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As soon as Mo Lingxi finished her meal, she wanted to go to sleep. Seeing the busy servant girls in front of her, "What are you guys called?", the servant girls stopped what they were doing and stood in a row of "Servant Wen Lan", "Servant Yu Yan", "Servant Yu Lan", "Servant Qing Yue", the four of them reported their names once. Mo Lingxi raised her eyebrows, she felt that the four sisters were not bad, "Since you all will be following me in the future, then I only have two requests. First, you can't betray me, and secondly, you can't call yourself a slave in front of me. Of course, you can call yourself either me or your name. The four sisters never thought that Mo Lingxi's request would be like this. This made them overjoyed and made their decision to follow Mo Lingxi even more firm. They all said the same thing to Mo Lingxi, "Yes, Young Master, we are willing." Mo Lingxi nodded with satisfaction, "Okay, you guys go out first, I'll go to sleep for a while, and then call me at night." With that, she walked towards the big pink bed and fell asleep. She smiled at Lan, Yu Yan, Yulan, and Qingyue after seeing this, then left the room.

Nightfall was about to arrive, at the main hall of the palace, everyone was standing there orderly, ranging from the five protectors of the Ghost Domain to the two thousand people standing around, "Protector Leng, do you have something big to announce?" One of the five protectors, Leng Shi, coldly glanced at the person who wanted to speak, who immediately shut his mouth, "Hey, don't be like this, be careful not to lose your wife in the future." The one speaking was another protector, Leng Shi, as if he was already used to hearing his words, not even giving him a glance.

? ?.

"Young Lord, it's time to wake up. The High Lord asked me to come and call for you." Mo Lingxi slowly woke up. Thinking about this, Mo Lingxi stood up, and let Xianglan and Yu Yan clean up her clothes and hair. Xianglan gave her a bun, and there was only a single white jade hairpin in her hair. Mo Lingxi looked at it and praised Xianglan without being stingy.

Mo Lingxi smiled sweetly and walked over to hold Bai Xiao's arm. Bai Xiao looked at Mo Lingxi with a doting look, "Let's go, they've been waiting for a long time." Although Mo Lingxi didn't know who they were, she was willing to believe Bai Xiao. She just held onto Bai Xiao's arm and walked into the main hall. Bai Xiao held Mo Lingxi's hand and led her to the highest seat ? that was a seat that only the Ghost Domain High Lord could sit in. Just like this, Mo Lingxi and Bai Xiao walked up to the high ground under the crowd's gaze.

Bai Xiao stood atop it. Aside from the five protectors, everyone below was kneeling on one knee, respectfully greeting the High Lord. The five protectors, on the other hand, bowed in respect. At this time, Bai Xiao's voice resounded throughout the entire hall, "From today onwards, this person beside me is your Young Lord. As for how you treated her, you will have to obey your Young Lord without conditions, do you hear me?" Although the crowd was shocked, they did not dare to show it, "Yes, your subordinate greets Young Lord," the voice resounded in everyone's ears. Of course, Mo Lingxi was not wrong, most of the people had the same expression on her face, she indicated to Bai Xiao that she had something to say, Bai Xiao smiled, then the crowd could not remain calm, as if they had never seen and smiled at anyone before. I will make all of you sincerely admit that I am not worthy to be the Ghost Domain's Young Master. " As Mo Lingxi finished her sentence, the crowd below exploded with excitement. They couldn't believe that the person in front of them, who clearly didn't have a shred of spiritual energy, would agree to battle a year later.

Bai Xiao looked at Mo Lingxi in admiration. He knew that his eyes were right and the protectors were interested in this young master. Of course, it was only because of that Protector Leng, who was always like that.

Bai Xiao dismissed everyone, leaving behind only the five protectors. Bai Xiao introduced them to Mo Lingxi: Leng Shi, Protector Leng, Xiu Jie, Protector Xiu, Wang Anbo, Protector An, Ze Yang, Protector Ze, Murong Xu, and Yao, Protector Yao. Among the five protectors, Xiu Jie and Ze Yang were quite lively, while Wang Anbo was gentle and refined, while Leng Shi was the ice-cold type who had no feelings for anything. The last one was Murong Xu Yao, who gave off a very sentimental feeling, especially the zither behind his back.

Mo Lingxi also introduced herself, "My name is Mo Lingxi, you are both older than me, you can call me Little Xi or Lingxi from now on."

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