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C8 Who Were You Calling a Stinky Man

"Ha." Chen Mei placed the wine glass by the table and picked up the cue stick. "Something happened at my house. It was my fault. I will apologize to you. Just you wait. I have prepared a generous gift for you."

He let Zhao Chumian play with him to create an opportunity. He was such a good brother!

Actually, he just wanted to watch the fun.

In the past, he had only walked around Sheng Xifang. He had never let down the people of Sheng family. Yesterday afternoon, they had known each other for five years. It was the first time!

She did not expect that Zhao Chumian, who looked so obedient and gentle, actually had a... restless and mischievous heart under her skin.

Sheng Xifang was not interested, and was even more lazy to talk to her.

However, what did she want to do when she went to Millet Garden at night?

- -

Not long after, Zhao Chumian unwillingly got off the car at the entrance of Busenlis. The golden symbol became the starlight in the night.

The driver was a little paralyzed and did not understand human language.

How many times did she have to say it? She really did not want to see Sheng Xifang at all.

Why did she want to see him?

His hot face was stuck to his cold butt. He was nothing!

She slowly walked into the splendid hall of Busenlis. "What's so fun about this place?"

It looked pretty good. Sheng Xifang was also a person who knew how to enjoy himself.

Chen Ha followed behind her expressionlessly. " Miss Zhao, when you see the young master, you can play anything you want."

She wanted to play by herself and play with Tangtang. Anyway, she wasn't playing with Sheng Xifang.

She didn't want to play in Millet Garden either. Yesterday, she fainted there. Maybe she could return to 18 years old from there.

She wanted to go to school. She didn't even have the chance to experience the beautiful college life before it ended.

After exiting the elevator, she leaned weakly against the wall and lowered her head. "Ah, I think I've twisted my ankle. Go and ask Sheng Xifang to come over and hug me. Otherwise, I won't leave."

She raised her left foot and her palm-sized face revealed an uncomfortable expression. "Oh... It hurts so much... Go quickly... "

Chen Zhang did not think much and immediately ran away," Miss Zhao, wait and see. "

His back disappeared at the corner and Zhao Chumian turned around and walked in another direction. She said disdainfully," Heh, stinky man. "


Zhao Chumian bumped into a person. She subconsciously protected her flat abdomen and looked up to meet a pair of deep and reserved phoenix eyes.

His light brown hair was slightly hanging in front of his forehead and his thick and invasive eyebrows were slightly raised. His beautiful phoenix eyes were filled with a mysterious and evil smile as he stared at her without any restraint. His cold white skin made his red lips look very good.

This was the first time she felt that a man with one eyelid could be so handsome. No, it was beautiful.

It was not a feminine beauty, but a beautiful Zhang Yang. It was a beautiful evil beauty, a beautiful monster, and an aggressive beauty. It looked down on the untouchable under the heavens. It was a beauty that could not even be described with beautiful and complicated words.

She took two steps back. "Sorry, I didn't notice."

He stepped forward and lowered his head to stare at her. "Miss Zhao, who were you calling a stinky man?"

Zhao Chumian was stunned. Oh no, they knew each other?

But she could not remember who it was at all!

"Anyway, I am not scolding you." Zhao Chumian smiled lightly. She leaned to the side and leaned against the golden wall.

There were complicated dark patterns on the wall. It looked gorgeous and noble, and it was expensive.

The smile in Yaen Fanzhou's eyes deepened, "If you are not scolding me, then you are scolding... Sheng Xifang."

Indeed, they knew each other.

They even knew about her relationship with Sheng Xifang.

Could she be a good friend of Sheng Xifang?

It was awkward.

Zhao Chumian lowered her eyes and inadvertently caught a glimpse of Yaen Fanzhou's right hand. There was a ring of pure black on his middle finger. Although she could not see it clearly, it was really long, so white, and so beautiful.

Was it the wrong place she lived in in the past?

Why were the hands of the men beside her so beautiful now?

His tall figure approached her and a pleasant voice flowed out, "I heard that you pushed Wanmei down from upstairs..."

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