"Hey, Ning Yi, I'm hungry."


"Ning Yi …" I want to eat noodles. "

No one responded.

"Ning Yi, I've been standing guard here for more than two hours …" "I think I'll get at least half of what I stole this time right?"

"Ning Yi …" "Ning Yi?"

The lips of the girl squatting at the unmarked cemetery suddenly became somewhat dry.

She raised her head and looked around her. A cold wind blew, gently caressing the young girl's delicate calves.

The atmosphere was indescribably strange.

The girl shivered as she slowly bent her body. Both of her hands were supporting the sides of the entrance to the underground tomb. She gritted her teeth and took a deep breath. She hardened her heart and stuck half of her head into the hole.

The crystal-clear eyes that were filled with spirit energy blinked.

It was pitch black and he couldn't see anything.

Thus, the girl's trembling voice carried a hint of sobbing.

"Brother …" "You are right. Answer me, aren't you?"

This voice followed the underground tunnel and drifted along with the cold wind. The dust along the way swayed back and forth, twisting back and forth. Finally, it reached the ears of a youth.

The youth stood up straight, his limbs stiff. His black clothes were drenched in sweat and stuck to his body. As the wind blew past, his back felt a chill.

Ning Yi's left hand was holding onto a flaming paper roll. His gaze was fixed on the jade lion that was only inches away from him, opening its bloody mouth.

Half of its body slightly leaned forward, the other half its right arm was' swallowed 'by the jade lion, while its right hand was placed on its throat.

Two hours ago, Ning Yi felt that this trip was too big.

The unmarked cemetery south of the Pure City had always been a desolate place, with no one watching over it.

Never would he have thought that he would pull out a bright red jade chain from the lion's mouth.

Right now, the jade bracelet was hanging on Ning Yi's chest, gently swaying along with the wind, emitting rustling sounds.

Ning Yi stared at the lion. His large black pupils seemed to have a peculiar luster within them.

His right hand had been bitten by something and could not be pulled out.

Ning Yi had a premonition.

If he was afraid at this moment, he would have to withdraw his hand …

Then he would definitely regret it for the rest of his life.

Because what he held in his hand was a priceless "Sui Yang Bead".

His palm was warm, and the surroundings felt a little cold. Even if he didn't pull it out, Ning Yi could still feel that this bead was not big. It was only a finger, but it was exactly the same size as Sui Yang's bead.

If he could bring this bead out himself.

How much is it …] There was nothing to worry about anymore!

He sent it … Ning Yi growled from the bottom of his heart. He rolled his eyes and fearlessly stared at the jade lion in front of him. Then, he raised his head.

"Come on, come on, bite me to death if you dare …"

A man and a lion confronted each other.

The fire piston burned to the end, and the weak flames flickered about before finally extinguishing.

The bottom of the tomb returned to darkness.

Ning Yi heard the sound of wind coming from behind him.

"Damn it, I don't believe this evil …"

He let go of the fire piston and allowed it to fall onto the ground, creating a mess of dust. His released left hand slowly moved downwards, inch by inch sticking to his clothes, moving towards his chest.

It was like a leaf, hidden within a black robe.

It was an oddly shaped bone flute.

Ning Yi touched the bone flute, and only then did his heart loosen a little.

He raised his head and continued to stare at the massive jade lion. Suddenly, he felt goosebumps all over his body.

The eyes of the jade lion gradually turned blood-red. It's eyes slowly focused and stared at him.

Ning Yi sneered and said, "Who are you trying to scare?"

The tomb above his head suddenly shook.

Ning Yi narrowed his eyes. Fragments of stone were constantly falling on his head. Crack, crack, crack. He swallowed his words. Although his left hand was moving slowly, he had already pulled out the bone flute and tightly gripped it.

The eyes of the jade lion were already completely bloodshot.

Ning Yi suddenly asked with a sincere tone, "It's been two hours. Are you tired?"

Of course the jade lion wouldn't answer him.

There was a moment of silence.

"If you want to bite, then bite. I won't let go anyway … This young noble stole the tomb based on my own abilities, if you have the ability then shut your mouth and bite me to death, at worst, I'll just give up on this arm! "

After Ning Yi finished speaking, he proudly raised his head and stuck out his chest. He even moved his right arm even further.

He pressed his face against the jade lion and continued to reach out with his hand, cursing, "Come, bite me! Bite me! Bite me! If you can't kill me, steal my entire house tomorrow, I won't even leave a brick for you!"

The jade lion's eyes seemed to glaze over in shock as it heard the sound of trembling coming from its throat. In the end, it was still dead and unable to move. If there really was a spirit soul there, it would be extremely angry.

Steal this place without leaving a single brick?

If they knew the identity of the tomb lord back then, who would dare to say such words?

"I have a sister who is born with Dao quality. She is the direct disciple of the Lord of Lofty Mountain in the Heavenly Capital. "If you really want to bite me to death, then when she ascends the mountain, Lo Jia Mountain will flatten this mountain range of yours and tear everything apart. You can keep everything and build a latrine above your head!"

Ning Yi stared at the jade lion. "When the time comes, I'll find a bunch of people to poop on your head and piss …"

That jade lion finally couldn't take it any longer. It glared at him angrily, and its stomach trembled. The things inside rolled around, and the clanging sounds of objects colliding rang out. Ning Yi was startled. So there was something inside that guy's stomach?

The young man looked up, a mocking smile on his face. He was just about to continue speaking.

Ning Yi's smile suddenly stiffened.

The "Sui Yang Bead" that he tightly held in his hand released a sound of being crushed under the pressure. Then, following a violent tremble, his finger landed on his palm with a crack, and his flesh came into contact with his palm.

Ning Yi angrily raised his head. After the bead was broken, his moist breath rolled around and quickly wrapped around his right arm. The pitch-black fog spread out like a waterfall of sand, surrounding him.

The "Sui Yang Bead" was a treasure that could only be found by those disciples of the big sects. Carrying it around had a great effect of nurturing the soul and could protect the dao. If it was crushed …

It was a reckless waste.

Money, money!

A lot of money was gone!

"F * ck your ancestor's mouth!"

Ning Yi raised his head, and his gaze moved up and down. He cursed as he met the eyes of the jade lion. He bellowed, "You have to pay me back!"

Suddenly, a "boom" resounded in his mind.

Ning Yi's pupils contracted. He felt as if his head had been struck by a heavy hammer.

All his thoughts were thrown thousands of miles away.

When he fell down, it was as if there was a monstrous splash.

Ning Yi stood up shakily.

His vision blurred.

In front of him was a gigantic ancient tree. It stood tall and straight, its roots coiled above the Eternal Kingdom, and its long leaves fluttered in the wind like blazing fire.

Underneath the ancient tree, there was a meandering river. The river flowed backwards and converged, forming an exquisite throne. There was a blurry shadow sitting high up on the throne, looking at him.

A pair of enormous eyes opened.

The sky shook.

The blurry shadow moved one step at a time and walked down from the throne. It knelt on one knee and its gaze was gentle and sincere amidst the steam.

The melodious sound of the flute was shattered by the distant battle drum.

White bone fragments flew across the sky and swarmed around like locusts, surging violently.

"Wake up."

The world was silent.

Someone knelt on the river surface and said softly, "We are waiting for you …"

"Become undying!"

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