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C20 It's a Little Cold

The one who came in was a man in a black shirt and black-rimmed glasses.

Sheng slowly heaved a sigh of relief, "It's you..."


Zhao Chumian's eyes were blank.

Du Mu stood at the door expressionlessly. "Miss, Madam, it's time to leave."

"Brother is waiting for us..." Sheng slowly took out his phone and winked mysteriously at her. "Sister-in-law, let's talk next time!"

He didn't expect that after his sister-in-law lost her memory, she would have the same hobby as him.

Of course, he had to drag his little sister along with him to have sex with such an easy CP.

Leave with Sheng Xifang?

She didn't want it!

"I suddenly remembered that there are still matters in the company, so I won't leave with you guys..." Zhao Chumian smiled and refused.

"Sister-in-law, let's go together. I'm hungry, it's time to eat." Sheng slowly held her hand. "We can go to other schools together in the afternoon!"

Zhao Chumian helplessly followed her out. Her small face was flushed. The uniform on her body was no longer decorated with beautiful bowstrings. It looked even fresher.

Along the way, Sheng slowly stared at her with his round eyes. "Sister-in-law looks more like a university student than me."

She was originally a university student!

Her university life...

The scorching sun burned the ground.

The air was filled with heat.

Sheng Xifang's car plate was a custom-made A8888 luxury car. It had smooth lines and a shiny outer shell. It gave off a noble and extraordinary aura.

Even this guy's car had such an imposing aura.

Du Mu opened the door of the backseat and stood straight.

The cold air in the car flowed out. Zhao Chumian glanced at Sheng Xifang's handsome side profile and leaned to the side, "Younger sister, you sit on him..."

Sheng slowly walked around the front of the car without looking back and entered the front passenger seat.


The little girl ran pretty fast.

Du Mu said, "Madam, please."

Zhao Chumian sat in helplessly and the car door closed in an instant.

She glared at Sheng Xifang. What was he pretending to be cool for? He ruined the beautiful time when she explored college life and even ruined her clothes.

Damn stinky man.

He even gave her five years of youth...

The car was filled with cold air. In just a few minutes, Zhao Chumian felt a cold breeze on her arm and the cold air flowed from her collar to her body.

She touched her arm and said to Du Mu who was driving in front of her, "It's a little cold."

Du Mu focused on driving as if he did not hear her.

Oh right.

Sheng Xifang didn't like her, so his men didn't give her any face.

If it wasn't for the fact that she didn't know how to drive, Tangtang would have left again and was even slowly pulled by Sheng. Did she need to sit in Sheng Xifang's car?

She glanced out of the corner of her eye at Sheng Xifang, who was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt. His gaze was light as he leaned against the back of the chair. That pair of long and beautiful fingers naturally rested on his thighs. As a man, he was not cold. Have you considered a girl's body?

She was slightly angry and said in a clear voice, "You pay for my bow tie!"

A clear and clear voice came from his throat, "En."

This reaction...

She became cold.

She decisively opened the window, and the hot air outside came in.

The fine hairs on her arm stood up, and there was a faint warmth.

Sheng Xifang's handsome eyebrows slightly knitted, "It's closed."

"Cold.." She refused.

"It's such a hot day, you're telling me it's cold?" He tilted his head and stared at her petite and beautiful face.

When they had first met, she had acted the same way. Sometimes it was cold, sometimes it was hot. She wanted his attention.

What did he do back then?

He seemed to ignore her.

Du Mu, who was driving, pressed the button. The glass window quickly went up, but the temperature of the air conditioner was still the same.

Sheng slowly sat in the passenger's seat nervously. Why hadn't he arrived at the restaurant yet?

The atmosphere was so scary.

Sister-in-law used to be very careful in front of her brother, but now she really...

She was too brave.

"You can't blame me. If you want to blame someone, you can only blame your car's air conditioner for being too good at cooling... With the same temperature, why is your car so cold?" She smiled as she rolled her pitch-black eyes, "Is it because... You!"

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