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A contract, could it be that kind of contract in novels? Thinking of this, Mo Lingxi had a plan in her heart. Through his Spiritual Sense, he communicated with Lan Yue, "If you don't want to, then forget about it. I won't force you, but it's just that..." "Actually, my spiritual sense is also very fun ?" "You're not willing to make a contract with me, so you can only do it this way," Mo Lingxi said shamelessly. After a while, a weak voice came from her spiritual sense, no longer as mighty as before.

Lan Yue: "I ? ? "I will contract with you!"

Mo Lingxi: "I'm sure! I won't go back on my words!"

Lan Yue: "You're looking down on beasts too much. Yours Truly has always been a persistent beast ?"

Mo Lingxi: "..."

She wasn't afraid of Bai Xiao at the moment. With her current condition, wanting to kill her was easier than crushing an ant, "Uncle Bai, how can I contract with you?" Mo Lingxi called Bai Xiao sweetly, and Bai Xiao found that he liked her more and more, "I'll hand her over to Uncle Bai now, I promise I'll give you Lan Yue for the contract."

Following that, Mo Lingxi followed Bai Xiao's instructions and sat down cross-legged. Since Lan Yue was in Mo Lingxi's spiritual sense, she had to use external forces to complete the contract. Moreover, this person's spiritual energy had to be very strong, so if Lan Yue was outside, it would only require a drop of both parties' blood essence.

Bai Xiao stood in front of Mo Lingxi, and formed a complex seal with his hands. He muttered an incantation, and a strong purple light was emitted from within the seal, and when the incantation was done, the purple light became bigger and bigger. Bai Xiao pushed out with both of his hands, and that ball of purple light flew towards Mo Lingxi, and instantly surrounded Mo Lingxi, while Mo Lingxi felt an extraordinary comfort in her body, and she could clearly feel the change in her body.

It was in so much pain that it rolled over and over in her consciousness because it wanted to forcefully extract a drop of blood essence. This made her in extreme pain, and finally, a drop of blue blood essence flew out from Lan Yue's body. At this time, Mo Lingxi's body also condensed a drop of blood essence, and Bai Xiao used his spirit energy to slowly fuse the two drops of blue and red blood essence. At the same time, a blue crescent moon appeared on the back of her neck that Mo Lingxi couldn't see, and it immediately entered her body.

The purple light on Mo Lingxi's body became dimmer and dimmer, until it finally disappeared. Mo Lingxi could clearly feel that her originally black Spiritual Sense had become brighter, and let her clearly see the situation inside. There was a boundless prairie, and on the prairie, there was a big lake emitting white smoke, and the lake was really big, and there were also some trees in other places. Currently, Mo Lingxi only knew that it was a tree, and then looking back at Lan Yue lying on the soft grass, it should be because the contract was too exhausting, so she fell asleep, Mo Lingxi didn't know that she fainted because of the pain ?

Bai Xiao felt that there was nothing wrong with it. Bai Xiao touched Mo Lingxi's head, "Little girl, you and I are really close, we are willing to be my goddaughter." Mo Lingxi did not expect Bai Xiao to say this, but she also liked Uncle Bai a lot, and being a godfather was also not bad, "Godfather, please accept a bow from Ling Xi." Immediately, Bai Xiao bowed deeply towards Bai Xiao, smiling from ear to ear, he thought that Bai Xiao was a person for most of his life, now that he had a daughter, how could he not be happy?

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