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Water Rose's eyes were filled with joy. No wonder the usually cold Bai Xiao treated this girl like a treasure, she was a cultivation genius, not only in terms of spirit energy but also medicine. Water Rose had a plan, she put down Mo Lingxi's arm and smiled at Mo Lingxi, "Little girl, I'm interested in poisons." When Bai Xiao heard Mo Lingxi call Mo Lingxi a lass, he could only call her a lass, and fiercely glared at her while ignoring her. Suddenly, he felt that Mo Lingxi was a real genius. Interested, I really like researching medicine ? "Mo Lingxi honestly replied to Water Rose, who laughed loudly," Alright, from today onwards, you will be my last disciple. "Mo Lingxi was stunned, but then she accepted her as a disciple as if she had never asked her for her opinion. Although she wouldn't reject it, Bai Xiao heard that Water Rose wanted to accept Mo Lingxi as her disciple, and immediately became anxious," I don't agree.

Because Bai Xiao was powerless to stop her, under her request, she held a grand ceremony to become her disciple. Of course, one reason was because of Mo Lingxi, and two reason was because of Bai Xiao, after the day's ceremony ended, she held Mo Lingxi's hand and said, "Disciple, do you want to go with me, or stay here?" Mo Lingxi was truly troubled by this question, she wanted to learn poison from Bai Xiao, but she also wanted to stay here. However, he couldn't bear to part with the girl. After a long struggle, he finally let out a long sigh. For the sake of the girl, he was willing to risk his life. He didn't believe that woman would do anything to him ?

Mo Lingxi, who had been tired all day, wanted to lie down in her room, but she discovered the blue figure on her bed. She walked over, picked up and threw it out, and the sleeping Lan Yue was immediately awakened by Mo Lingxi's throwing, waving the claw in front of her chest, "Ah, stinking woman, you dare to throw it, grandpa Lan Yue." Mo Lingxi didn't even look at it as she took off her shoes and laid down, her movements crisp and crisp. This damn Lan Yue, she hadn't seen a shadow for so long, she only came back now and still dared to sleep on her bed. The pitiful Lan Yue silently walked to the reclining chair and jumped onto it. It would just take a moment to make up its mind. It would sleep well after the stinking woman went out. It had been exhausted these past few days.

Mo Lingxi woke up early the next morning. First she practiced in the morning, then she ate breakfast. Today was the first day she studied medicine in this world, and this made her a little excited.

During the whole morning, Mo Lingxi stayed in Water Rose's room and didn't come out. The Water Rose explained a lot of things about making poisons, as well as how to identify poisonous plants, Water Rose also brought a lot of drugs for Mo Lingxi to identify, so Mo Lingxi would also learn about things she was interested in very quickly. Although Water Rose only handed over Mo Lingxi for the whole morning, she also discovered that Mo Lingxi was also a genius in this area.

Just like this, Mo Lingxi and Water Rose stayed in the room for the whole day without coming out. In Bai Xiao's eyes, it was curiosity, and also anger, why couldn't they be outside? In the middle of the day, they were acting mysteriously, the little girl really forgot about her godfather as soon as she had a master.

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