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C5 Hubby She's Hurting Me

"Well... Pain. " She immediately moved to the side of Sheng Xifang's back. Her body was tightly pressed against his back. Her small head poked out from his side and pulled on his shirt, feeling wronged. "Hubby, she hurt me..."

The best way to deal with people like Old Mrs. Sheng was not to fight her head on, but the people she cared about cared more about her.

It would stimulate her crazily.

She lowered her eyelids and stared at Sheng Xifang's naturally lowered left hand. The knuckles were bent, and the white palm of her hand was filled with powder. The lines of her palm were clear and logical, and the ring finger of the man on the ring finger was shiny.

His right hand was beautiful, and his left hand, which was wearing a wedding ring, was even more beautiful!

She really loved his hands.

How could he be so tall, handsome, and handsome, and his hands were so beautiful?

There was only one flaw in him.

He had no feelings for her!!

Bad comment.

Sheng Xifang stood straight, with his warm and soft body pressed against his. His left hand was gently stroked, and it was a little itchy. In the next second, his long and slender fingers pierced through the gaps between his fingers.

"Ah!" Zhao Chumian's hand was fiercely clenched by him and she cried out in pain. She said, "Hubby, I feel wronged. I did not push her..."

Her head was leaning on Sheng Xifang's back. There was no smell on his body. It was clean and refreshing.

She did not dislike it.

She leaned against him.

"Xifang!" This was the first time Old Mrs. Sheng saw the two of them being so intimate. Zhao Chumian actually held his hand and her voice was soft and sweet like a spoiled child.

Her pupils dilated in shock and her eyeballs seemed to be about to pop out, "You also believe her nonsense just now. It was not her who pushed it, but she who wanted to save people?"

"I believe." Sheng Xifang said faintly.

"You, you..." Old Mrs. Sheng got even angrier when she heard him. "Zhao Chumian, come out here. Do you look like a girl from a big family? Are you standing there or not?"

He believed it!

He actually believed her.

Although he didn't know what exactly was going on, it felt good to be trusted.

She stood on Sheng Xifang's left, tilted her head, and leaned against him. "Can't a girl behave like a spoiled child with her husband? I'm sick. It's only right for my husband to take care of me... "

When Old Mrs. Sheng heard this, she felt so disgusted that she wanted to throw up.

The original humility and respect, as well as the gentle and virtuous lady, were all fake.

Now, it was Zhao Chumian's true face. She had an extremely bad temper and was also an uncultured person.

Old Mrs. Sheng said sternly, "I don't care what kind of excuse you have. Wan is now unconscious because of you. If you don't personally watch her wake up and take good care of her... If this matter was brought to the police station, you wouldn't be able to explain it clearly even if you had ten thousand mouths. Just wait for me to go to jail! "

"Grandma." Sheng Xifang said in a cold voice, "It's still too early to come to a conclusion. We'll talk after Wanmei wakes up. You're tired. Go back and rest early."

"Xifang, why are you protecting her? She does not have good intentions!" Old Mrs. Sheng was very angry. "Wan is like your biological sister. Now you are not helping her get justice for an outsider..."

"Grandma, she is the outsider..." Zhao Chumian smiled lightly. "I am your granddaughter-in-law."

She almost blurted out that she didn't have a granddaughter-in-law like you.

However, Xifang's current attitude was ambiguous, so she couldn't say more.

They would divorce sooner or later.

Sheng Xifang did not like her.

She was happy when she got married, and she would be sad when she got a divorce in the future.

She had such a vicious heart. She would get her retribution sooner or later.

"I see that you are in good spirits. You don't need to be hospitalized anymore. Come back early tonight to help you recover your health. I see that you have lost a lot of weight recently." Old Mrs. Sheng's attitude changed, "Xifang, don't be too sad. Wan is blessed by heaven. She will definitely be fine.

The corner of Zhao Chumian's mouth twitched. Sheng Xifang was sad for another woman?

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