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C6 My Youth


Indeed, they were childhood sweethearts and had feelings for each other.

If they were to divorce, this fellow would immediately be able to link them seamlessly, right?

The moment Old Mrs. Sheng left, Zhao Chumian's hands were empty before the door of the ward was closed.

Sheng Xifang decisively pulled out the wet tissue from the table and wiped his hands. He wiped the back of his palm and even his fingers carefully.

It was as if he had just grabbed something smelly and dirty.

Zhao Chumian stared at her own hands. They were thin and white, and her nails were light pink. They were very beautiful and clean.

However, the diamond ring on her ring finger seemed to be mocking her. Marriage failed, and her husband did not love her.

"Hubby, thank you for helping me out just now..." She said with a smile.

"There are a lot of people at the scene. If this matter is magnified... Once you enter the police station, not only will you lose face... There's also the Sheng family. " Sheng Xifang threw away the fifth wet tissue. The light black and gray pupils fell on her face. "I don't care if you have amnesia or if you are pretending. I will bite you to death."

He was careless.

He had thought that Sheng Xifang really believed her, but in the end, he was a selfish person.

It was just for himself.

"Although I don't remember, I believe that I didn't do that kind of thing." Zhao Chumian stood at the end of the bed, her beautiful face still pale.

If the child in her womb was his, Sheng Xifang wouldn't have cut off her entire body, especially somewhere, and become Eunuch Sheng.

Thinking of that scene, Zhao Chumian could not help but smile faintly. The tear stains on her face could not hide her exquisite and beautiful face. The deep dimples on her face made her look extremely beautiful.

Two doctors came in from the door. When they saw Sheng Xifang in the room, their hearts could not help but tremble.

Why was this Buddha here? Wasn't it a little beauty who asked them to come just now?

One of them asked nervously, "Young Master Sheng, how is Madam not feeling well?"

Sheng Xifang casually put his clean hands into his pocket and walked out. "Brain."

Zhao Chumian snorted lightly and angrily looked at his back. Your brain has a problem!

Your whole family has a problem with your brain.

The two young doctors stared straight at Zhao Chumian's face.

Mrs. Sheng was truly a rare beauty. Even when she was sick, she was still so beautiful.

The illness of the delicate and delicate Fu Liu was probably like this.

"Look at my complexion and you can tell that I am very good. I am completely fine!" Zhao Chumian curved her lips into a fake smile.

The doctor hesitated. "But..."

She was in a terrible mood now and did not want to do a check-up, "I know my body very well..."

Seeing that she insisted on refusing, the two of them still looked at each other and tacitly walked out.

Rich people's thoughts were very different. As long as they were still alive, they would not look now.

As long as they were happy.

When their bodies couldn't take it anymore, they would naturally look for them and beg for their lives.

Zhao Chumian was the only one left in the ward. She walked into the bathroom expressionlessly.

The white brick wall and the bright incandescent light shone. She stood in front of the washing table and faced the large mirror.

She could see more clearly than Tangtang's phone just now. The lines on her face were much more obvious than when she was 18 years old. Even her chest was more full.

She put on simple medical clothing to make it look like a uniform. It was tempting.

She squeezed her arm with force. "Ah... Pain. "

So it wasn't a dream, it was real.

She really came five years later, and there was still a husband who didn't like her.

Compared to now, she yearned for the beautiful university campus life that was unknown.

She walked out in despair and sighed, "My youth..."

She picked up her phone and entered the password.

She got angry when she saw Sheng Xifang's face!

She immediately turned on the camera and took a selfie with herself. In an instant, she changed the wall paper and lock screen.


Now it's much more pleasing to the eye.

There were still a lot of unfamiliar apps on her phone. She first opened the Weibo that she often visited.

Who was this celebrity?

Who was this Internet celebrity?

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