Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C13 The More Beautiful a Woman Is the More Ruthless She Becomes
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Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C13 The More Beautiful a Woman Is the More Ruthless She Becomes
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C13 The More Beautiful a Woman Is the More Ruthless She Becomes

"Miss Zhao, in the eyes of everyone in Sheng family, Miss Wan is more important than you. Her life is more precious than your life." Aunt Yung approached her.

"You are threatening me by forcing me to confess. Even if you go to court... It's useless. " Zhao Chumian stared at the bright needle, "In any case, I am the eldest young mistress of Sheng family. No matter what, it is not your place as a servant to teach me a lesson."

" Eldest young mistress, I represent the old madam. "


What if Mama Rong also represents the Empress?

When she was exposed, she wasn't the only one who got beaten up.

She didn't treat herself as the young mistress of the Sheng family at all, but she still called her Miss Zhao.

What kind of terrible life had she been living in these five years?

She should be the one who should jump off the building.

Aunt Yung saw that she still did not admit it, "Miss Zhao, sorry for offending you."

She stabbed downwards and Zhao Chumian's hands firmly grabbed onto her somewhat plump wrist. She was so young and her reaction would not be slower than an old man.

There was no need to be afraid anymore.

"Let me go..." Aunt Yung shouted.

Zhao Chumian was taller than her. She lifted her hand forcefully and pulled her wrist backwards. Her body could not help but bow. " Ah, ah, ah... Pain. "

She took the opportunity to pull out the needle and throw it into a dark corner that couldn't be seen.

"I don't want to do it. Open the door now. Otherwise, as long as you don't kill me, I won't let you go..." Zhao Chumian's pretty face smiled faintly, "Xifang is still downstairs..."

Were they too impulsive?

If Sheng Xifang was not here, she would be trapped here and it would be useless to shout until her throat was broken.

But if he was here, even if he didn't like it, when he left later, Sheng Xifang couldn't just leave by himself and leave her here, right?

Aunt Yung originally did not want to open the door for her but she thought that this woman could even push Miss Wan down the stairs without mercy. She was just a servant and she did not know how she would die.

Sure enough, it was a vicious woman.

The more beautiful the woman, the more ruthless she became.

Aunt Yung was afraid, "I'll open it, I'll open it. Let go of my hand first..."

Zhao Chumian pulled her towards the door before letting go.

In the darkness, Aunt Yung pressed on somewhere and the door opened.

But very slowly, the light from the room outside slowly shone in.

She was just about to rush out and prepare to lock Zhao Chumian inside, but when half of her body went out, she felt the weight behind her.

She turned her head in fear. That beautiful face smiled at her and her slender fingers grabbed the hem of her clothes.


She roared.

Zhao Chumian followed her out. She would not make the same mistake twice since she had just entered.

After successfully leaving the damp secret room, Zhao Chumian let go of her clothes, "The existence of such a place is already very magical here. I did not expect that the old madam's hobbies are quite special."

She smiled faintly, "I wonder if Grandfather and Xifang know of the existence of this secret room..."

"Tonight the madame let you go. Don't be ignorant. When Miss Wan wakes up and testify, you still won't be able to escape." Aunt Yung was furious, "If you go out and talk nonsense, be careful not to tear your mouth apart. Make it so that you won't be able to speak for the rest of your life! "

"Oh... Alright." She casually said and easily walked out of the room.

She was scared to death.

It was too scary.

It was totally an ancient torture chamber.

The Ten Great Tortures of Manqing.



Such a family was definitely a scandal of the madame.

No, I'll call my brother later and send her bodyguards over.

Sheng Xifang was too dangerous by his side. Tangtang was now the manager of her company and was very busy, so she could not follow her often.

Zhao Chumian quickly went downstairs. Sheng Xifang and Elder Sheng were still chatting on the sofa.


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