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Mo Lingxi confessed her identity to Bai Xiao. Not only did Bai Xiao not have any strange looks, he actually liked Mo Lingxi even more. In his heart, he had the thought of letting Mo Lingxi inherit everything from him. "Little girl, are you willing to follow me back to the Ghost Domain ?" Mo Lingxi didn't think that Bai Xiao would not only accept her as his adopted daughter, but also take her to the place where he had worked so hard for most of his life. Mo Lingxi didn't expect that not long ago, Bai Xiao would take her to the place where he had accepted her as his adopted daughter, and even saying that she wasn't moved would be a lie, so she wasn't bashful anymore and said, "Okay, godfather, I'll follow you back, but I want to write a letter to father first. Following which, a white light flashed, and a pen, ink, paper, and inkstone appeared in front of Mo Lingxi. Mo Lingxi picked up the brush and began to write. It wasn't that she didn't want to return, but she was currently a piece of trash. She didn't want to give those who framed her any more chances, so she had to become stronger. Two years. She only needed two years. When she returned, that would be the time of their deaths.

Mo Lingxi quickly wrote the letter and handed it to Bai Xiao. "Godfather, can you help me deliver the letter into my father's hands?" Bai Xiao took the letter, took out a small exquisite jade whistle and blew it lightly on her lips. Within a few seconds, a person wearing black clothes respectfully kneeled in front of Bai Xiao. "Hand this letter to Mo Hao, the King of Pinnacle." The man in black took the letter and disappeared.

Soon after, Bai Xiao summoned a flying beast ? the Green Dove Giant Bird. Mo Lingxi and Bai Xiao sat on the back of the bird, Bai Xiao patted its head, and the bird soared into the sky. Bai Xiao created a barrier around Mo Lingxi and him, so Mo Lingxi didn't feel a trace of wind.

Fire Nation's capital city, Yan Qingcheng: This was the most prosperous city of the Fire Nation. The streets were bustling with noise and excitement, and once one looked carefully, one would know that there were very few beggars here. The common folk wore silk clothing.

Although one of the mansions located in the south of the city looked grand and domineering, it lacked elegance compared to the other manors. The doors of the other mansions were wide open and there were at least four servants guarding the gates. Looking at the plaque again, it was the 'Pinnacle King Mansion'.

At this moment, Mo Hao was sitting in front of his study desk, looking at all the information he had received regarding the search for Xi Er. However, every time he looked at a piece of paper, disappointment and pain would appear in his eyes that were somewhat similar to Mo Lingxi's. At this time, a black shadow was shuttling through the manor ? Mo Hao was still in pain. He had let down Xi'er's mother, he didn't manage to protect their only daughter. "Creak ?" Mo Hao raised his head. It turned out that the window was open, he got up and closed the window, and then he returned to his desk, only to discover that there was an envelope on the table, he opened it right away, and when he saw the contents inside, he could clearly see the sparkling and translucent eyes of Mo Hao. This was the note that Xi'er had written to him, it was a note from Xi'er. However, when had Xi'er ever seen such an expert before? Not even he had noticed. After a while, a servant who seemed like a servant pushed open the door and respectfully said to Mo Hao, "Pass down the order, say that the young miss has been found, but due to the serious injury, we have to go to the Spirit Temple to recuperate for two years. Quickly spread the news, the servant retreated." The reason Mo Hao said this was because of Mo Lingxi's words in her letter, letting him find an excuse for her to not be in the manor, yet not let those people suspect her, and also told him the current situation of Mo Hao, telling him to be at ease, that he wouldn't see the same "Mo Lingxi" after two years. "Sigh ?" Mo Hao sighed. He would only be able to see his daughter after two years. However, what made him happy was that his Xi'er was no longer infatuated with that person. This made him incomparably gratified. His Xi'er had finally grown up ?

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