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brushwood Godly Doctor, marry to the next chapter!

Lixi and Xiaolan had already gotten out of the car. In this kind of situation, it was too dangerous to sit in the car. The horses were easily frightened and it wasn't easy to dodge stabbing or stabbing.

Little Blue tore off her skirt when she was in the car. Dressed in a short beating, with one hand holding a bow and the other holding an arrow, she jumped down from the car and blocked in front of Lixi. Seeing that she was too close to shoot an arrow, she threw the arrow and grabbed the bow with both hands and smashed it against the bandit's head.

Mr. Cui had already got out of the car and was standing in the protection circle with Little Blue and his two waiters, holding Lee's hand.

Lixi's appearance provoked the gangsters, and their howls became louder, crazily rushing towards her and Mr. Cui.

When Xiaolan had strangled the second bandit with the bowstring, she had whipped him two or three times in succession, but was unable to retract her longbow. She simply threw away the longbow, grabbed the longsword in the bandit's hand, and, in the protective circle that was already on the verge of collapse, bit her lips.

"Don't be afraid, it's just a few bandits, a mob, they're not Feng He's opponents. These guards have all been through hundreds of battles. It's alright, lady, you just have to rest assured. It's just that the place is a little dirty! " From time to time, Mr. Cui would shrink his head, avoiding the blood that was splattered on the flesh that was too thick for him to avoid. His voice was soothing and his expression was calm.

They were all experienced fighters, but in her two lifetimes, she had only watched a few small gangsters gang up on them. He had no experience to begin with, yet he suddenly switched from a bird's voice to a scene where flesh and blood splattered everywhere. Wasn't he afraid or nervous? How is this possible!?

Half was a natural disposition, half was a postnatal medical training, the more nervous and scared Lixi was, the calmer she was and the faster she reacted.

There were a total of thirty of them, a dozen guards, a dozen or so footmen, and bandits ? It was everywhere! No less than two hundred! I'm afraid that these bandits have been through hundreds of battles!

Why did the bandits want to rob them? Why else?

Lixi took out her banknotes from her bosom. She tried the direction of the wind and threw them with all her might, "Silver banknotes! We will give money! Stop fighting! "

Mr. Cui's eyes lit up, and he quickly took out some silver notes from his robes and followed Lixi's example, throwing them out, "There's still more over here! We'll pay for our lives! They are all silver taels! "

"Motherf * cker!" You're not allowed to take it! "If you steal from me again, I'll kill you!" A bellow didn't seem to have much of an effect. The banknotes fluttering along the wind were simply too attractive. That was a hundred taels of silver in banknotes! Even if he took that little girl's head, it would only be worth a hundred taels of silver! I might as well snatch a silver note.

The pressure on Feng He, who was at a disadvantage against Lixi, suddenly dropped. He slashed out a few times, threw his saber away, and leapt high into the air with his spear in both hands, joining with everyone else.

The decrease in banknotes and the addition of Feng He gave the guards and the footmen a chance to catch their breath. Feng He's order was short and clear, and the protective circle quickly adjusted.

Lixi and Mister Cui didn't have much silver notes with them, so they just threw them out. These silver notes could only distract the other party and let them take a breather. Now, it seemed that their goal had been achieved.

Their people also had casualties. Although there were more bandits that died, but there were too many of them, and it was still a complete mess. After a few more attacks like before, the protective circle would completely collapse and wouldn't be able to be encircled anymore.

The gangsters began attacking again. One round after another, one guard fell. Another guard fell ?

Xiaolan also went up to protect them from the others. Behind them, there was only the powerless Lixi and Mister Cui.

Lee bent down and picked up a long and thin knife from the ground, turned his head to look at Mr. Cui, picked up another knife, and handed it to Mr. Cui, "Take it! We must have a knife in our hands when we go into battle! "

Mr. Cui received the knife, looked down, picked up the skirt to wipe away the blood on the handle of the knife, and praised. Miss Li's calmness, her courage, made people's hearts drop.

After carefully cleaning the handle of the knife, she tried using both hands to rub the knife against her skirt. Then she took a deep breath and stepped forward. With both hands holding the knife, she suddenly thrust out from the gap of the protective circle and quickly pulled it back.

Seeing this, Mr. Cui was stunned. Without waiting for him to react, Lixi moved to another crack and stabbed again, pulling back her blade. A stream of blood ran along the tip of the blade and spurted out.

Mr. Cui's throat tightened. After a long while, he finally managed to let out a loud cough. This girl! This look! Such ruthlessness! Fight with this grandpa!

Lixi narrowed her eyes, tightly staring at her chest that was exposed through the cracks. She aimed at her heart and broke open her ribs. Her anatomy had never been ranked second in the department in dozens of years! The time to verify his foundation had come!

These guards were worthy of having gone through hundreds of battles. They didn't slow down at all, and from time to time, their bodies would move to the side to make space for the eerie long blade behind them.

It was unknown how many times she stabbed, but her two hands were still firmly gripping the long sword. The corners of her mouth were slightly raised in a proud smile. Her blade stabbed into her heart and blood spurted out. She didn't even touch her ribs! The Master of Anatomy isn't called that for nothing!

Another guard fell. A knife pierced Feng He's thigh, and Little Blue's arm was bleeding profusely. The protective circle surrounding Lixi and Mister Cui had already reached the edge of collapse.

"I am very, very happy to be able to meet you in this life! "I am honored to be able to go with you to the Road to River Styx..." Mr. Cui threw the sabre in his hand away, then walked behind Lixi with his hands behind his back, and bid farewell to her in a relaxed and carefree manner.

In her heart, Lixi only had her heart and ribs, and impatiently interrupted Mr. Cui's lyrics, "Don't talk! It's going to be troublesome if you touch the bones! "

"..." Miss Li, are you sure you want to kill me?

At the peak of the mountain, behind a huge boulder, Zhao was staring closely at the valley. When he saw that damned girl being killed by a single slash, he immediately left from the back mountain to report his mission to the capital.

This stinking girl was still so ruthless even at the brink of death. She was really ruthless! This kind of woman shouldn't be living in this world! He should have fallen to his death when he was born!

A cloud of dust rose into the sky from the direction of the Spirit Serpent Valley. Zhao Cai's entire body stiffened and his eyes became unmoving.

It's the prince! It was the prince's personal guard! It's the prince!

The prince is here!

Zhao Cai was so scared that his legs went limp and he felt a warm sensation in his crotch. His Royal Highness was here! None of them could survive!

Run! Run!

Zhao then ran down the mountain. He had just run two steps when he kicked a big rock. He fell down with a cry of pain. He rolled on the ground faster than he could run.

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