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C4 She's a Lady She Won't Do Anything Stupid


Zhao Chumian roared in her heart. Could it be that she liked him?

He actually used his photo as a wall paper on his phone.

Since she was young, she had only used her phone as a wall paper. At most, she had taken a photo with her brother.

Even Tangtang did not appear on the wall paper.

This man...

How much he liked and loved him, that was why he appeared on the wall sheet on his phone.

There might be more information about him on my phone.

She immediately entered her birthday and the password was wrong.

She entered her brother's birthday again, it was still wrong.

Zhao Chumian's brain froze for a second. A bold idea popped up in her mind. "Excuse me, do you know my phone password?"

She sat by the bed, her slender legs wearing loose-fitting medical pants swaying like a swing. She was barefooted and seriously fiddling with her phone. Her clear black eyes revealed a trace of confusion.

Her lips were a little interfering. The tip of her tongue lightly licked her lips and quietly waited for his reply.

Did she really lose her memory?

She didn't even remember the password of her phone?

He said coldly, "1001."

Zhao Chumian immediately entered and unlocked it. She smiled, "What a good patriot young man I am. I actually used the password of the phone on my mother's birthday."

But in the next second, she could not laugh anymore.

Because her phone's wall paper was also Sheng Xifang's.

In the photo. He was wearing a simple white shirt, and there seemed to be a faint drizzle in the sky. The breeze blew his black hair in front of his forehead, revealing his wide and full forehead. His eyes were light, and even his angular face had a hint of coldness and indifference.

Even through the screen, he could feel the sense of alienation, as well as a deep attachment and despair.

He was the moon above the sky and could not be seen.

Sheng Xifang's light gaze was slightly cold. That was also his birthday.

All of her passwords were related to him. After setting it up, she would tell him what it was.

He had never deliberately memorized it, but once she asked, the answer popped up in his head.

Zhao Chumian was a little embarrassed. She immediately put down her phone and changed the topic, "How is the perfection you mentioned just now?"

Just as she finished speaking, the door of the ward opened.

A radiant old madam was supported into the ward. It could be seen that she took good care of herself. The wrinkles on her face were very shallow and she even put on light makeup. However, her eyes revealed ruthlessness, anger, and resentment.

She walked straight in and stood beside Sheng Xifang. She asked in a reprimanding tone, "Zhao Chumian, you admit it. You pushed Wan down from such a tall building! And you even pretended to care about her!"

Her eyes turned suspiciously and looked at Sheng Xifang for help. Who was this lady?

And how did she admit it?

Sheng Xifang's eyes were cold and there was no reaction.

Old Mrs. Sheng was furious, "I knew you were not a good person. Back then, in order to marry Xifang, you are so shameless. You have already fulfilled your wish. You didn't even let go of Wan, who grew up by my side. If she doesn't wake up... She's in a vegetative state. Zhao Chumian, you just wait to get out of the Sheng family! Our Sheng family doesn't need a heartless wife like you! "


Crashing and rolling around?


In order to marry Sheng Xifang?

Zhao Chumian's worldview was shattered. She was a lady and would not act recklessly.

That was definitely not her!

"If you don't speak, it means that you have tacitly acknowledged it..." Old Mrs. Sheng stared at her pale side profile. "Since you are awake, then go and guard outside the ICU. When Wan is awake, you can leave! You have to pay the price for doing something wrong. This is the rule of Sheng family! "

This arrogant and despotic person, judging from his age, should be Sheng Xifang's grandmother?

He was so biased towards outsiders. It seemed like he really, really, really didn't like this granddaughter-in-law of his!

Zhao Chumian raised her eyes and smiled faintly. "Sorry, I don't remember. You said I pushed that thing, Wan? Do you have proof?"

"Everyone saw you on the roof and you pushed her. You even provocatively looked down. You didn't even take back your hand from pushing her!" Old Mrs. Sheng was so excited that she panted heavily, "Wan had no parents since she was young and she was an orphan. This time you pushed her downstairs. Next time, you also have to push me, this old hag, down the stairs! "

What was going on?

Zhao Chumian's heart was tired, her stomach was hungry, and her throat was thirsty.

"Maybe she wanted to commit suicide because she didn't want to. I just pulled her and didn't pull her, just like this..." She reached out her hand towards Sheng Xifang, and her voice was soft, "Hubby, I didn't catch you..."


Old Mrs. Sheng slapped the back of her hand.

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