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Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C11 Where Did This Face Come from Ah
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C11 Where Did This Face Come from Ah

She recalled what Yaen Fanzhou had said in a casual tone: Do you want me to help you kill her, kill her, kill her...


She swallowed her saliva in fear. It was better to stay away from Yaen Fanzhou's Evil Flower.

Survival was the most important thing.

When she thought of this, she became even more upset. Last night, at this time... She was still drinking with her friends, and now she should be on the plane to America. When she opened her eyes, she would be able to go to the luxury apartment outside the school that her daddy bought for her. Then she would enjoy her university life.

But now, she had to give birth to a child. She had to face her mother-in-law, her granddaughter-in-law, her husband who had no feelings, and the baby in her womb that she was not sure if it was her husband's...

His fate was full of misfortune and misfortune...

The car drove into a luxurious manor called Yonghe. It was ten minutes drive from the entrance to the villa inside. The car finally stopped in front of the fountain that changed with the music. The magnificent villa's lights were on. A dozen servants in neat clothes came out and stood on both sides.

The driver opened the door and Sheng Xifang got out of the car first.

She was wrong.

Sheng family did not keep a low profile at all.

Her family was also very rich. There were only a few servants in the family. These dozen or so servants did not seem to be all the servants in the villa.

"Young Master, Young Madam."

When they went in, they were led directly to the restaurant by the butler.

Old Mrs. Sheng sat beside the round white dining table, and there was also a person who should be Old Master Sheng.

Sheng Xifang's parents were not present.

Old Mrs. Sheng's face darkened when she saw her. However, when she looked at Sheng Xifang, she immediately smiled. She was so happy that she was afraid that her grandson would leave in the next second.

"I thought you guys would not come back. I have finally looked forward to seeing you guys..." Old Mrs. Sheng smiled. "Quickly sit down and eat. It is all your favorite food."

Zhao Chumian looked at the table full of light and light dishes without any chili. She roared in her heart. This was not what she liked to eat!

It should be Sheng Xifang who liked it.

Zhao Chumian picked up the chopsticks and did not stand on ceremony. When she was blocked at the entrance of Millet Garden tonight, she almost flipped over the wall and an uninvited guest came out and took her away. In the end...

She walked around and still could not escape.

"You guys have been married for three years. In the past, Mianmian was still young and you guys said that you do not want children for the time being. Now, she is not young anymore. Mianmian, shouldn't you consider staying at home to have children?" Old Mrs. Sheng suddenly smiled and said, "Your company doesn't make money. Xifang can help you take care of it at the same time. You can stay at home and prepare for pregnancy. "

Listen, is this human language?

Have you asked if your grandson is willing to help?

And by the way?

Where did this face come from?

Zhao Chumian slightly lowered her head and said apologetically, "I will listen to him."

"Xifang, what do you think? When your father was your age, you were already quite a few years old." Old Mrs. Sheng looked at him with a smile.

She suspected that this old lady had two faces. When she was in the hospital in the afternoon, she was not like this.

She was fierce, as if she wanted to eat her tigress in one bite.

"Don't worry." Sheng Xifang said lightly.

How could he not be anxious? It was obvious that he had no feelings.

They had known each other for five years, married for three years, and still had no feelings.

Zhao Chumian was such a failure, and she was also a vicious woman. How could his grandson possibly like her?

It was all the old man's fault.

Elder Sheng, who was at the side, seemed to have received a strong gaze. He put down his chopsticks. He wiped his mouth and said, "Mianmian is still young, only 23 years old. She is busy with work. She is currently on the rise and does not want to get pregnant and have children to delay her career. Don't force her to give birth. "

Yes, yes, yes!

Zhao Chumian nodded.


"Moreover, girls nowadays all love beauty. They have given birth to a child. What if her figure changes? How unhappy would she be?" Elder Sheng looked at her with a kind face, "Mianmian, there is no hurry. You two go with the flow. Grandpa will not rush you. Grandfather is still young and can still live for a few decades. He will definitely see my great-grandson... "

Indeed, it went smoothly.

There is one in his stomach.

What should she do with the pups in her stomach?

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