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Mo Lingxi affectionately held Bai Xiao's arm and headed towards the direction of the palace ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Bai Xiao sent Mo Lingxi to the door of her room, "Little girl, go take a rest. I'll get someone to make some good food for you to eat later." With a sigh, Bai Xiao entered the palace and was no longer as happy as when he picked her up. He turned around and walked two steps, then turned around and said, "That's right, little girl, try your best to stay in your room for the next few days." That person wouldn't come late or early, so he insisted on coming at this time. If that person found out about the little girl's abnormal talent, he would be done for. Mo Lingxi was confused, what happened to her godfather? She felt like she was afraid of someone, but the people with purple-rank spiritual energy in this continent could all count. In the end, who could cause her godfather to be so scared?

Mo Lingxi looked at Xiang Lan in doubt, and saw that the four Lan sisters had helpless expressions, "Xiang Lan, godfather, what's wrong, has someone come to the Ghost Domain?" Mo Lingxi looked at Xiang Lan in doubt, and saw that the four Lan sisters had helpless expressions, "Xianglan, godfather, what's wrong? Xiang Lan explained patiently to Mo Lingxi, and when Mo Lingxi finished listening, she laughed for a few days ?

This was Mo Lingxi's first thought. It was said that Bai Xiao and Shui Rose had been disciples of the same teacher back then, so it could be said that they were siblings, ever since Bai Xiao had become a disciple of his, Shui Rose who was two years older than him, had fallen in love with him at first sight, but due to the fact that it wasn't very obvious at first, but because they had separated later on, Rose no longer hid her feelings towards Xiao Bai, which was called 'Bai Xiao'.

Afterwards, over time, the people in the Ghost Domain had gotten used to it. Mo Lingxi didn't expect that her godfather would have such a love story. It seemed that she found a way to tease Bai Xiao. She smiled mischievously as she looked at the Lan sisters. Young Master, this is ?

Bai Xiao had just entered the room when he noticed the woman lying on his bed, and was still eating grapes. He didn't know that this woman was obsessed with cleanliness, so when Bai Xiao saw her, the veins on her forehead jumped, and Shui Rose turned to look at Bai Xiao, "I heard that you accepted a goddaughter and became the young master of this ghost domain, I'm curious about that girl now." Bai Xiao's heart skipped a beat when he heard her say that she was going to hide the little girl.

Mo Lingxi looked at the person next to her, and saw that she was very young and very beautiful. This was Mo Lingxi's first reaction, and Shui Rose was also looking at Mo Lingxi, and when Bai Xiao came in and saw the two of them looking at each other, she said, "Little girl, hurry over here." Only then did Mo Ling look towards the door, her godfather looked at the person in front of him, and Bai Ling understood. Just as Mo Lingxi was about to say something, Mo Lingxi didn't want to take a step, "Old Man Bai, I don't know what to eat," the corner of her mouth twitched. She quite liked this Water Rose character, daring to love, daring to hate, and doing things without procrastination.

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