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Bai Xiao thought that she didn't know, but then she thought that with the little girl's speed and intelligence, how could she not think of it? "Yes, there is a place, but first you can rest, I'll take you to tomorrow." Mo Lingxi walked over to Bai Xiao and intimately held her arm, "I understand, but I'm a doctor, so if she was too tired, it would only lead to the opposite effect." Looking at Bai Xiao's smiling face, Mo Lingxi couldn't help thinking about her father that she hadn't seen before. She also didn't know how Mo Hao was and couldn't help but to feel a little sad. Father, wait for me ?

The next day, Mo Lingxi got up early and ate breakfast. Actually, she also loved to sleep late, but she was not allowed to steal any of it. Bai Xiao and Mo Lingxi walked side by side, and Mo Lingxi didn't ask where Xiao Bai wanted to take her. She knew that it must be a good place, Xiao Bai brought Mo Lingxi out of the hall into the forest, and not long after, Mo Ling heard a series of roars, but it wasn't from a magical beast, but from a human. This made Mo Lingxi think of a place, where Xiao Bai brought Mo Ling to the training grounds of the Ghost Domain. Bai Xiao seriously looked at Mo Lingxi. "How's this place?" Mo Lingxi nodded, "Very good, godfather, you can leave now. I'll be staying here for a while."

Mo Lingxi observed everyone here, most of them were between the Primary Level Yellow Rank and the Advanced Level Green Rank. The leader of this group was a Cyan Rank intermediate stage master, and in the entire continent, such a level could be considered as an expert. It was very difficult to meet an opponent, but she didn't expect that she would be willing to be a manager here.

At this time, a man on the stage pointed to a person below the stage, "You, come up." Everyone followed the man's finger and looked at Mo Lingxi's location, and without even thinking about who the man was talking about, Mo Lingxi jumped up and stood in front of the man. The man looked at Mo Lingxi with disdain, and thought, "What weapon do you use?" Mo Lingxi looked at the hammer in the man's hand, and then casually picked a sword from the position, not because she was using her own sword, but because the white sword was a divine tool called Xiao Yue.

The man was the first to attack, directly towards Mo Lingxi's face. Mo Lingxi was shocked, if she were to strike with her hammer, then she would definitely disfigure her face, she would easily dodge the man's attack, Mo Lingxi was no longer polite, she raised her sword and rushed towards the man, Mo Lingxi's sword collided with the man's sledgehammer and immediately separated, the man's tiger mouth was numb, he never thought that the man in front of him was so tyrannical, he no longer dared to underestimate his opponent, he used his full strength to fight against Mo Lingxi.

"Bang!" The man flew off the stage and fell to the ground. Everyone saw Mo Lingxi defeat the man without using her spiritual energy. They couldn't help but change their opinion of Mo Lingxi from the bottom of their hearts ?

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