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Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C2 You're out of Your Mind
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C2 You're out of Your Mind

A man wearing a white shirt with thin black stripes walked in. His eyes looked over with a pair of extremely shallow eyes. His clear and indifferent gaze could not detect any intentions. It was as if all his emotions were deeply contained within.

He had an extremely stunning face. From the eyebrows to the nose, to the lines of a person, it was as if they were being measured precisely and flawlessly. His sexy lips were as shallow as his eyes, but they revealed an extremely cold and handsome appearance.

Under the hot light outside the window, it seemed that one could see the faint and fine fur around the angular face.

It was a very handsome face, but his bone image was too cold and cold.

He lifted his hand to unbutton the buttons on the collar of his shirt. Not only were his fingers long and slender, but his nails were also faintly pink. It was clearly a simple action, but because the veins on the back of his hand and the blood vessels crisscrossed, it appeared especially sexy.

He really wanted to touch his hand. This hand was too beautiful.

Tang Jie turned around and called out respectfully, "Mr. Sheng."


As a hand control and a face control, Zhao Chumian was stunned. The tears at the corner of her eyes also stopped and she muttered, "I think I can do it again..."

Zhao Chumian immediately let go of her and jumped off the bed.

If her husband was so handsome, it did not seem like she could not accept that after five years of being inexplicably married, he became a married woman.

After all, her husband was so handsome. Why would he need a senior who was his first love in university?

She didn't even know what he looked like.

"Hubby..." Zhao Chumian's eyes were slightly red. Her peach blossom eyes were red from crying as she looked at him. Her voice was soft.

She held his right hand with both hands and arrogantly touched his finger with greed. The back of her hand, wow...

Not only was it beautiful, but it was also smooth and smooth to the touch. It was very suitable for holding hands!

As expected, her taste was not bad.

This was the benefit of hand control.


She was too happy.

Sheng Xifang expressionlessly pulled his hand back. There was a trace of disdain and disdain in his eyes.

"Ah, hand..." Zhao Chumian's hands were empty. She felt a huge loss in her heart. She stared at his hand and said, "Hubby, let me touch it. Let me touch it again..."

The sweet and soft voice almost melted Tang Jie's heart when she heard it.

But Sheng Xifang not only did not give her his hands, he even ruthlessly put his hands into the pocket of the black suit.

Zhao Chumian immediately felt wronged in her heart. She muttered with her small mouth, "They are already married. What belongs to you is mine! Don't be so petty!"

They all had children, it was not like they had not had physical contact before.

As a man, he was too... shy.

Sheng Xifang twitched the corner of his mouth. His handsome eyebrows furrowed slightly, and his voice was cold. "Is there something wrong with your brain?"

"You are mad at me... You are my husband, and you are mad at me..." Zhao Chumian lifted her head in disbelief and looked at him with wet eyes that were soaked with tears. The deep red mole at the end of her eyes seemed to be expressing her grievance as it listlessly embellished her fair and beautiful face.

She pursed her lips in grievance as her chest twitched.

Why did she have a bad premonition?

Could it be that this extremely handsome, noble and extraordinary husband didn't like her?

Could it be that they had a business marriage?

That didn't make sense!

Zhao family was a family of art and literature. Their parents and grandfather were all professors. Their family was full of antiques, cultural relics, and famous paintings that were priceless overseas. There shouldn't be any value in a marriage alliance.

Sheng Xifang coldly snorted, "Are you tired of playing the tricks of a strong woman? Have you changed your route and pretended to be pitiful?"


Zhao Chumian tilted her head and suddenly pressed her temple, "Ah... My head hurts..."

Her eyes slightly narrowed and she looked like she could not stand steadily as she fell onto his body.

According to the domineering CEO's routine, even if she did not like her on the surface, the love in her heart was burning. Deep down, when she encountered danger, she would still immediately stretch out her hand to save her life.


She fell straight to the ground. In her narrow and narrow line of sight, she only saw his cold gaze and even deliberately avoided it.

She was disdained.


"Mianmian!" Tang Jie immediately came over to support her and asked worriedly, "Do you feel pain?"


But her heart hurt even more.

Earlier, she had deliberately probed him. Unexpectedly...

He didn't play according to the rules at all.

"Mr. Sheng, she seems to have lost her memory." Tang Jie's eyes were full of worry.

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