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C12 12

"Bye babe".

Melissa shouted as Molly dropped her at her apartment. She would love to stay with Molly for a couple of days but she had to do everything gently, even when she obviously knew she had no future with Molly.

Who would want to get stuck with a woman! She want kids, lots of the. She want dick, lots of them. She need money, lots of them. And the only way to do such is to move with the flow.

As a young adult, she thought she still had the advantage of making more amd fast money. She felt it wasn't a big deal that her step father made it feel like.

She had her clothes to buy, she had to get keep up with the rent, she had to get food or she starve, she also need to get a new phone.

A phone!!

Ryan's phone came to her mind as she screamed, she absolutely forgot about it. She tapped her forehead harshly as she ran into the elevator, cussing.

"How can i forget about something so important?".

Without minding to get her key out, she pushed the door open, went straight to the couch and brought out the phone that had been under it. She smiled to herself, even after her friends were jumping on the couch, it still didn't crack the screen.

Her next assignment would be to look for Ryan Sanders.

"What the hell are you doing here?".

Melissa shrieked, she knew the hour had come, unfortunately, it arrived too early. Getting on her feet and turning slowly, she meet the cruel face of Karen.

"Cat gat your tongue! Bitch?". Karen intoned.

Melissa forced her cheeks to rise in a fake smile, although she was shaking out of fear, anger and hate.

'You are grown up Melissa' she reminded herself 'put it together'.

"First of all, i am not a bitch" Melissa balanced her weight on her left leg "And second, i'm your new room mate".

Karen's face heat up, beneath her almost transparent cheeks, a person would see she Was flaming and ready to blow off. She stomped around the room breathing heavily.

"For fuck sake! Are you the nerd brought to share this apartment with me?".

Melissa rolled her eyes, was she speaking Spanish when she spoke before. She moved her bored eyes to the phone in her hand as she made to walk out.

"No bitch walk out of me" Karen blocked her "No fucking person walk out of me!".

Slowly, Melissa eyed karen's hand then the from head to toe. It was obvious she could have gone to stay with a random guy and got drunk with him in the couple of days she had stay with him.

She thought about staying with williams and rage swept through her. She shook her head, getting her evil thinking off her mind.

Why did she feel jeolous? Why did she felt cheated on?

Many things flowing in her mind. She imagined twisting Karen's hand, pulls her hair and slam her head against the wall.

"I don't want to share dicks with you" Melissa said between clenched teeth.

Karen's mouth fell open, without thinking, she did the unbelievable. She slapped Melissa hard!

Melissa blinked! She touched her hurting cheek to feel if it was real or just her imaginations. Before Melissa could recover from the shock, Karen slapped her again.

If only what happened next had been proceeded through Melissa's brain, what happened next wouldn't have happened the way it did.

Melissa let the phone slipped through her angry hand. She folded her fist and sent it straight at the blonde's face.

She pounce on Karen and began to rain blow over her face and neck, screaming. Even when her fist were hurting, Melissa rather break her bones on Karen's face.

Poor Karen kicked, cried and pushed. With every hit painful than the last, she tried to shade her face, of all places she still found it odd why Melissa would want to give her bruises on her face. She felt something close to her fingers and she grabbed it.

The expensive phone made her forgot her pain for a moment before something clicked into her mind.

She hit the screen of the phone against Melissa head, seeing that the girl had loose balance, she pushed her and ran to the door. She was terrified, she had to call for help before Melissa would kill her out of anger for it was obvious Melissa wanted her dead as she came up running after her.

The door swing open, flattening poor Karen at the back of the wall.

Fully ignoring the person standing at the door, Melissa walked towards her prey, blinded by rage. Her clenched bruised fist in front of her, ready to throw another breath taking punch.

"I think that's enough! Beast.".

It sounded rough.

Williams blocked Melissa from harming Karen, his strong grip still on her feeble fist. Melissa fuss, she face shew raw frustration and hatred as she pulled her hand out.

"This is not your business". Melissa barked, spitting fire.

Karen flinched, she held williams arm while she shield herself from the red hair.

So pathetic!.

For what seemed like centuries, their eyes locked. They looked like they were secretly begging for something, like they were in their own world.

Melissa suddenly grew soft, her heart ache as she saw nothing but hate, pure hate in Williams eyes. She couldn't believe, nor did she understand! Few days ago Williams was kissing her in this very apartment. Kissing her like she was life itself.

"What are you doing here?". Melissa said through clenched teeth.

"Don't you seem to understand that I have come here to see my girlfriend!".

Karen blinked from behind Williams. She moved to the side, tilted her head and stare at him with her mouth wide open.

'this should be a dream!' she thought.

Days ago, Williams had called and told her that he was done with her.

"Baby!" Karen hugged Williams from behind "I know you will come back for me".

Immediately karen wrapped her arms around Williams, the poor man shrieked. Visibly before he hugged her back, his eyes still on melissa, watching her every move.

Melissa could only close and open her mouth like a gold fish. She moved, visibly tensed and angry.

Williams smirked, he cuddled karen as he took her to a couch, pretending to blow air on her face through his mouth. He kissed her forehead, then cheeks before slowly moving to the coner of her lips.

"I don't understand!" Melissa thought aloud "This can't be happening".

"What can't be happening?" Karen blinked.

Melissa ignored, she ignored not because she was scared of Williams, but because she was pained. With her head down, she walked away, quickly, into the room. Tears filled her brown eyes as she walked in regret.

Williams kissed her days ago, passionately like he felt something good for her. She never knew he was only trying to get to her pant! Just trying to have sex with her and he would leave her forever.

Well thanks to her stars he didn't! It would have been another story totally.

Taking a random dress cause that was not a good time for fashion, her laptop and violin then dashed out the room. She had no idea of where to go but she just have to go somewhere else, somewhere where she would cry peacefully.

Checking her red face in the mirror for the last time, she walked out.

"Is she walking away?".

Melissa ignored, not just because she wanted to leave, but she didn't want then to be satisfied that they had hurt her.

The funny problem was they both didn't contribute in hurting her, it was only Williams.

Melissa felt like she had been used! Like Williams betrayed her.

"She wants to cry babe" Williams laughed "We made the baby girl cry".

Still trying her best to pretend they never existed, melissa stepped upon something!

Mere thinking, her hidden expression could be read through her alarmed face.

She bent slowly to pick up Ryan's phone, the screen broken.

"I think i broke something". Karen chuckled dryly "That should cost more than my hospital bill".

Melissa's brown eyes meet the cold Hazel Green eyes of her nemisis.

For what felt like a dream, melissa thought she saw something else in Williams eyes. She thought she saw pain, unspoken apologizes, regrets, untamed love and endless darkness.

Melissa sniffed, she cleaned up the tears on her face before looking down to faces the enemies. She moved stray hair to the side of her ears, raised the phone to her face and turned the broken screen to them.

"You broke it karen" she sniffed, blinking vigorously "You will have to fix it".

"As well as you would fix her face". Williams intoned.

For the first time, melissa looked at karen's face, It obviously doesn't look good. The blonde girl's face had different shades of blue and purple. Her lips were swollen and broke ! Her left cheek looked bigger than the natural right side. Her eyes were dark same as both side of her neck.

"It's not mine". She muttered.

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