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"Zong Zhengyuan ?" As Mo Lingxi read this, she immediately felt that this person was crazy. The Lan Yue that he had taken a fancy to did not say it to her and instead told her his name. Mo Lingxi shook her head and stopped thinking.

At this time, a young voice appeared in Mo Lingxi's mind, "Stupid woman, quickly let me out. Why can't this sovereign leave ?" "Mo Lingxi ?" "You ran into my body yourself just now. With the way I am now, what do you think I can do to you, get out of here quickly?" Lan Yue thought about it and realized that it made sense. That stinky woman didn't have the ability to trap her at all, so why couldn't she get out? She shouldn't be trapped again right after waking up, it doesn't want to ? " At this moment, Lan Yue was in tears from Mo Lingxi's spiritual sense. Why was her life so rough ?

However, it still refused to give up and continued to communicate with Mo Lingxi through her soul consciousness. "Then ? "Then quickly think of a way." At this time, Mo Lingxi leisurely walked to a rock, sat down and took out a spirit fruit she picked earlier, then elegantly began to eat it. When the magical beasts saw this, they began whispering to each other.

Demon Beast B: "Hey, Brother Snake, isn't that your spirit fruit ?"

The snake replied, "Oh, right. It seems so!"

The magical beasts: "..."

The magical beasts suddenly had an ominous premonition. Could it be that this human girl ?

Thinking up to here, the magical beasts could no longer remain calm. There was a cloud of dust flying in the air, and the shadow of a magical beast could no longer be seen around the black lake. The corner of Mo Lingxi's mouth slightly twitched as she coughed from the thick dust.

When the magical beasts returned to their respective homes, the spirit grasses and spirit fruits that they had worked so hard to protect were all gone. Not even a single leaf was left ? At this moment, the demon beasts really wanted to burn Mo Lingxi's bones and scatter her ashes, but when they thought about how their king destroyed Mo Lingxi in their minds, even if their king didn't survive, they wouldn't dare to disrespect their king even if they were given a thousand guts. The demon beasts' hearts were filled with bitterness, but they all angrily roared towards the sky, one after another, and that was simply world-shaking.

Of course, Mo Lingxi knew why the magical beasts had said, "Isn't it just picking some grass and fruits? Isn't this too exaggerated?" Mo Lingxi shamelessly said. If these words were heard by the magical beasts, they would most likely send them to their deaths. She wasn't just picking a bit, she was clearly pulling it out by the roots ?

At this time, a person wearing a white robe suddenly appeared in front of Mo Lingxi. This person gave off a transcendent feeling. This person was the one that appeared outside the Demonic Forest. Mo Lingxi looked at the person in front of her warily, and the person that came also looked at her with a smile.

"Little lady, my name is Bai Xiao. I'm the master of the ghost realm!" Bai Xiao continued to smile at Mo Lingxi. "Haha, hello, is there anything you need?" Mo Lingxi laughed out loud. Seeing that the person in front of her was also an expert, she decided to be careful. Bai Xiao was a little surprised, he didn't expect Mo Lingxi to have this kind of reaction. If anyone else heard the words "Demon", they would be scared to death, how could this girl ?

Bai Xiao embarrassedly coughed, "Little girl, don't you know about the Treacherous Currents?" "Do I have to know?" Mo Lingxi didn't even think before replying. "Eh ?" Bai Xiao was a bit speechless. She then changed the topic. "Is Lady Lan Yue's Divine Sense unable to come out?" These words caused Lan Yue and Mo Ling Xi to be on guard. Could it be that this person was also plotting against Lan Yue?

Bai Xiao understood the caution in Mo Lingxi's eyes and smiled, "Little girl, you misunderstood that I have no ill intentions and just wanted Lan Yue to come out." These words caused Lan Yue and Mo Lingxi's eyes to light up, "What method?" Mo Lingxi wasn't as repulsive as before.

Bai Xiao looked appreciatively at Mo Lingxi. Everyone wanted to have Lan Yue, but she couldn't wait for Lan Yue to leave her consciousness. "Actually, it's very simple. You can make a contract with her." Lan Yue was thunderstruck when she heard this. She wanted it to form a contract with this extremely weak bitch. Heavens, kill it ?

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