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The following days, Mo Lingxi would cultivate while learning poison techniques from Water Rose. Without realizing it, almost two years had passed.

She stopped at a lake and looked at the blue moon playing in the water. Her shadow was reflected in the water, and this was Mo Lingxi, after two years, she lost her youth, her facial features became more three-dimensional, and it could be said that in the past she was as adorable as an elf, but now she seemed to have a trace of charm in her eyes, as if everything in the world had become her partner.

Mo Lingxi dotingly looked at the lively Lan Yue in the water. "Lan Yue, you've changed back!" When Lan Yue heard Mo Lingxi's words, she came out of the water, spun a few times in the air, and her fur dried up before turning back into a fox and flying back into Mo Lingxi's arms. "Stinky woman, you've advanced again, and you're still a middle rank blue rank." When Mo Lingxi stepped into the gate, everyone stopped and bowed towards Mo Lingxi before doing their own things. Currently, none of them were dissatisfied with Mo Yuxi's decision, and in fact, they only used half a year's time to convince everyone in the Ghost Domain to acknowledge and trust Mo Lingxi as Young Master.

After two years of continuous effort, their relationship had improved by a lot. At the very least, they could sit down to play chess and drink tea like she did now, Mo Lingxi smiled as she walked over to "godfather, master I'm back", Bai Xiao and Shui Rose stopped, the two of them looked at Mo Lingxi with smiles on their faces, and in Shui Wei's eyes, they were actually very pleased. 'This little girl only used a year and a half to learn all of her skills,' Bai Xiao deeply looked at Mo Lingxi and laughed out loud, "You've advanced again, I'm afraid that you'll have to catch up with me already." "The day has finally come." Mo Lingxi said. She wasn't going to come back. She was just going to do something. It sounded like she was leaving him for life.

Three days later, Mo Lingxi woke up early. Today was the day she would return home, but in her heart she was still filled with anticipation and excitement. Finally, she could see her father. After Mo Lingxi had breakfast with Bai Xiao and Water Rose, she might not see them again for a while. This made Mo Lingxi sad.

As for the four Lan sisters, I'll bring Lan and Yulan. Her cultivation is slightly higher than Yu Yan's and Qing Yue's, "Yu Yan and Qing Yue choked with sobs, they knew that their Young Master was doing it for their own good. They were afraid that they might be in danger, so they must work hard in their cultivation so that their Young Master wouldn't be held back. Bai Xiao and Water Rose no longer had the same smile on their faces. Mo Lingxi looked at Mo Lingxi with a face full of reluctance, "Father, I'm leaving, I need to get along with master ?" Mo Lingxi winked mischievously at Bai Xiao, and Water Rose blushed. "Little girl, it's getting late ?" Mo Lingxi bowed to Bai Xiao and Water Rose, then left the Ghost Domain with An Chen, Wen Lan, and Yulan ?

"Wow, Young Lord, this is the first time Yulan has left the Ghost Domain, she's so beautiful outside!" At this moment, Mo Lingxi and the others were sitting on the back of the Luan Bird, and even though their eyes were filled with novelty, they didn't show it, An Chen was even more so, quietly watching everything below. After all, he had passed the first floor of the Ghost Domain, so it didn't seem like they had grown up in the Ghost Domain.

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