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Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C10 I'm Ready to Collect Your Corpse at Any Time
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C10 I'm Ready to Collect Your Corpse at Any Time

As soon as she turned the corner, her slender wrist started to hurt, "Let me go..."

"You're pinching me..." Zhao Chumian twisted her wrist hard. "Sheng Xifang!"

"Let go..." He said coldly, "Is that so?"

"Yes! You're hurting me..."

The next second, her wrist loosened.

Although she admired her beautiful hands and slender fingers, the obvious finger print on her white skin was not that good.

Since she was young, she had never suffered this kind of grievance.

No one dared to touch her.

She gently rubbed her wrist and asked with a smile, "Sheng Xifang, you're in such a hurry to take me away. Could it be that you're jealous?"

You ignored me in the morning, but now you know you can't get along with me?


Scumbag man!

She tilted her head, her beautiful peach blossom eyes staring at his cold side profile, "You even sent someone to pick me up, so you want to see me so much..."

Sheng Xifang said lightly, "That's not my person. I won't be jealous for you either."

If he knew that she was the one to apologize to Chen Mei, he would stop him from doing such a stupid thing no matter what.

He would always find trouble for him.

Zhao Chumian was slightly startled. Wasn't that his subordinate?

Then the master of Millet Garden wasn't him either?


What exactly happened yesterday!

Although he let her go, he still walked in front of her with his long legs, all the way until he entered the elevator.

She helplessly followed him.

In the dark night, a black Rolls-Royce slowly drove out of the parking lot of Brsenlis.

In the car, Sheng Xifang crossed his legs, and his clean and slender hands rested on his legs. His white sleeves were rolled up, revealing his protruding wrist bones. Outside the window, there were shadows of street lamps. His eyes were slightly lowered, and his long eyelashes left a faint shadow on his eyelids.

The two of them, one on the left and one on the right, were separated in the middle. They were clearly in a car, but they seemed to be separated by a thousand miles.

She stared at his good-looking right hand, took out the phone in her pocket, and picked it up.

Chen Mei's voice came from the phone, "Damn, Sheng, what's wrong with you? Did you pick up someone from Wyre? On the bed? "

A single word came out of his pale pink lips," Home. "

Chen Mei smiled playfully." Yo, hey, suddenly you are so loving! Alright, brother, I will not disturb you anymore!"

After saying that, he immediately hung up.

Sheng Xifang held the phone lightly and casually placed it on his lap.

She asked curiously, "Who was that man upstairs just now?"

"Yaen Fanzhou."

The name sounded pretty nice. It had a kind of... ancient charm.

"Do I know him very well?"

Sheng Xifang said coldly, "You'd better stay away from him."

"Why? I think he..." Yaen Fanzhou's devilish face appeared in Zhao Chumian's mind, "He's very pretty..."

The corner of Sheng Xifang's mouth curled up slightly. Beautiful? To describe a man?

"I have no resistance against good-looking people..." She leaned against the leather chair with a smile. "Yaen Fanzhou is a very good-looking type. I think I should be good friends with him."

What? Are you unhappy?

A little bit!

I want you to be unhappy!

I won't stay away from him!

Perhaps Yaen Fanzhou might even be the father of the child in his womb!

The car drove to the spacious and quiet road in the suburbs. There was no light from the buildings on both sides of the road, only the faint light of the street lamps, which made it appear much dimmer.

His face could not be seen clearly in the car, but one could still feel the exquisite and perfect face that looked like a sculpture from the outline.

His protruding Adam's apple rolled along with the sound of his voice. "Go ahead. I'm ready to collect your corpse at any time."

Collect... corpse?

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