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C19 They Are both Biological Brothers

As expected of the same age, even if you don't remember, you can get along very quickly.

The phone on the table was slowly picked up and she mysteriously said, "Private album, I can't tell you the password..."

When she said that, Zhao Chumian became even more curious.

Could it be...

Sheng Xifang's... Body?

Abdominal muscle?


Mermaid line?

It couldn't be a more private place.

Then it wouldn't be normal for it to slowly flourish.

She also didn't have the interest to look at his private parts!

In any case...

If the child was his, she would have already looked at it.

If it wasn't his, she wouldn't want to see it in the future.

She had to cut ties with him as soon as possible.

Sheng slowly protected his phone, but there was a trace of excitement in the depths of his serious eyes. "Sister-in-law, I'm not telling the truth first. It's fake. Don't be angry..."

And it's related to her?

"I'm not angry."

"Hey, no, no, I can't show it to you." Sheng slowly sat down. "You like your brother so much. How can I sprinkle salt on your wound? It was my fault just now. Girls can wear whatever they want. It's our freedom. "

It aroused her curiosity. It wasn't like she was going to let her see anything more torturous than this in this world.

"Actually, I lost my memory. I used to like him a lot, but now I don't like him at all!" She glanced at her phone. "Now I need explosive stimulation to stimulate my brain nerves."

"You lost your memory!!!" Sheng slowly moved closer to her face in excitement and stared into her eyes.

She had beautiful peach blossom eyes that were as black and clear as before. But why couldn't her eyes hook her brother's soul?

Was her brother immune to it?

No wonder sister-in-law didn't know her just now. She even talked to her brother like that.

Since that's the case...

"Then I'll show you! These are all my private collections, my precious items! You can only watch!" Sheng slowly turned on the phone screen and stared at it excitedly.

Zhao Chumian stared at the two men on the screen. One of them looked at the other with deep affection, as if he was looking at his lover again.

This was not the main point!

The main point was that the two men on the screen were Sheng Xifang and Yaen Fanzhou.

Sheng slowly could not suppress his excitement and continued to slide the other pictures. It was the two of them.

She called out excitedly. " Ah! Ah! This is too good! I knocked it! Is my Glory World's flourishing CP super invincible and pleasing to the eye?!"

Glory World's flourishing... CP?

" Larang deserves you, how dare you... " Zhao Chumian said, but her eyes were very honest as she continued to look.


It was explosive!

"Of course I dare! They are my real brothers! Even if they know, they won't do anything to me. Of course, it's best not to let them know."

They're all... my real brothers?

Zhao Chumian was puzzled," Sheng Xifang and Yaen Fanzhou are brothers? But their surnames are different... And they also... look different."

They are all very handsome, but they are different. The points that GET reaches are completely different.

This is f * cking the Orthopedics Department!

They really knew how to kowtow...

"No, Sheng and I are the same father and half-mother, and Brother Yan is the same mother and half-father. The two of them are not related by blood at all." Sheng slowly explained, "Love and kill each other! Stimulated... "

This relationship... was slightly complicated.

No wonder when the two of them met, they seemed to want to fight even more.

They were at loggerheads with each other.

But... it really looked like it was going to be fun!

This gaze was absolutely...

Kowtow and kowtow.

Suddenly, the classroom door rang.

Sheng slowly stuffed his phone into the stomach of the table and sat up straight. He looked at the empty podium with the innocent expression of a good student.

Her reaction was too fast. It was the reaction when the teacher was about to grab her phone when she played in class.

Fast, accurate, and ruthless.

Zhao Chumian looked over lazily and the classroom door was slowly pushed open.

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