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C17 So You like to be Called Brother

Sound nice.

Raising her head, she looked at the boy's fair and clean face, "Sure..."

What's wrong with this school!

Why are all little brothers so beautiful!!

She excitedly took out her phone.

Not far away, a puzzled voice sounded, "Brother, is that girl a little familiar?"

Sheng slowly took off his sunglasses and looked in surprise at Zhao Chumian, who was happily chatting with the male student. It was the first time she saw sister-in-law dressed like a student sister, her long hair tied into two ponytails. Her skin was white and clean, and she wore matching leather shoes. She looked exactly like a university student. She was even more youthful and beautiful.

Didn't she already graduate from university?

Why did she come to school in such hot weather... to flirt with men?

"Just now, there was a rumor that a beauty whom I have never seen before came to the school. Many people wanted to get in touch with her. So that person is... Sister-in-law." She covered her mouth with the back of her hand in surprise.

Sister-in-law finally figured it out. Her brother was so cold to her, he should have abandoned her long ago!

She didn't expect sister-in-law's taste to change so quickly. She liked fresh meat!

She had a bright future!

My role model!


"Hey, brother...!"

Sheng slowly looked at the back view that was disappearing into the distance. Tsk tsk, brother, you should give up. Your current age is no longer sister-in-law's cuisine.


Let's watch a good show! We can't miss it...

She immediately chased after him.

"Let's eat together? Hm..." Zhao Chumian shook her head slightly, "Sorry, I may not be able to. I still have some matters to attend to."

She had not yet gone to the library. She did not want to give up the entire forest for a single person.

These five years, she had been too stupid.

That kind of stupid behavior, she would never do it again in the future.

Moreover, she was only mentally satisfied right now. The young university student did not belong to her anymore.

"Why don't I eat with you..." Sheng Xifang's cold voice was heard.

The male student turned around and looked at Sheng Xifang's shocking face and tall figure. This man was clearly... a noble young master that he could not afford to offend.

He mustered his courage and asked, "You are her brother?"

Sheng Xifang said coldly, "I am her husband."

Old... male!!

The male student looked at Zhao Chumian with a meaningful look and opened his mouth in surprise.

The current primary school girls were already married at an early age? !!!

"No, there's no need!" The male student ran away awkwardly.

"Do you like men?" Zhao Chumian asked with a smile, "Are you also here to find fresh meat?"

Like men?


Sheng Xifang's light gaze landed on her pleated skirt. "What are you wearing?"

"Clothes..." She pulled her skirt a little and then circled in front of him. "The academy's soft girl style, don't you guys like young men? I'm like this... "

She stood on her tiptoes and winked at him. "Hubby, do you like it?"

Sheng Xifang was doing pretty well!

He had a schoolgirl with him. It turned out that he liked this style.

"Even if you don't wear it, I don't like it either." Sheng Xifang said coldly, "What are you doing here?"

You don't like it even if you don't wear it?

What do you mean?

Was her body that unattractive to him?

She tilted her head and waved at the little sister who was peeking not far behind him. "What are you doing here? I'm here to do something. We have the same goal."

The only difference was that she was flirting with him. He was flirting with girls.

They were about the same, so no one had to say anything about each other.

Sheng slowly did not dare to get close to Zhao Chumian. He kept feeling that she was too humble and perfect. Even if he was troubled by his grandmother, he would never cook because his grandmother said that he could go to the cooking class.

He had lost his mother since he was young. In fact, she really wanted to get close to her, but Zhao Chumian only had her brother in her eyes.

To treat them well and listen to his grandmother's words, it was just to please his brother.

However, three years, or even five years, all had very little effect.

She ran over, afraid that sister-in-law would misunderstand big brother, "This year's college entrance exam, big brother came to help me choose a school."

Big brother?

"So you like to be called big brother..." The corner of Zhao Chumian's mouth slightly curled up, "Everyone has a special hobby. I won't laugh at you. Big brother..."

She shouted at him with a sweet voice.

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