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C9 You Don't Understand Human Language

Does everyone in the world know about this?


"Well done."

"..." Zhao Chumian was puzzled and asked, "Hm?"

"The woman in the tea is so angry that she will attack when it's time to attack, but it's a pity..." Yaen Fanzhou's cold and white face moved close to her ear, and a scorching hot breath spiraled into her ear, "I didn't kill her."

Her heart skipped a beat, this man...

So scary.

So evil.

He was the legendary... Evil Flower.

The smile in Yaen Fanzhou's eyes was very strong. He looked evil and evil, "Do you want me to help you... kill her?"

She nervously swallowed her saliva.

Kill her?

Sheng Xifang's cold voice suddenly came from behind, "I sprained my ankle again."

Zhao Chumian immediately stood on her tiptoes on her left foot, her voice soft, "No..."

The corridor was quiet. The lamp above her head emitted a dim light and a faint light sprinkled on his body.

She remembered the picture on the wall paper on her phone. At this moment, her eyes were as distant and cold as usual.

He said coldly, "Come here."

The evil voice beside her ear rang again quietly, "Don't go over. You're not his puppy. If I tell you to go over, just go over..."


Why is the atmosphere between the two of them a little... Unusual strangeness?

Her body did not move. Her black eyes were rolling around in her eyes.

Sheng Xifang stood coldly on the spot. In the past, those eyes had always been on him. He did not feel that her eyes were pretty, or even annoying.


It was still annoying.

He lifted his leg and strode over. His tall figure stood in front of her, "You don't understand human language?"

Zhao Chumian pursed her lips and whispered, "Why are you so fierce... My ankle was sprained. How can I go over?"

Sheng Xifang's light eyes were slightly cold. He lowered his head and looked at her clear eyes that did not have a trace of impurity. His eyes were slightly red, as if he was accusing him.

Being able to come out and pick her up was already his greatest gentleness.

And she had to meet this troublesome fellow.

"Be good, don't cry..." Yaen Fanzhou's charming phoenix eyes looked at her, "That kind of vulgar man doesn't understand Chu's good. Big brother knows you best..."

Interesting. The Zhao Chumian in front of him seemed to be different from before.

In the past, there was only Sheng Xifang in her eyes. It wasn't Sheng Xifang chasing after her, but she chasing after Sheng Xifang.

He went overseas for a business trip. Because she missed him too much, she could pretend to go on a business trip just to secretly take a look at him.

Now, she actually opposed him.

And she even had such a pitiful appearance. It seemed like Sheng Xifang's three years of marriage was about to come to an end.

"I'm not crying..."

Zhao Chumian was surprised in her heart. Older brother?

Could it be that their relationship was very good?

He was also involved in the matter of pushing Wanmei downstairs?

Pooh pooh!

She did not push.

It had nothing to do with her.

Sheng Xifang said faintly, "Grandma wants us to go back tonight."


That old lady's attitude towards her was so bad. She said that she would give her tonics, but when she went back, she still didn't know how to deal with her!

She shook her head, "I'm not going back..."

"Whether I'm going back or not, is up to you?" He grabbed her wrist and pulled her away.

Zhao Chumian leaned forward and stared at him. From her Adam's apple's neck to her smooth chin and then to her stunning face.

This damn beauty control.

But could he be gentler?

How could he be so arrogant?

She was wearing high heels and could not keep up with his long legs!!

"Chu..." Yaen Fanzhou dragged the end of his voice. His red phoenix eyes revealed a meaningful evil smile. His slightly red lips curled up. "We will see each other next time..."

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