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Mo Lingxi also looked down at the scenery below, and this was the second time she had seen this world's scenery. She took out the snacks she prepared earlier and An Chen, then Wen Lan and Yulan and began to eat, Mo Lingxi did not set up a barrier, she wanted them to use their own spirit energy to resist the huge impact brought by the wind outside, which was useful for their cultivation, but for the current her, it was not worth mentioning at all.

There were a lot of people, so Mo Lingxi didn't feel bored at all. She nodded, and thought of half a day before she arrived in the sky above the forest of devil souls, "An Chen, we will arrive at the Fire Nation in a day's time. You should take Wen Lan and Yulan to the prince's mansion and wait for me there."

Mo Lingxi circulated her spirit energy, and maintained her balance in the air. Soon, she safely landed on the ground, Mo Lingxi looked around and came back, her main goal this time was to pick some Spirit Grasses and Spirit Fruits. When she returned, she would definitely use them, and since Mo Lingxi knew their value in the continent, she naturally could not let them go.

Mo Lingxi stood by the lake and looked at the lake that was still black. At this time, Lan Yue shouted out with her consciousness, "Stupid woman, let's go down, I forgot that there's a treasure below." Lan Yue pointed at the lake and said, Mo Lingxi raised her eyebrows, there's a treasure, what are we waiting for, grabbing the blue moon and jumping towards the center of the lake, Mo Lingxi circulated her spirit energy around her body and set a barrier around her. Very quickly, Mo Lingxi and Lan Yue arrived at the bottom of the lake. However, it was indeed a treasure. He let Lan Yue bring it back to her Spiritual Sense.

Not long after, a pale pink figure rushed out of the lake. Mo Lingxi flew up to the shore and stood firmly on the edge of the lake, looking at the object in her hands, suddenly, Mo Lingxi's finger congealed, and a spiritual energy arrow shot out towards a tree. The person on the tree didn't expect that Mo Lingxi would discover him, but with a slight leap, she dodged it and flew down the tree to stand opposite Mo Lingxi, looking at the person in front of her ?

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