Transmigration: Leisurely In Village/C1 He Actually Crossed Through
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Transmigration: Leisurely In Village/C1 He Actually Crossed Through
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C1 He Actually Crossed Through

Lan Lingxue rubbed her head, the pain doubled, Lan Lingxue couldn't help but to hiss in pain, she could clearly feel a large lump under her hand, gently stroking it, it was no exaggeration to say that it was as big as an egg, she didn't dare to touch it again, Lan Lingxue cursed, this is really bad luck, I just want to relax, I don't know where to go, looking out the window at the sunny sky after the rain, breathing slightly moist air, thinking how much better to tread on the mountain than to pick some mushrooms for entertainment, who would have thought that I'd slip on the way down, and even hit my head and fainted on the way down, I don't know how long, I don't know how much longer it should hurt! Forget it, let's go down the mountain first and find a doctor at the hospital. We can't leave any side effects.

Lan Lingxue's head was still spinning. She slowly stood up with her hands supporting the tree, dusting off her clothes. Lan Lingxue was stunned. Whose clothes were these? Who would wear white cloth clothes like this? Looking left and right, no one was there. He reached out his hand to tug at his lapel, wanting to see whose dirty little hand it belonged to. Raising her hand in front of her eyes, Lan Lingxue felt like she was about to collapse. Was she stupid from the impact? Was her brain damaged? Or was he hallucinating? She pinched her thigh with all her might, causing Lan Lingxue to scream in pain. It was real!

"Hurry up, there's a sound coming from over here."

A simple and honest male voice rang out. Lan Lingxue immediately bit off the scream in fright. Her lips ached from biting it. If a man suddenly appeared in this desolate place, it was unlikely that something would happen. It was best to be careful.

"Little Blue, Little Blue …"

Lan Lingxue calmed down a little when she heard a hoarse female voice. There were both men and women, so it shouldn't be dangerous.

"Little Blue, where are you? Go back and tell your mother!"

The hoarse female voice called out again and again. The fear and worry in her voice made Lan Lingxue's heart tremble. Whose child had she lost, was she in a hurry to die? This unlucky child, how could he run all the way to the mountains by himself? This caused his family to worry so much.

"Little Blue!"

Lan Lingxue, who was lost in her thoughts, was startled by the man who suddenly appeared in front of her. Before she could react, she was immediately embraced by a warm embrace.

"Little Lan, you stinking girl, you scared my mother to death."

Mother? Mine? Lan Lingxue thought she was going crazy. She must have been knocked silly. She was still unconscious. What was going on!?

"Little Lan, what's wrong with you? I'm my mother, why aren't you saying anything?" What happened? "

With one hand, the woman held Lan Lingxue's face and carefully examined it. With the other, she caressed Lan Lingxue's hair, causing her to scream out in pain.

"Where does it hurt, is it here?" Mother, take a look. "

The woman carefully pushed aside Lan Lingxue's hair. The bulging blood-red lump immediately caused the woman to shed tears.

"Girl, how did this happen? Does it hurt? Mother was blown away. "

The woman put her mouth close to Lan Lingxue's head and blew on it with her cheeks. That cold and clear feeling warmed Lan Lingxue's heart and made her vulnerable whenever she was concerned. Lan Lingxue didn't realize that she had already lightly pressed against the woman's chest.

"Sis, Sis, I'll help you huff huff. Mother … let me help huhu …"

Lan Lingxue lowered her head and saw a little boy with a bun on his head looking up at her. Although he was small and thin, his appearance was exquisite and very adorable. However, what was with his hair style and clothes? Looking at the woman and the man, Lan Lingxue's mind was in complete disarray. They were both very young, probably around the age of twenty-six or twenty-seven. Both of them were wearing coarse, washed clothes with patches on them.

"Sis, I'll help you …"

Lan Lingxue crouched down, and the boy immediately approached her.

"Hu-jie won't hurt anymore. Sister, please don't cry. I blew away the pain."

When did I cry? However, the young boy's tender voice melted Lan Lingxue's heart. What a sensible kid.

"Who are you? Little friend, you're so cute. Big sister doesn't hurt anymore."

The little boy was stunned as he stared at Lan Lingxue with his round eyes.

"Sis, I'm Little Hoe. Don't you recognize me? Mom, mom, big sister doesn't know me anymore … "

"Little Basket, don't scare me like that. I'm my mother, do you know me?"

The young woman was completely flustered when she saw Lan Lingxue looking at her in a daze.

"Second Brother, is Little Basket's head really broken? We don't even know each other anymore, what should we do now?"

The young woman took Lan Lingxue into her arms once more. Tears fell down from her eyes onto Lan Lingxue's head. The wet, hot tears and the sadness of the women made Lan Lingxue at a loss of what to do.

"Girl, you really don't know anyone else? I am your father, do you still remember? "

Lan Lingxue saw that the man's eyes were red with anxiety. The anxiety and worry in his eyes didn't have the slightest hint of falseness. She couldn't help but yell out.


Lan Lingxue's heart trembled when she heard that. She knew it was the instinct of this body.

"Sigh …"

The man's eyes filled with tears from the call of his father as he excitedly spoke to the woman.

"Qiutang, look. The basket is fine. Don't worry, the basket is fine."

Lan Lingxue raised her hand and waved it in front of her eyes. She narrowed her eyes. Then, he looked down at his clothes and the cloth shoes on his feet. He sighed to himself. He had really worn it!

Lan Lingxue's chest surged with a long-forgotten happiness. In her previous life, her parents died early because of work, and her uncles only wanted to occupy their family's property, so no one cared about the life of a small child. Thinking about it, she was probably around the same age as her father and mother, even though she had the help of her parents' unit to take care of her, but she didn't lack food or clothes.

He thought about how he had to carry everything on his shoulders and how no one would comfort him if he was bullied, how he could only lick his wounds if he was hurt, how he could only curl up in bed and sleep alone if he got sick, but now, being worried by this man, being loved by this woman, that kind of warm feeling came from the bottom of his heart like a tide, until it filled his eyes. Lan Lingxue's tears couldn't suppress themselves as they dripped down his neck, slid down his collar, and disappeared.

"Little Basket, what's wrong? Does it hurt so much?"

Feeling the warm moisture on his neck, the man became nervous.

"Qiutang, let's hurry up and go back to find a husband for Little Basket. Don't let him suffer the consequences. Our Little Basket doesn't like to cry. She must be in extreme pain."

"Hey, let's go faster. Little Hoe, sister's head hit. It hurts. Let's go faster and rest at home."

"Mm, let's go faster …"

Little Hoe nodded his head and the three of them quickened their pace. Little Hoe couldn't keep up and started jogging beside the woman.

"Mom, I'm fine. It's not that painful anymore. Go slowly, even Little Hoe can't keep up. Don't fall down on him again."

Lan Lingxue called him mother willingly.

Even though Lan Lingxue repeatedly told them to walk slowly, the whole family still rushed back home. Seeing the man push open the shabby door, Lan Lingxue could only sigh. He was indeed a poor family, and he was definitely not poor. Just by looking at the door, one could tell that the man ran into the yard, heading straight towards the side room on the east side.

"Little Basket, we're home. Dad will go invite a doctor to come see your head immediately."

You still know how to come back? You're not doing anything important every day, where did you go to play? Your entire family is waiting for you to eat, and they think you're a big boss. They even have a lot of work to do in the fields.

A sharp and harsh female voice interrupted the man's footsteps. Lan Lingxue turned around with the man and saw a skinny old woman standing at the entrance of the main house. She was about 45 to 46 years old and was cursing loudly while pinching her waist.

"Mom, Little Basket hit her head and fainted on the mountain. We went to look for her and then came back late. It's not like she's lazy or not working."

The man took two steps closer to the old woman and explained in a soft voice.

"Mother, give me some money. I'll hire a husband for Little Basket to see. The girl is in so much pain."

"Take money? Knock your head and lie down, how can this peasant child be so precious, you have become a treasure, a money loser is worth me taking money to see her, do you think that money came from the wind, you can have it just like that! "

"Mom, even Little Basket doesn't recognize him anymore. I'm afraid he must have gone too far."

"She deserved it. She didn't come back for dinner when it was time to eat. She's been to the wilderness all over the mountain, and I still owe her that. Give her some silver coins to look at her head, and I'll puke."

Lan Lingxue could feel the man's hands trembling against her thighs. She must be angry. She looked down and saw Little Hoe with his head held high and biting his lips. There was an unconcealable anger in his eyes.

"Mom, you're the one who asked Little Basket to go up the mountain to pick mushrooms. How is she running around? The mountain that just rained is slippery. Little Basket fell and hit her head because she couldn't walk steadily. Look at her head; it's as big as an egg."

The man's voice was clearly louder, but it wasn't loud.

"Good boy, you've learned how to be stubborn, what, your old lady, I can't speak properly, did you raise your son to anger me? Oh my god, quickly open your eyes and look, this is my son, he was born to anger me to death, how can I live …"

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