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Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C18 I'm Awake Hunting Moment!
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C18 I'm Awake Hunting Moment!

Sheng slowly said,... ""

Sister-in-law doesn't know her anymore?

Sheng Xifang frowned deeply, "She is my biological sister."

Zhao Chumian,... ""


But they looked... They didn't look alike!

"Oh... So it's like this, I'm also here to choose a school." She smiled and changed the topic, "I'm preparing to take my postgraduate entrance exam to take a look at the environment of the school. You know, I went to university abroad before. I don't know much about the school's situation in China, so I need to go on an on-site inspection. "

"What a coincidence, what a coincidence..." She slowly turned around, "You guys continue to look around, I'll go this way."

"Sister-in-law, but you just came from that direction..." Sheng slowly said with a confused look.


She turned around and Sheng Xifang's handsome figure blocked in front of her. His simple white shirt showed his superior shoulder width and narrow waist. His beautiful left hand was hidden in his pocket and his right hand was holding a half-drank cup of milk tea.

It didn't look like he had drunk it before.

He was so good at being a brother. How could he not learn to be a good husband?

She was also someone else's brother's sharp sister.

"Sister-in-law, let's go together." Sheng slowly suggested.

"No need." Zhao Chumian's voice was calm. "I won't disturb you two anymore."

Yesterday, her face was pale and her complexion was much better today. Perhaps the sun had shone on her and the weather was hot. Her beautiful cheeks were slightly red and her lips were also extremely beautiful cherries.

Her white shirt had a bowtie in the shape of a bow tie and there was a white chain wrapped diagonally, revealing a pair of white straight and slender legs. Even when they first met five years ago, Sheng Xifang had never seen her dress like this.

"Don't you think it's childish to dress like this?" His voice was cool and clear.

"Do you know how to appreciate it?" Zhao Chumian gave him a disdainful look. "Uniform? Do you understand? I am young and beautiful. It does not feel out of place for me to dress like this. If you have any objections, please hold back!"

Sheng slowly peeked at his brother's cold side profile. It was the first time she heard sister-in-law being fierce to her brother. His brother actually... frowned!

He reached out and grabbed her bow tie. "Uniform? As the young mistress of Sheng family, you're wearing this kind of uniform?"

"Yes..." Zhao Chumian unhappily took a step back.

With a bang.

The white band broke.

Sheng Xifang's slender fingers grabbed the purple and white bowknot. His light black eyes stared at her. "The quality is not good."

Zhao Chumian gritted her teeth, not angry, not angry. It was not worth being angry for him...

She could not hold it in anymore!

"Do you think you are very humorous?" She looked up at him angrily. "Please maintain your attitude towards me in the past and pretend that I don't exist regardless of whether you ask or not, alright?"

After saying that, she turned around and left.

She was furious!


Sheng slowly rolled his eyes. "Brother, I'll go and comfort her!"

Sheng Xifang looked at the backs of the two people and his gaze shifted downwards. He stared at the bow in his hand. It was still very childish to look at it again.

He walked straight to the rubbish bin and drew a beautiful parabola.

He fell in quickly and accurately.

On the other side, Sheng slowly pulled her to a classroom and sat down. He showed her the funny picture of Sheng Xifang on his phone.

Sheng Xifang lowered his eyes. I'm too South!

Sheng Xifang raised his hand. : Where did this wild chicken come from?

He opened his eyes: [It's awake, time to kill!]

Too many, too many.

Zhao Chumian discovered a new continent. "Does he know about these expressions?"

"Of course not!" Sheng slowly raised his eyebrows proudly. "Sister-in-law, I have something more exciting and explosive. Do you want to see it?"

How exciting?

How explosive?

She wanted to see!

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