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At this time, another person flew up onto the stage, this person was dressed in a blue robe, his appearance was not as rough as the previous person, which gave off a very refined feeling, that person politely smiled at Mo Lingxi and made a gesture to invite her in. Mo Ling was also not polite, this time she planned to use spirit energy, so she poured her spirit energy into the sword, which immediately released a yellow halo, no one thought that the little girl in front of them was actually a Yellow Rank, although there were a lot of Yellow Rank people, but the young one, made the person in blue clothes surprised, and then took out his own weapon, a flute with the same high grade spirit energy.

Mo Lingxi took the lead and attacked first. That person looked at the sword in front of him and was slightly surprised, he never thought that this little girl's speed was so fast, this move was dangerously dodged by him, and then he was no longer polite. He circulated his spirit energy and struck against Mo Lingxi.

The battle situation had already reached its critical point, and Mo Lingxi suddenly felt that there was something wrong with her body, the spirit energy in her body was quickly gathering towards her Dantian, Mo Lingxi thought, this is not a good pace, Mo Lingxi cursed, this progression really knows how to find time, Mo Lingxi's speed slowly slowed down, the person also noticed Mo Lingxi's change, immediately retracted his spirit energy, Mo Lingxi gratefully looked at him and then sat down, the surrounding spirit energy quickly gathering towards her, the spectators below the stage went into an uproar, this was simply too heaven defying the situation, this was the first time something like this could happen.

A while later, a huge wave of spiritual energy came from Mo Lingxi's body. Everyone knew that she had successfully advanced, so Mo Lingxi opened her eyes and smiled, green level beginner, not bad for her cultivation level. Originally, she was a yellow level intermediate expert, but Mo Xi stood up and smiled at that person, "Thank you, I don't know how to address you." That person didn't expect that Mo Lingxi would ask for his name, but he quickly reacted and also smiled at Mo Lingxi, "I am An Chen." What An Chen didn't know was that today's matter made him one of Mo Lingxi's most trusted people in the future ?.

Thus, Mo Lingxi and An Chen's challenge ended with Mo Lingxi's advancement. The distance between the Yellow Rank and Green Rank could not be compared at all. However, Mo Lingxi also approved of An Chen. This person didn't take advantage of her and was someone worth getting to know. Mo Lingxi also secretly remembered An Chen. It was a pity that this person was here. She had always loved talented people.

Mo Lingxi spent the next month here, eating with the people here. Of course, considering that she was a girl, someone gave her a room.

This was the day that Mo Lingxi was going to leave. Mo Lingxi bid farewell to An Chen and the others, and left in large strides. She really liked this place, as the people here were very straightforward, carefree, and also very loyal.

When Mo Lingxi walked back the way they came from, she discovered that her godfather and the four Xiang Lan sisters were waiting for her at the entrance. Mo Lingxi's eyes reddened, this feeling of having a family was really good. Although he could go see her, he did not. Because he knew that she needed a space to grow, so he kept waiting for her, "Girl, you've figured it out, how is it?" Mo Lingxi knew that Bai Xiao was concerned about her, so she didn't hide it anymore and channeled her spiritual energy to her fingertips, causing a dark green ball of light to hover there. Bai Xiao nodded, this girl was indeed abnormal, in just a short period of three months she had gone from a person without spiritual energy to an advanced green rank.

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