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Transmigration: Leisurely In Village/C11 Abdominal Dark Father
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C11 Abdominal Dark Father

He had been busy all morning, and was only able to drink that small bowl of porridge on the bottom before daybreak. How could he not be hungry? It was just that, although he had a treasure in his possession, he really couldn't eat it. He secretly pulled Little Hoe into his house and took out a round red persimmon from his Space Ring.

"We, Little Hoe, are hungry, right? Hey, hurry up and eat. No matter what, we are extremely hungry."

Little Hoe reluctantly looked away from the persimmon.

"Sis, then what about mother? Does mother have any persimmon to eat? She must be hungry as well."

Looking at her brother being so sensible, Lan Lingxue had no choice but to give up.

Mother doesn't have persimmon, and you know it, there's no way I can take it out. However, we, Little Hoe, can relax, I won't let mother starve. I'll bring you a bowl of water in a bit.


Hearing that his mother wouldn't be hungry, Little Hoe picked up the persimmon and started to eat it. That wolfing down appearance made Lan Lingxue's nose sour. A child that was still so young wouldn't be able to eat until he was full.

Here's another cucumber, I've washed it for you and left it here. Take advantage of the fact that there's no one around right now and eat it quickly.

"I understand. Hurry up and send mother some water, don't worry about me."

Hearing Little Hoe's vague answer, the corners of Lan Lingxue's mouth curved into a smile as she returned with her hand and carried the door to her house.

"Mom, you're tired too. Drink some water and take a rest. I'll cut these dishes."

Looking at her mother, who was busy cooking with Eldest Aunt and Third Aunt, Lan Lingxue took out the water bowl in her hands.

"Eldest Aunt and Third Aunt should take a rest as well and drink some water."

Lan Lingxue also served a bowl of water for the two of them. Of course, it wasn't the kind of water that was added to the ingredients. Lan Lingxue thought that it was better to avoid being discovered by others as it was after all heaven defying things and her mother was her own mother.

"The water that my daughter poured was delicious. It was so sweet that even my stomach felt warm from taking this sip."

As expected, before Lan Lingxue could finish her words, she was already caught off guard by her mother.

"That's right, that's right. Your own daughter, of course everything is fine. I didn't manage to drink the sweetness and warmth, but my first niece brought it here to quench my thirst."

Third Aunt patted Lan Lingxue's head and smiled.

"Thank you, my family's Little Basket. This girl knows how to care more than her son."

"Then hurry up and give birth to a daughter. This daughter of yours is my mother's little cotton-padded jacket."

Lan Lingxue secretly broke out in a cold sweat. It seemed like hiding this matter from her mother was the right thing to do. This mother really couldn't hide things from her heart, but Lan Lingxue had never thought that her mother didn't know the truth. If she knew the truth, she would have gritted her teeth for the sake of her own daughter.

After the meal, Lan Lingxue wanted to ask her mother about the matter of sewing the money bag, but when she thought about it again, seeing that the clothes at home were only patched up small, and didn't even have a small piece of cloth, she decided not to waste any more energy. That money bag should be used by the ladies of the family, so she decided to do something else.

Father, Mother, today we met a kind aunt at the market today, she owns a bun house, there were so many people in the morning, I couldn't really take care of her, so I extended my hand to help her a little, and she gave me a bit of money, saying that she wanted me to help her tomorrow. She said that I was diligent, that her daughter was sick, and that if I could not help her in the next two days, then she would give me five coins tomorrow.

Lan Lingxue boiled the water and stealthily added some spring water to it, allowing her parents to relieve their fatigue before taking out a coin from her bosom and holding it in front of her parents. Her mother took the money and looked at her daughter in shock before turning to her husband with an expression of disbelief.

"Was it really the aunt who gave us the money?"

Mother asked Lan Lingxue while holding the money.

"Of course, ask Little Hoe if you don't believe me."

No matter what, Lan Lingxue had to go to town tomorrow, so she had to find a way to deliver the food to Manager Meng. This was her first pot of gold, the basis of her becoming rich, and she had to make absolutely no mistakes. Furthermore, she had to step on this step firmly and firmly.

"Mom, it's true."

Lan Lingxue actually didn't want Little Hoe to get involved. Although it was a white lie, it was still a lie after all. However, since she was in a rush, she had no choice but to do it.

"Mom, it's only a matter of one or two days. You can agree to it. Our family doesn't have any money, and if something similar to me happens, we might have a way out."

When she thought of her daughter getting hit on the head, and how her mother-in-law was unable to take out the money, the hoe mother's head throbbed in pain, her heart clenched as tears welled up in her eyes.

"It's not that mother doesn't want you, it's just that mother is worried about a girl like you going to town." It's not that mother doesn't want you, it's just that mother is worried about a girl like you going to town.

Lan Lingxue's mother's tears finally fell, smashing her heart so hard that it hurt, but she felt warm at the same time. The feeling of being held in the palm of someone's hand was really good, and only her own mother could treat her like a precious pearl. This long-lost love caused Lan Lingxue to also shed tears, stabilize her mind, and raise her head to let the tears return.

Mom, earning money is a good thing, why are you still crying? It's not like I'm not coming back after leaving for a day or two, so I'll be fine. Besides, I've already agreed to help her.

"Mother, you can't be at ease."

"Mother, maybe they'll just use it for a day. If I want to earn that fifty cents again, I won't be able to, right? Mother, you have thought about it well. Money is not something to wait for people, after this village, there will be no such shop. "

"But mother can't bear to. My daughter is still young, and she has to go out to help the family earn money. I'm really feeling sorry for her."

Seeing her mother pat her chest, Lan Lingxue knew that it was the love of a mother.

My daughter wanted to make you happy, but instead she started crying. What's the use of making my child do that, ah, ah, my daughter has grown up, and she knows that she is now pampering her parents, so she wants to help her parents share the burden of this family. We should support her, but you are afraid that your daughter will make a mistake while she is walking, don't be afraid, I'll get up earlier tomorrow, I'll send my daughter there, so you can rest assured.

"That's more like it. It's just that you should be tired from working all day. If you get up early and send your daughter back to town, it'll be so much work. If you get tired, what will happen to our family?"

"Yeah, dad, you can't take the fatigue anymore. I can do it myself, so don't send me off."

Lan Lingxue was really afraid that her father would send her away, so she decided to keep it for herself.

"It's only been a day or two, where I'll be tired. Besides, ever since I drank the water my daughter prepared for me in the morning, I haven't been tired at all."

Lan Lingxue immediately shut her mouth when the matter of the water was mentioned. There was really no way to continue this conversation, so she could only lower her head and act bashful.

It's all thanks to my filial daughter, I've heard that drinking water in the morning is good for your health, so you must let us have a try, otherwise how could we know the benefits of drinking water in the morning? Well, my family's Little Basket has never done anything unreasonable, alright, your son's father, you should be tired, send our daughter off for two days, and you've already said that, it's only a matter of one or two days.

Lan Lingxue glanced at Little Hoe. The little guy blinked at her with an expression of helplessness. Lan Lingxue couldn't help but laugh and pulled at his little bun.

"Hurry up and go to sleep. Sis still has to get up early tomorrow."

"Then, I wish elder sister a pleasant journey."

This stinking brat, Lan Lingxue dragged him to the edge of the brick bed and sat him down. She stuffed his little feet into her mother's basin, washed his feet, wiped them clean, and then stuffed them into her bed.

"Good girl, hurry up and go to sleep. Wait until tomorrow to listen to elder sister's good news."

Little Hoe was getting tired from being served. He nodded his head sleepily and fell asleep sweetly.

"Mom, you have to help me settle my milk tomorrow. Don't let her not see me tomorrow and curse you all over the yard again."

Lan Lingxue was a little worried about her mother's treatment tomorrow.

"This really is something. I have to think of a way to explain myself."

As she thought of her mother-in-law's mouth, the mother hoe felt a little scared.

"What are you trying to say? Just say that Little Basket got a job. She will pay you two coins, and when you come back and give her two coins, you'll work together. I promise mom won't say anything."

"Yeah, father's idea is still the best. Why didn't I think of it?"

Lan Lingxue now had a better understanding of her father.

"You're just a bit older and still a bit tender. Learn more from me, your dad."

"Yes, I will definitely learn from Father."

Lan Lingxue was not as calm as she thought. This father was not as sincere as he looked on the surface. Could he have seen something? It seemed that she needed to think of a good countermeasure. She must be careful tomorrow.

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