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He then looked at the magical beasts, and his eyes were filled with the air of a king. The magical beasts also obediently lay prostrate on the ground, not daring to move at all. They were quietly waiting for their king to give the order.

Suddenly, the temperature in the surroundings plummeted. A tense yet dangerous atmosphere permeated the air, as if the god of death had descended.

The beast narrowed its eyes in danger. Suddenly, a person wearing a black robe stepped in the air and also floated in the air. Furthermore, standing in front of that sapphire blue light, Mo Lingxi could clearly see the person coming from the side. The person wore an ink-colored robe, covering his slender body, but it didn't make much difference as long as the robe covered his slender body. His loose collar revealed his neck, which was like jade. His thick hair was tied back with an ink-jade hairpin at his waist. It was loose, but not messy at all. He wore a mask that should have been carved from black jade. It was as thin as paper, and there were even some intricacies on it. The mask covered most of her face, revealing only her pointed chin, her handsome nose, and her apricot-colored lips.

He slightly curled his slender fingers, which had the back of his hand behind his back. Mo Lingxi quickly came to a conclusion, that this man was very strong. Moreover, he was not just a normal strong person. His whole body was filled with nobility. That kind of nobility was formed by nature, and the cold aura from his body made it hard for anyone to approach him.

"Mo Lingxi ?" At this moment, her originally tight lips were slightly opened, and her deep yet magnetic voice entered Mo Lingxi's ears. "Lan Yue, surrender or die!" Lan Yue remained silent. She had just awakened and her strength had less than recovered by 10%. The man in front of her was too strong. It didn't want to sleep for another thousand years. "I was just about to open my mouth." Ka! The voice made Lan Yue, the ink-robed man, and all the other magical beasts look towards the person who was about to leave ?

Mo Lingxi thought to herself, this isn't good. She originally wanted to slip away, because she felt the strong smell of gunpowder between Lan Yue and that man. She didn't want to be cannon fodder, so she wanted to escape, but she didn't ?

Mo Lingxi knew that she had been discovered, so she could only turn around and look at Lan Yue and the black robed man, "Hehe, I was just passing by. You guys continue ? ?" "Let's continue ?" Mo Lingxi laughed awkwardly. Right at this moment, Lan Yue's eyes flashed with a bright light. Following which, a blue ray of light shot towards Mo Lingxi's location. Before Mo Lingxi could react, she felt herself surrounded by a blue ray of light.

Everything happened too quickly, far exceeding the expectations of everyone and all the beasts. Mo Lingxi knew that this was the end, the one that the great god had set his eyes on actually came to her side. She felt that she had lived for too long, so she cursed the Blue Moon Ancestor in her heart.

Mo Lingxi raised her head and forced out a smile that was uglier than crying towards the black robed man, "That, you also saw it. It came here by itself, it has nothing to do with me!"

Lan Yue was driven mad by Mo Lingxi's divine sense. She was despised; she, the king of beasts, was actually disdained by a woman without any spirit energy. How could she not be angry? Many people wanted Lan Yue and the woman's words just now clearly meant that Lan Yue was like a hot potato to them. It was really interesting and he initially wanted to kill her directly, but now it seemed that keeping her was not a bad idea.

"Zong Zhengyuan, remember!" After that, the black robed man disappeared from where he stood, leaving only the sweet scent of grass in the air ?

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