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On Mo Lingxi's side, she and Bai Xiao had already been flying high up in the sky for an entire day and night. Fortunately, they had picked a lot of spirit fruits at that time, otherwise they would have starved her to death. Just by looking at the rapidly changing scenery below, one could tell how astonishing the speed of this bird was. It was incomparable to any other aircraft.

Although Lan Yue had already woken up, she still looked listless. She gave the spirit herbs and fruits she had picked in the Magic Forest to Lan Yue to find a plot of land in her consciousness and told her that she was opposed to it, but it was useless against it. Xiao Bai Xiao had told her that she could grow things in her consciousness, but not only could she grow things by herself, she could also bring people in. When she found out about this news, she was overjoyed.

From the moment she arrived to this world, she had not eaten a good meal nor had she had a good sleep. On top of that, with her current condition, even though Bai Xiao had given her a lot of pills, it was still useless. Mo Xi was surprised to discover that the wounds on her body had actually disappeared, and Bai Xiao told her that it was because she had eaten those spirit fruits.

On this day, Mo Lingxi found it hard to endure "Godfather, how much further to go". Bai Xiao obviously knew that Mo Lingxi's current physical condition was the limit, so she reached out her hand to touch Mo Lingxi's head, "I'll be there soon." Mo Lingxi patted the claw on her head. After the past few days, Mo Lingxi and Bai Xiao became a lot closer.

Just as Bai Xiao said, the giant bird stopped at the top of a mountain. It was not bumpy at all, but very flat. It was obvious that it was man-made. Mo Lingxi and Bai Xiao jumped off the bird's back, and the bird flew away. Bai Xiao brought Mo Lingxi to a stop in front of an oval stone monument. Mo Lingxi looked at Bai Xiao in confusion. Bai Xiao patiently explained to Mo Lingxi, "Actually, this is only the entrance to the Ghost Domain. Unless someone from my Ghost Domain can enter, if others want to enter, they have to know the spatial opening technique of my Ghost Domain." A moment later, a door formed from white light appeared behind the stone tablet. When Bai Xiao saw this, she pulled Mo Lingxi, who was still lost in thought, into the door, and as they entered, the door disappeared. Mo Lingxi felt her body being pulled by some kind of force, and she clearly felt the force on her arm, it was Bai Xiao's.

Mo Lingxi only felt that Bai Xiao was shuttling back and forth in a certain space with her. Only after about the time it takes to drink a cup of tea did they stop. Although her eyes were closed, Mo Lingxi clearly felt the changes in her surroundings. Mo Lingxi opened her eyes and was shocked by the scene in front of her. Who could tell her where this place that was as beautiful as a fairyland was, when she looked at Bai Xiao, her eyes were filled with pride, this girl definitely did not expect that his ghost realm was actually such a fairyland, Mo Lingxi's mouth was wide open, "This can't be the ghost realm, right?" She originally thought that the ghost realm should be dark, but it wasn't just Mo Lingxi who thought this way. Legend has it that ? Perhaps no one in this world would believe that this was the Ghost Domain.

Mo Lingxi gulped, "I say, godfather. How did you think of giving such a beautiful place such a beautiful name?" The corner of Bai Xiao's mouth twitched. "What do you mean a beautiful place ?" Eh, okay, there is a little bit. Mo Lingxi facepalmed, what do you mean a little bit is very much there. It seems like this godfather of hers is really a wonder.

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