Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C12 I Don't Want to be a Single Mother
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Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C12 I Don't Want to be a Single Mother
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C12 I Don't Want to be a Single Mother

Knocked out?

He couldn't bear to part with it.

If she didn't abort it, with Sheng Xifang's current attitude towards her, she definitely wouldn't be able to accept it. She would have to divorce him sooner or later.

Then... she would become a single mother.

She didn't want it!

She was only 18 years old!

She didn't want to be a single mother.

"You only spoiled her for a day, and you didn't even consider the feelings of your own grandson." Old Mrs. Sheng said unhappily, "She could even push Wan downstairs..."

Elder Sheng's pupils slightly froze.

"I didn't... push." Zhao Chumian said softly.

Sheng Xifang said without changing his expression, "Don't talk about this when you eat."

Old Mrs. Sheng did not say anything when he opened his mouth.

After dinner, Old Mrs. Sheng looked for her to talk.

Zhao Chumian leisurely followed Aunt Yung upstairs. She felt that there was nothing to talk about.

It was nothing more than being interrogated and then she denied it.

Repeatedly interrogated and repeatedly denied.

As for giving birth?

Strange, why did it suddenly give birth?

Could it be that Old Mrs. Sheng did not know how terrible the relationship between the two of them was?

When they reached the fourth floor, Aunt Yung opened a room. The room was clean and tidy, and there was a painting of a famous painter on the wall.

The two of them walked in and the door behind them was slammed shut.

"Miss Wan has been in the Sheng family since she was five years old. Her grandmother is a good friend of the madame." Aunt Yung said as she led the way, "From that time on, Miss Wan was the young mistress of the Sheng family. The old mistress doted on her like her own granddaughter. "

"If not for Miss Zhao, the old mistress would have let Miss Wan marry the Eldest Young Master." Aunt Yung looked back at her," Miss Zhao has been in Sheng family for three years, and this is the first time Miss Zhao has done such a thing to harm others. The old mistress is very uncomfortable and painful."

Aunt Yung stopped and pressed a strange button. The bookshelf on the wall moved away and a door appeared.

Zhao Chumian also stopped. Why did they need to talk in such a mysterious place?

There was something fishy.

Aunt Yung suddenly pushed her back and she could not help but lean forward. She staggered a few steps and walked in.

Immediately following that, Aunt Yung also came in. The secret door behind her quickly closed.

The room was dark and damp. There was only a small skylight and the faint moonlight shone in.

There was a heavy rope hanging on the wall, and there were faint traces of blood on it. There were even knives, long nails, whips, and other dangerous items.

She nervously touched her abdomen.

Aunt Yung walked past her, "So, I have to personally explain some things to Miss Zhao and teach her the rules. Those who should not be provoked must not be provoked."

"As a daughter of a prestigious family, Miss Zhao has been pampered since she was young. Her skin is so delicate that it can be squeezed out of water. She must not have suffered any injuries." Aunt Yung picked up a long needle, "The old mistress said that if you admit that you pushed Miss Wan now, moreover, you are willing to go to the hospital to accompany her until she recovers, this matter will be treated as if it did not happen. "

She flicked the long needle in her hand. "Miss Zhao, yesterday at around 2 PM, did you push Miss Wan down from the roof of Millet Garden?"

Zhao Chumian's heart was beating tightly. It was a sign of fear.

What was this?

A modern mama?

Are you playing interdimensional confinement?

Zhao Chumian slowly retreated, "You dare to stab me in the body? I have a good relationship with Xifang recently. In the afternoon at the hospital, you saw it too. Even in front of Grandma, he was willing to protect me. We still have to share the bed tonight. Later, when I take off my clothes and find out that I am injured... He likes my body so much, he will definitely investigate to the end. When the time comes... "

She retreated to the back of the door and kept touching it with both hands," Grandmother doesn't mind. Pushing on you, Xifang's anger, Aunt Yung, can you bear it? "

F * ck.

Where was the mechanism to open the door?

Aunt Yung's old face fell, "Who doesn't know that Young Master Sheng doesn't like you at all? All of you sleep in separate rooms at home. He doesn't even want to sleep in the same room as you."

So serious?

Then where was the baby in her womb?

With whom?

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