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The sky gradually turned dark, Mo Lingxi couldn't bear it any longer, she quickly walked over to Zong Zhengyuan's side and said, "I say, walking like this is good, I want to rest here, you can go first." After saying this, Mo Lingxi walked over to a flat rock and sat down, if it wasn't for this person, she could have slept on a warm bed now. Zong Zhengzhi didn't say anything, she also went over to sit on a rock very close to Mo Lingxi, Mo Lingxi saw this and raised her head, "I say, Uncle, you don't like me, do you like speaking straightforwardly, do you need this?"

Mo Lingxi rubbed her stomach and took out a spirit fruit to eat. Just as she took a bite, she looked at Zong Zheng Rui Yuan, who was beside her, and gave him another, which she gave to her. Zong Zheng Rui Yuan looked at the spirit fruit he gave her, and his eyes turned unfathomable, "Why give it to me?" Mo Lingxi was stunned, fuck, there was something wrong with this person, "I don't like to eat alone, although we are not that familiar with each other."

"Uncle, I still have something important to do, let's say our goodbyes, we'll never see each other again." Mo Lingxi clasped her hands towards Zong Zhengzhi and Rui Yuan, and without waiting for him to say anything, she stood up and took two steps to feel her waist tighten, before flying off. Mo Lingxi looked at the hand at her waist, and her slender fingers tightly hugged her waist, needless to say, Zong Zhengraiyuan's hand.

Finally, Zong Zhengyuan brought Mo Lingxi to a halt in front of the gate of the Duke Annan Mansion. Zong Zhengyuan looked at the woman in his arms who was still hugging him, with her eyes closed, as if she was enjoying the show, and smiled helplessly, "Here we are." Only then did Mo Lingxi open her eyes, and only then did Mo Lingxi's gentle voice arrive. She really liked the smell of his body, and she raised her head to look at Zong Zheng Ruiyuan, "Uncle, can you tell me what perfume you used, please smell it?" Did she like his taste, which made him feel very good right now, "Since Xi Er likes it, let's smell it a bit more", so the hand placed on Mo Lingxi's waist was hugging even tighter, Mo Lingxi could not break free and was even closer to him now, it seemed like this was a very powerful suitor, she couldn't beat him, she also couldn't run away, if he was handsome then it wouldn't be a problem, she could just barely keep him, but seeing him in a mask, Mo Lingxi thought like this.

Zong Zhengyuan's eyes never left her, naturally he took in her expression. She wants to see her face, so he would let her see it, but he didn't know what expression this girl would have when the time comes, so Zong Zhengyuan let go of Mo Lingxi, it's getting late, I'll go in, I'll come see you tomorrow, after that he didn't wait for Mo Lingxi to react and disappeared. Mo Lingxi stretched her back. 'Oh mother, I can finally move a bit. He seems to have said something. Come back tomorrow.' Mo Lingxi thought about how she was no longer in a good mood. 'Come again, can I not ??' Mo Lingxi sighed and walked towards the door of King Annan's Mansion.

She was very nervous. Her hand still knocked on the door. After a while, Mo Lingxi heard the rustling sounds of footsteps. She could tell that this person was very anxious ?

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