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Chapter 002. Breathing is enough

"Hur hur, it's fine if you all like him."

"Oh right, who is my mother? Where is she now? " Lin Xiao asked.

"This, this old servant can't say for now."


"Because Miss had instructed me, I can only tell you when you open the fifth floor."

"The fifth floor?" Lin Xiao glanced at the pagoda in his mind.

"Yes, this pagoda has a total of five levels. The first level is the Book Collection Vault, and it holds countless secret manuals, books on pill forging, as well as formations and other books." Just by taking out a single of these secret arts, he would be able to surpass all of the other secret arts in this world. On the second floor, there resides a Deity. "

"What did you say?" Lin Xiao was shocked.

"Young master is right, on the second floor of the tower, there resides a god. However, this god is only a soul form, and his soul has also been severely damaged, leaving behind only a broken piece of his soul. However, no matter how broken it is, it is still a god. When Young Master opens the second level of the pagoda, you will be able to see him. Of course, whether this God is willing to help Young Master or not, this old servant will not guarantee. "

"Heavens, this isn't a dream right? Who exactly is my mother?"

"Hehe, this old servant still cannot say."

"Well, what about the third floor? What's that? " Lin Xiao asked.

"This, this old servant cannot say. However, the things on the third floor are stronger and better than those on the second floor."

"Waa, the second floor is already a god. Then wouldn't the third floor be heaven-defying?"

"Hur hur."

"What about the fourth level?"

"The fourth level is, of course, even better than the third level." The fourth level is, of course, better than the third level.

"Tsk tsk, mother really wasn't lying to me. I didn't waste these ten years."

"Alright, Young Chieftain, don't think too much about it for now. Please accept this old servant's present."

"Uh, you also have something for me?"

"Of course, but compared to Miss's, this old servant's present is truly unbearable. I hope young master doesn't dislike it."

"Hehe, of course not."

After saying that, the tower genie waved her hand and a white fog appeared in his palm.

"What is this?" Lin Xiao asked.


"Wow, huh? Such a high level, what use is it? " Lin Xiao asked in surprise.

The tower genie laughed, "Of course it's useful. This attitude isn't something that just anyone can obtain. If consumed, it will definitely be greatly nourished."

"That's great, thank you tower genie. That's right, where did you get your attitude from?" Is there only one? "

"Hehe, Young Lord, this attitude was released by the God who lived on the second floor." The tower genie smiled.

"Released? "What do you mean?" Lin Xiao frowned. Release him? Why did he use the word 'put'?

In the next second, Lin Xiao suddenly thought of something and hurriedly said, "Don't tell me that this was the God's fart on the second floor?"

The tower genie hurriedly replied, "Yes."

"Damn." Lin Xiao was completely speechless. Bullsh * t! How could you still be so arrogant? You speak as if it were something good.

"All these years, this God has put in a total of twelve auras. This old servant has collected these twelve auras and gave them to Young Master. As long as Young Master takes in these auras, they will definitely be greatly nourished."

Lin Xiao said with disgust, "I won't eat. You're a freak."

"Hehe, if Young Master is unwilling to use it, then there is no harm in using it. If we were to act arrogantly, it would not be impossible to say that we would not be able to grow an inch of grass, but at the very least, the earth would tremble and the mountains would shake. "

"Alright, pack these thoughts up for me first. I'll use them when I need them in the future." Lin Xiao said in a depressed tone. It seemed that he couldn't eat this much, no matter how much he tried to replenish his energy, he wouldn't be able to.

"Yes, Young Lord, I have a present for you."

"Ah, there's even a present. Show it to me." Lin Xiao was overjoyed. This tower genie was too interesting.

The tower genie continued, "The young master has painstakingly meditated on the Heavenly Treasures Jade. He hasn't cultivated for ten years and is still at the zero boundary. I'm sure the young master is holding his breath."

"Needless to say, I almost gave up. Everyone thought I was trash, and mother found me a beautiful daughter-in-law who despised me and wanted to be engaged to a genius of my family."

"Young lord, please let this old slave Rong vomit first."

"What do you mean?"

Just now the young lord said that your beautiful wife is going to be engaged to a genius, and the genius you're talking about is Lin Jue, right? This Lin Jue is sixteen years old and has only reached the seventh level of the Qi Condensation stage.


"To be honest, in this old servant's eyes, this Lin Jue is not even considered mediocre. "Alright, this old servant will stop talking nonsense. This old servant will now give the second gift to Young Master."

At this moment, Lin Xiao discovered that his cultivation realm was rapidly rising.

"Ah, what's going on? Why is my cultivation realm rising?"

After about ten seconds, Lin Xiao had gone from a 'Zero' realm to an eighth level Qi Gathering stage cultivator.

"Tower genie, this?"

The tower genie laughed, "Young master, do not panic. This is the realm of cultivation that this old servant helped you cultivate."

"You helped me cultivate?" Lin Xiao suspected that she had misheard. If she was cultivating, could someone else help her?

"Yes, in these ten years that Young Master has meditated on the Heavenly Treasures Jade, this old servant has not been idle. This old servant will transform into the Young Master and train for the Young Master, then when the Young Master has understood the jade pendant, this old servant can directly give it to the Young Master, eliminating the trouble of the Young Master starting from zero." It is a pity that the Young Lord has not fully understood the jade pendant. Although I have transformed into the Young Lord, the results have been rather low, and all these years, I have only helped the Young Lord to cultivate to the eighth level of the Qi Gathering stage.

"Oh, no." How could Lin Xiao blame the tower genie? Lin Xiao was extremely happy. In an instant, she had gone from zero to the eighth level of Qi Condensation. She was even stronger than the clan's genius Lin Jue. That Lin Jue was only at the seventh level of Qi Condensation. He was so weak that Lin Xiao didn't want to look down on him.

The tower genie said, "Thank you for your understanding, young lord. In the future, this old servant will continue to help the young lord with his training, and now that young lord has understood the jade pendant, my training speed will definitely be faster than before. Of course, the young lord can also train at the same time, and if we work together, the young lord's training speed will be like flying."

"Wow." Lin Xiao was stunned. He was truly worried that this old fellow was trying to make him happy.

Lin Xiao said, "Pagoda spirit, according to your meaning, even if I don't cultivate by myself, can you still help me cultivate?"

"Yes, the Miss had instructed the old servant that if the young lord's aptitude is too low, or if he doesn't like to cultivate, then the old servant will help the young lord cultivate. As for the young lord, you don't need to do anything, you only need to be responsible for breathing."

"Mother, you're really too nice to me." No wonder mother said that after comprehending the jade pendant, she would be able to make Lin Xiao become a peerless genius. It turned out that Lin Xiao didn't even need to cultivate. With someone helping him cultivate, all he needed to do was breathe.

"But, is there really no difference between helping me cultivate and cultivating by myself?"

"The transformation of the old slave into the young lord is the same as the clone of the young lord. There's no difference at all. The young lord can rest assured." Of course, if the Young Chieftain doesn't want to break through so quickly and wanted to keep a low profile and leave a path for others to walk, then this old servant will not help. "

"Help, I have to help, keep a low profile. These ten years, I have been the trash in everyone's eyes. I have had enough. In the future, you will cultivate with me and we will fly together. "

"This old servant follows your orders. Oh, right, there is one more thing. This old servant needs to report to the young lord. I hope that after the young lord learns about this, he will not blame this old servant."

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