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Mo Lingxi no longer wasted time with Bai Xiao and walked towards the grand and domineering palace in front of them. She waved her hand towards Bai Xiao.

Mo Lingxi: "Dad, I want to take a bath!"

Bai Xiao said, "Immediately tell them to prepare!"

Mo Lingxi: "I still want to eat meat!"

Bai Xiao: "?"

Bai Xiao sighed. Why did it feel like he invited an ancestor back? Up until now, no one had dared to order him around like this. This girl was the first and last one, because only he deserved this sort of honor ? Bai Xiao also quickly followed and walked into the hall side by side with Mo Lingxi. Mo Lingxi discovered that most of the people here were men and their clothing was uniform. They were divided into several colors. It was probably due to their different ranks and identities. They had originally been busy, but upon seeing Bai Xiao, they all stopped and knelt down on one knee, "We pay our respects to the High Lord." With a wave of Bai Xiao's hand, everyone got back up and busied themselves with their own matters.

Bai Xiao brought Mo Lingxi to the highest floor of the palace. When she reached a room, she said, "Girl, take a bath first. Eat some food and take a rest." Who could tell her what was going on with this room? The curtains were pink, the tablecloths were pink, and there was even less of a pink color on the bed. Although she still liked pink, it was easy for her to get dizzy from seeing a large pile of pink, and Bai Xiao guessed that the moment Mo Lingxi saw the room, she must have been very touched. He must have hidden the fact that she had sent a message early in the morning and asked someone to prepare the room in advance.

Mo Lingxi held her forehead, but she still walked in. The interior was really big, and there was even a compartment. Mo Lingxi pushed open the door to a hot spring that was emitting white smoke, causing her to wish she could jump in immediately. There was a knock on the door, and when Mo Lingxi walked in, she saw four servants in long green dresses holding clothes and food. "Young master, the High Lord wants us servants to help you wash up." The reason they called Mo Lingxi a Young Lord was all because of Bai Xiao. Mo Lingxi smiled, "Just leave it on the table. I don't need you to accompany me when I take a bath. Go out." The four maids stepped back. Their High Lord had said that this young lord's words had to be unconditionally obeyed.

Mo Lingxi picked up the new dress, got up and walked into the cubicle. She placed the clothes on the edge of the pool, quickly took off her dirty clothes, and jumped into the water. Mo Lingxi could only look up at the sky and shout. Mo Lingxi swam back and forth in the water, playing happily. Looking at her flat chest, she couldn't help but sigh, "Ah, this small wound is almost the same as the previous one." Mo Lingxi was surprised to find that not only had her skin recovered completely but also had a fair complexion. It felt even better when she touched it, unlike when she just woke up, she also knew that it was because of those spirit fruits ?

After Mo Lingxi finished showering, she put on the light pink dress and walked in front of the mirror. She couldn't help but stare at the person in the mirror like a fairy in a flower. The light pink dress made her look cute and playful. Mo Lingxi was very satisfied with the black hair that covered her butt and buttocks. She picked out a simple, creamy jade hairpin from the crowd and casually tied it up. Mo Lingxi looked at herself in satisfaction, then walked to the table and sat down. Seeing the dishes she had prepared so early in the morning, Mo Lingxi, who hadn't seen rice for a few days, started to eat.

The maidservants who were waiting outside heard the sound and walked in. When they saw Mo Lingxi's appearance, they couldn't help but be stunned. What beautiful women, they were all moved by them. The four of them entered the room and quietly stood at the side, waiting for Mo Lingxi to finish eating. Mo Lingxi glanced at them before continuing her battle.

Only then did the four female servants come up to clean up the dishes. They couldn't help but be stunned, the Young Master looked like a little girl, but they didn't expect the food to be so astonishing. There were at least four people here, and they had already finished it all. They secretly noted down Mo Lingxi's appetite, which made her satisfied with every meal for the rest of the day ?

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