Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C15 Her Heavy and Hoarse Breathing
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Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C15 Her Heavy and Hoarse Breathing
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C15 Her Heavy and Hoarse Breathing

"Three years ago, you insisted on marrying me. He didn't agree." Sheng Xifang's cold voice sounded, "That's it."

It was because of Sheng Xifang again.

She graduated early because of him. She founded the company because of him. Her personality changed drastically because of him. The distance between her and her brother was also because of him.

How deep was her love for Sheng Xifang? How could she be so humble?

She ignored her brother's obstruction and married a man who did not like her.

Zhao Chumian lowered her head and held her phone tightly. The screen dimmed and two drops of tears fell on it.

She sniffled. Brother...

Don't abandon her, don't...

In her memory, last night when she was drinking and celebrating, her brother was still looking at her and smiling. Such a gentle and refined brother, how could he be ruthless enough to ignore her.

She found her father's profile picture on WeChat so that she could contact her brother.


Her brother didn't agree to their marriage, so he blacklisted her.

She felt wronged now and couldn't find her brother anymore. Furthermore... it would hurt her parents.

The stupid things she did in the past five years, the consequences of being stupid, would be borne by herself.

The night was thick, and the bright white moonlight flowed down.

After she got off the car, she didn't even have the mood to admire the villa. She lowered her head and walked in.

Even when the maid in the villa called her Miss Zhao, she did not have the interest to refute.

Sheng Xifang did not like her, so those maids naturally did whatever they wanted to call her.

She even suspected that they were really married.

"Where is my room?" As soon as she went upstairs, she asked.

Sheng Xifang, who was walking in front of her, paused for a moment. He turned around and saw her lowering her head. Her whole body was filled with unhappy emotions. He casually pointed at her.

She saw from the light, quickly running past him, opening and closing the door in one go.

This process was so quick that Sheng Xifang stood on the spot and was slightly stunned. Was pretending to have amnesia exposed?

A normal husband and wife should live together. The moment she came back, she asked which room he lived in.

She was in a bad mood, so she angrily put her phone to the side and went into the bathroom.

She took a shower and went to sleep, not thinking about anything.

Perhaps when she came, she would be 18 years old.

She was about to welcome a happy and wonderful university life.

The next day, the sun rose from the east, and the summer sunlight hung high in the clouds.

Strong rays of light shone through the glass window into the room.

The air conditioner was blowing, and the room was warm.

On the rice colored bed, a long white leg extended from the thin quilt. The slender finger was inserted into the messy hair. Both of its eyes were tightly shut, and a few inaudible moans could be heard from its throat.

Zhao Chumian only felt a humid and hot breath landing on her neck and a pair of messy hands on her body.

Her entire body's breath seemed to be burning hot and her eyelids were heavy. She wanted to see clearly the person on her body but she could not lift her eyelids no matter how hard she tried.

She could only feel his thick and warm palm and his hoarse and heavy breathing.

It was ambiguous.

It was too ambiguous.


Zhao Chumian woke up. She opened her eyes in a daze and a few strands of hair blocked her sight. She looked at the unfamiliar ceiling in a daze.

She was only 18 years old. Why would she have such a dream?

She didn't even...

In the next second, when she came back to her senses, she got out of bed in a bad mood.

She was in a trance for a moment, thinking that she was in a villa overseas.

In the end, it was in her and Sheng Xifang's "home."

After washing up, she went to the closet connected to the master bedroom. There were many clothes, bags, and shoes, but most of them were professional clothes, shirts, bottoms, and all kinds of small suits.

She didn't like it...

Such a huge closet, couldn't it have a few beautiful dresses?

She finally chose a comfortable T-shirt and shorts and slowly went downstairs.

Today was Saturday, and Sheng Xifang had also disappeared early in the morning.

He was so afraid of meeting her and deliberately avoided her?


She also had something more important to do today.


Two hours later, on the streets of Shangjiang University, two people were eating ice cream while looking at the basketball court not far away.

Although it was summer vacation, there were still a lot of university students in first-rate universities, especially males.

"Mianmian, let's go. This is not good..." Tang Jie looked around anxiously.

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