taught to her, so she needed to test its power in actual combat. There was also spiritual energy that needed to be consolidated through actual combat, otherwise it would just be empty. However, there wasn't any place like the Forest of Devils where a large number of high level magical beasts could practice their techniques, and they would probably submit to Lan Yue's tyrannical power. They would have long been scared away, so what should she do, right when she thought about it, she saw Bai Xiao walking over with a smile, Mo Ling Xi's lips curled up, the opportunity had come, without saying anything further, she raised her sword and attacked Bai Xiao. Bai Xiao's reaction was also very fast, she easily jumped and dodged it, "Girl, your speed is almost good," Mo Ling Xi's eyes twitched, she didn't say anything as she changed her direction and attacked again. In the end, both Mo Lingxi and Bai Xiao did not try to gain an advantage, their clothes had many small holes, "Girl, you're too abnormal, it's only been a few days, and you can already exchange over 100 moves with me, and we even have a draw." In the end, both Mo Lingxi and Bai Xiao did not try to gain an advantage, the clothes on both of them had many small holes, "Girl, you're too abnormal, it's only been a few days, and you can already exchange over 100 moves with me, and we can even tie.

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