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Transmigrate To Five Years Later/C3 The One Who Fell down Is Your Lover
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C3 The One Who Fell down Is Your Lover

Although he knew that their relationship wasn't very good, Sheng Xifang had gone too far this time.

He had been unconscious for a day and night, and had just revealed himself.

Zhao Chumian's heart felt extremely cold. Just now, she was extremely excited, but now, she felt extremely depressed.

She did not pretend to be pitiful.

She was really pitiful.

She lost her university, her first love, and her youth. Now, her husband seemed to be almost gone as well.

Why was she so unlucky!

She had been doing good deeds since she was young. She donated money to the impoverished mountainous regions, donated money to rebuild the disaster areas, and even paid tuition fees to the impoverished children. They were all good people...

"Since Mr. Sheng is here, I am relieved. Mianmian, I will be leaving first." Tang Jie saw the opportunity and immediately picked up her bag and left.

Zhao Chumian softly said, "Sugar..."

In the ward, the two of them stood a meter away from each other and the atmosphere was stifling.

From the moment he entered until now, she was indeed different from the Second Miss of the Zhao family who was cautious, gentle and quiet in front of him.

Her voice was soft, and her lazy voice carried a hint of laziness and tiredness, as if she had just woken up. She even dared to grab his hand and touch it recklessly.

She had even been married for three years, and today was the first time she had called him husband.

Memory loss?

He didn't believe it.

Back then, in order to chase after him, what kind of tricks had he never used?

Pretending to be pitiful...


Sheng Xifang's eyes became colder and colder, "Everyone saw you standing on the roof, using memory loss techniques to turn you from a victim to a victim?"

"Hm? What did you say?" Zhao Chumian tilted her head and felt wronged. Sparkling tears started to roll in her eyes. "I really lost my memory. What did you say about the victim? I don't even know who did it."

Sheng Xifang's gaze was indifferent as he calmly explained, "Yesterday at 2 PM, Wanmei fell from the roof of Millet Garden, and you fainted on the roof."

She was even more confused. "Who fell down? Perfect? I don't even know your name. It's perfect!"

That person's name is so narcissistic!

Even more narcissistic than her.

But she didn't remember anything that happened in the past five years, including whether or not she pushed someone downstairs.

Although she had been spoiled since she was a child, she wasn't arrogant and domineering. Her parents had taught her to be a good person since she was a child.

She only occasionally played the role of a fujoshi. Other than a few CPs that she should not have, she definitely did not have any bad thoughts.

How could she push someone down the stairs?

She had such a good personality, how could she possibly become enemies with others?

She had been loved by everyone since she was young, and flowers bloomed when flowers bloomed.

Because her beautiful face was very popular.

After five years, he even disliked his own husband.

She seriously suspected that Sheng Xizhou's eyes were not for decoration, but were blind.

In the quiet ward, his cold and calm voice was heard, "Sheng Xiluo."

Sheng Xizhou?

This name sounded like a domineering CEO, but it was... cold and emotionless.

"Could it be that the one who fell down is your lover?" Zhao Chumian looked up in surprise, "That's why you are angry and blame me. I even touched your hand and you are not willing to let me touch it. You have to keep it for that Mo to touch!"

This was too much!

It was too much for that Mo.

Sheng Xizhou's hand was the most beautiful hand she had ever seen. It was the hand with the longest knuckles.

It was even more beautiful than her brother's hand.


A crack appeared on Sheng Xizhou's usually calm face. His slightly protruding eyebrows revealed a biting cold intent as he said coldly, "Although I don't have any feelings for you, I won't look for other women during the period of marriage."

One of her was already enough to annoy him.

"Then what are you doing here? Are you here to denounce me?"

She refused to accept it.

It had already been decided. Was there still a need to ask?

It was heart-wrenching.


She felt wronged and aggrieved. From the corner of her eye, she saw the exquisite black bag on the bedside table.

It should be hers.

She immediately walked over, opened the bag, and took out a huge phone.

Why wasn't there a single button on the phone screen five years later?

Why was there a bangs on the phone?

It was too strange.

She pressed the button on the screen and a keypad appeared.

The background was at the airport. A man in a suit walked over with long legs as if he was walking over. The surrounding people paled in comparison to him. Only his aura of nobility that could not be blocked was getting closer and closer.

She raised her eyes, and the face on the wall paper overlapped with the Sheng Xi boat.

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