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This roar startled all the people who were searching for treasures outside the forest. An old man with an immortal demeanor stroked his beard, the light in his eyes could not cover up the words "Looks like something big is going to happen in the Demonic Forest". Soon after, he disappeared, leaving behind a medicinal fragrance. As for the others, in order to preserve their lives, they all went back the way they came, afraid that they would lose their lives here. There were too many variables in the Demonic Forest, no one knew what would happen next.

"No wonder I didn't see a single wild beast along the way, all of our emotions are concentrated together. Judging from those roars just now, there should be thousands of them ?" Is something going to happen, Mo Lingxi thought.

Mo Lingxi quickened her pace. Out of curiosity, Mo Lingxi did not fear death and rushed towards the source of the sound. Along the way, Mo Lingxi also picked a lot of priceless Spirit Grasses and Spirit Fruits.

As a doctor who was proficient in both western and traditional Chinese medicine, Mo Lingxi was naturally able to distinguish a few. Of course, it was only a few, but there were many things that she had never seen before.

Along the way, Mo Lingxi also ate a lot of spirit fruits to satisfy her hunger. If any of those spirit fruits were picked outside, it would attract a lot of competition. However, she just ate them like they were fruits to satisfy her hunger. She didn't know that the medicinal strength of the spirit fruit was slowly changing her body ?

Mo Lingxi finally arrived at the gathering place of the wild beasts. She was hiding in an inconspicuous bush. Looking at the situation outside, she was not that stupid. If she were to leave now, there would probably not even be ashes left ? In fact, Mo Lingxi was overthinking things. The current Magical Beasts were focused all their energy on the surface of the lake, so how could they have the mind to bother a small human like her, let alone such a harmless human.

Mo Lingxi could see from the gap that the water was black, just like ink. The magic beasts seemed to be waiting for something, and as time slowly passed, just when Mo Lingxi was about to lose her patience, the lake's surface suddenly changed. The originally calm lake's surface started to ripple, from inside to outside, and from inside to outside, the ripples would spread out, and it was getting bigger and bigger, as if it was about to come out.

"Could it be that a treasure is about to be born?" Mo Lingxi's interest was piqued as she stared unblinkingly at the surface of the lake ?

At this moment, a loud sound came from the middle of the lake, and a ball of royal blue light shot up to the sky. At this moment, a loud sound came from the middle of the lake, and a ball of royal blue light shot up to the sky, and at the same time, the sky suddenly changed color.

Mo Lingxi looked at the scene in the ball of light and couldn't help but open her mouth wide. She saw a sapphire blue fox that wasn't the figure of a fox, and on its back was a pair of translucent sapphire blue wings that gently flapped in the air. At this time, its tightly shut eyes slowly opened, without a need to say that it was also blue, and there wasn't a single strand of mixed hair on its entire body.

The beast's eyes swept across the magical beasts. Its beautiful eyes suddenly stopped at the location where Mo Lingxi was. Mo Lingxi couldn't help but feel a numbing sensation on her back. "Oh no, could it be that I've been discovered?"

That beast only stopped in front of Mo Lingxi's eyes for a moment before it stopped. Mo Lingxi felt that the beast was looking at her with a strange expression. It was a kind of ? A look of contempt, right is contempt, Mo Lingxi instantly flew into a rage, she was actually looked down on by a beast, how could she be angry about this, and Mo Lingxi seemed to have forgotten that this body was originally a piece of trash ?

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