Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C16 First Love in College Is the Best
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Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C16 First Love in College Is the Best
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C16 First Love in College Is the Best

If this gets filmed by the media, they'll be on the trending list.

"What's wrong? I'm the same age as them..." Zhao Chumian happily ate the confectionery, "This is the life that I should have. This is the life that I yearn for. This is my university first love, my senior... "

"Mianmian, wake up..." Tang Jie looked at her with heartache, "You have already graduated from university."

"I will take the postgraduate exam! I will take the exam immediately!"

Tang Jie,... ""

It was over.

The illness was beyond cure.

"Junior sister, can I add you on WeChat?" A university student in sportswear came over with a shy expression.

Zhao Chumian slowly took out her phone and gently opened her business card, "Yes..."

This arm muscle, this line, this entire body's youthfulness hormones...

This kind of boy was the one that matched her.

It was the best thing to have a first love in university.

"Junior sister, you're so beautiful." After adding on WeChat, the senior ran away shyly.

Tang Jie looked at her series of actions, "Mianmian, since we entered the school, you have added more than ten WeChat."

"I always choose handsome and handsome little brother to add."

Little brother?

You're older than them.

And you're married.

There's still a baby in her womb.

"Mianmian, when you were pregnant, did you tell Mr. Sheng?" She asked with concern.

"No, don't tell him." Zhao Chumian put her finger on her lips, "Shh..."

"Why is that so?"

If they even had a child, the previous cold and distant relationship could break the ice. In the future, she would not feel lonely and uncomfortable by herself.

Tang Jie did not understand.

Today's temperature was very high. Even though she was sitting under the tree, the ice cream in her hands melted very quickly.

Zhao Chumian held the cone. The ice cream slid down along the cone. She leaned sideways and leaned close to her ear. " Because, I'm not sure if it's his."


Could it be someone else's?

She only had Sheng Xifang in her heart. Even if she didn't like her, she couldn't possibly indulge herself and sleep with another man, right?

"Even if it's his, is he worthy?" Zhao Chumian tilted her head and licked the cream on the ice cream cone.

The students playing basketball in the basketball court looked over in unison.

The bright sunlight shone through the layers of lush leaves and spots of light fell. One of them landed on her thin white wrist.

It went along her wrist to her white and tender fingers, and her slightly red lips licked her fingers. Her delicate and pretty face was serious and focused.

Sweat poured down like rain. They swallowed their saliva at the same time, and sweat slid down their protruding Adam's apple.

"I've never seen it in school before... It's so beautiful, it should be our school belle..."

"Could it be from another school, come and play?"

"Hey, didn't you ask when you asked for WeChat?"

"I-I forgot, I didn't even ask for my name..." One of them said intermittently.

"Maybe she's the girl who applied for our school's entrance exam next semester..."

"The junior sister is so beautiful, she doesn't even want to graduate."

A few students discussed animatedly, their eyes glazed over.

"Mianmian, you have already caused a sensation..." Tang Jie pulled her, "Let's go. There is still a meeting in the company this afternoon."

"Then you can go back first. I will stroll around..."

"Your company."

"What? My company?" Zhao Chumian was surprised.

She actually had a company in a place like Shangjiang where every inch of land was worth money?

"Yes, your company, and it is not a small company. I'm now your assistant and the manager of the company." Tang Jie looked at her gently, "You really... can't remember at all?"

She shook her head slightly.

She had to start a career, but she had to first look forward to a beautiful school life. !!!

Make up for what I've lost and throw it away.

Tang Jie was worried, but the company's meeting in the afternoon was very important. She was worried and instructed, "Mianmian, if anything happens to you, you must call me, okay?"

She had only transmigrated for five years and had not become a retard.

"Yes, okay."

After seeing enough sports-type men, she wanted to go to the library to see a literary talent.

The older brother type, full of poetry, gentle and refined, every movement was filled with the aura of a book.

When she thought of her older brother, Zhao Chumian began to feel uncomfortable in her heart. She lowered her little head and walked.

When she came face to face, she heard that he wanted to contact her again, "Junior sister, can I add you on WeChat?"

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