Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C1 What I a Girl in My First Season of Beauty Am Pregnant
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Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C1 What I a Girl in My First Season of Beauty Am Pregnant
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C1 What I a Girl in My First Season of Beauty Am Pregnant

"The doctor said you were pregnant."

It was summer in Shangjiang. The sun was hot, and the air was hot.

The strong light shone through the half-closed glass window of the blue curtain. The air conditioner in the middle of the wall released a whistling cold air. The white bed was a little colder.

It was the first time Zhao Chumian drank last night and she had a splitting headache.

Her slender arm stretched out from the thin blanket and her fingers lazily inserted into her soft hair. Her long eyelashes trembled and her red lips slightly opened, "Who is pregnant?"



What kind of joke was this?

She was an outstanding high school graduate who loved studying. Where did she get pregnant from?

"How could I get pregnant!?" She suddenly lifted her thin blanket and sat up. Her messy hair fell to the side of her face. Her palm-sized face was a little pale, and her thin lips were like ripe cherries. With a faint pink tint, "Who said I was pregnant..." Pregnant.

What entered his eyes was a test report with white background and black words.

Name: Zhao Chumian.

Gender: Female.

Age: 23

"This..." Zhao Chumian grabbed the test report, "What 23! I am only 18 years old! I'm an invincible young girl in the prime of my youth. I don't even have half a boyfriend. How could I be pregnant! With whom? Doctor, you've definitely made a mistake!"


Tang Jie was shocked and touched her smooth forehead," Mianmian, it's me, Tang Jie. "

She looked up and stared at the woman in front of her who was wearing a white business attire and her hair was tied behind her head. Her face was covered with light makeup and she did not dare to believe it.

Last night, she was still wearing a princess dress with two ponytails and her face was chubby. The changes this night was a bit too big.

She blinked her misty peach blossom eyes. "Sugar... sugar? What's going on? Is this an entertainment program you prepared for me before I go abroad?"

This joke was a little too much.

She shook her head slightly. "No, you're really pregnant. It's been a month."

"Impossible..." Zhao Chumian shook her head, "Are you lying to me? I don't have a boyfriend. I really don't have one. Even if you want to play a prank, you need to prepare a reliable prop. Look at the words..."

She took a closer look and felt that something was wrong.

Shangjiang Central Hospital?

She was in Rongcheng!

Examination time: 2020-07-16, 18: 35.

She tilted her head and stared at her doubtfully, "Today is not the year 2015 6. 19? I still have to catch a plane to America tonight! "

Her university, her sweet first love on campus, her first kiss under the cherry blossom tree!!

How could she become a 23-year-old pregnant woman?

Tang Jie took out her cell phone calendar and said to her seriously, "Mianmian, I'm not joking. You and Mr. Sheng have a child. You should be happy."

"Who is Mr. Sheng?"

It was over.

Mianmian was stimulated and her mind was not normal.

She did not even know her husband.

She had to call a doctor to check on her.

She quickly pressed the camera on Tang Jie's phone and pointed the high-definition camera at her.

Her pale face was printed on the screen of the phone. Her dark pupils showed some confusion. This was indeed her face.

But the feeling was different again.

It was less youthful and tender, and more beautiful and intellectual charm. The lines on her face were even more distinct, and she wore an unfamiliar diamond necklace under her slender and fair neck.

Even his hair was ten centimeters long.

If she was guilty, please punish her with the law.

Instead of waking up and traveling five years later, not only did she marry a strange man, but she also had his child in her womb!

Her eyes instantly turned red, and sparkling tears filled her eyes. They slid down from the corners of her eyes, and with a "Ah..." sound, she completely collapsed.

She did not want to be a pregnant woman!!

She hugged Tang Jie's waist excitedly and buried it on her waist, "I am not clean, I am dirty..."

At this moment, there was a slight movement outside the ward.

Immediately after, the door of the ward was pushed open by a slender and fair hand with clear knuckles.

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