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C12 Leakage

Lan Lingxue sneakily entered the space while her family was still sleeping, picking up all the ripe vegetables and waited for a little while for the vegetables to ripen before slipping out of the space. Lan Lingxue secretly entered the space while her family was still sleeping, picking all the ripe vegetables and then waited for the vegetables to ripen and then left the space after watching the vegetables grow again, and she secretly entered the space while her family was still waiting for her family to sleep and picked all the ripe vegetables and waited for the vegetables and waited for the next batch of vegetables and then slipped out after watching the vegetables ripen again.

Lan Lingxue closed her eyes, but she couldn't fall asleep, thinking about the rolling wheat waves in the space just now, those were the white flour waves, she had never eaten dry rations since she was dressed up here, not to mention the thin flour. When she thought about the porridge and wild vegetables, Lan Lingxue felt that she was completely unable to eat them raw, moreover, she didn't even have a bag to store the flour, her life was miserable, tomorrow after receiving the money, the first thing she did was to go buy about ten or twenty sacks of flour, then fill them up so many rows of flour, stop eating even if she was hungry.

Following her father, Lan Lingxue slowly walked down the pitch black path. Lan Lingxue hadn't forgotten to think of how to get rid of her father later, but in the end, she miserably stepped into a small pit and almost fell down. Luckily, her father was quick to catch her.

"How is it, did you manage to twist your ankle?"

Lan Lingxue flexed her legs, but did not feel any pain.

"I'm fine, dad. It didn't happen."

He stretched out his hand and held the girl's hand in his palm.

"What are you thinking? Why is it so dark and you don't know where to look? Although it's not bright yet, there are still stars in the sky. If you look carefully, you will still be able to see the road."

"En, dad, I'm a bit more careful now. I was just thinking about something and forgot to watch the road."

Feeling the warmth of her father's big hand, Lan Lingxue suddenly felt that this time's teleportation was really good. Although the family was a bit poor, but having a mother and father's love, plus a cute little shota brother, their lives shouldn't be too beautiful.

"What are you thinking about that makes you so lost in thought? You don't even look at the road, are you thinking about how to get rid of your daddy?"

Lan Lingxue was frightened by these words. A layer of cold sweat broke out on her back. She couldn't help but shiver.

"Why, are you still unwilling to speak the truth to Daddy?"

"Um, Dad, what do you want me to say?"

Lan Lingxue feigned an innocent tone as she pitifully expressed her sympathy.

"With that little bit of thought of yours, you want to play tricks with me? Tell me first, what did you add into the water you gave me this morning?"

"I didn't add anything."

Since he couldn't say it, then he would grit his teeth and persevere. Thinking that no matter how smart his father was, he would never think that he had such a heaven-defying cheating tool.

I've been drinking that water since I was young, and I've been drinking it for a full twenty-eight years. Why is it that the water you've poured for me is different from the others, it makes me so energetic, I can't feel how tired I am even after a day of work, as if I have endless energy, and the water I pour for myself can't do it. Don't say that I've never drunk water before because I had a good drink in the morning, but it doesn't have such great benefits.

Lan Lingxue was left speechless by her father's words. She had been thinking about how to get rid of her father. How could she have known that her father would take the water first? She was completely unprepared.

Lan Lingxue was still trying to figure out how to reply to her father when her father's voice rang in her ears again.

Your daughter, don't be so anxious to lie to me, I know that you are doing this for the good of the family, but you do not want me to tell you the truth, your father's heart still feels a little uncomfortable, but your father can't force you, and your father knows that you must have some difficulties, so since you can't tell me the truth, then we can talk about it in the future. When do you think you can tell me the truth?


To be honest, Lan Lingxue felt really guilty about her dad, but there were some things that she really couldn't say.

Little Basket, don't make things difficult for me, it's not that I want to know your secret, but you have to let me know that you're not in danger. Just like what happened today, the moment I heard you were lying to your mother, only your mother was sincere and believed your words.

Dad, don't make things difficult for me, your daughter is a person who doesn't know what's good for her, but you don't have to worry. With your daughter's intelligence, how could she do anything?

"What the hell is an IQ?"

"IQ is smart, just smart."

Lan Lingxue took advantage of her father's time to change the topic. She wanted to interrupt her father so that he would forget what she had just said and fool around today.

Lan Erzhuang held his daughter's hand. That soft, smooth little hand made his heart go soft.

My daughter, you are the daughter of my parents, the flesh in my heart, the treasure in my palm, others cannot see the changes in you, but your mother and I can see that ever since you hit your head, it has become different from before. Although you were smart in the past, but you spoke less, and you don't like people, now you not only have a sharp mouth, but your personality has also become more open and open, and you have your own opinions on everything.

Hearing her father's words, Lan Lingxue's heart tightened and tightened. It was hard to tell if she was feeling happier or more pained. She held onto her father's arm tightly, not letting go.

"My daughter, you've already grown into a young lady, and can help father and mother share their worries." My daughter, you've already grown into a young lady, and can help father and mother share their worries.


However, she knew that this shyness did not come from her, but from the original body's reaction to the marriage. Perhaps her father's words had evoked the true feelings of a daughter, but this little girl's attitude made Lan Erzhuang's heart soften a little.

"So, Little Basket, even if you're a hundred years old, I still have to worry about you if father and mother are still alive. Tell father where you're going to get the money, so father can relax. Father is an adult, after all, so it's good to help you weigh the pros and cons.

Lan Lingxue had not expected her father to be so open with her. The feeling of being acknowledged, being worried, being cared for, and being held in such pain made her shed tears.

"Father, I'm sorry for making you and mother worry. I'll tell you everything."

The tears fell on the back of Lan Erzhuang's hands and it was hot and wet. Lan Erzhuang almost regretted his persistence, even though his daughter was young, she rarely cried. Even if someone bullied her, she would grit her teeth and endure it.

"My daughter, if you really want to make things difficult, then don't say it anymore. Your father will go with you and watch out for you. If anything happens, quickly run. Your father will cut off the rear for you."

Lan Lingxue burst out in laughter upon hearing her honest father's words.

"Dad, what are you saying? Do you think your daughter is going to steal or rob? With my small body, do you think it's possible?"

"Then where are you going to get the money? If you don't have anything to exchange, then you don't have the money to make money. Hearing you say that, dad is really confused."

"Dad, look at what this is."

Lan Lingxue held a piece of silver in front of Lan Erzhuang. The silver was dazzling in the starlight, dazzling Lan Erzhuang's eyes.

"My daughter, where did you get this silver? This must be one or two folds, right?"

Holding the silver, Lan Erzhuang didn't know what to say. Although it wasn't that he had never seen silver before, it was true that he had never held it in his hand before. Even on New Year's Day, his mother had told him to buy something, but at most he only took a few hundred dollars.

"Father, in the future, I will have more money. I will give you and mother, as well as my younger brother, money to make Silver Mountain. At that time, you and mother can spend whatever you want and use whatever you want.

"My daughter, I still hate you for your milk. In the end, it's still father's mother. Don't compare yourself with her, it's all forced upon you by bitter days."

"I know, I don't care about her. In the future when I have money, I will also be filial towards her. After all, she is my blood grandmother."

"Mhmm, my daughter is still the most sensible. Can you tell me where you got the money from now?"

"Dad, let's talk first. Don't be afraid, I really am a bit amazing."

"You're my daughter, what's there to be afraid of? Just say whatever you want, it's better than making me worry like this."

Lan Erzhuang wiped his daughter's face with his sleeve and then slowly walked down the road to town while holding her hand.

"Dad, that day when I knocked the mushroom on my head, I passed out. When I woke up, I couldn't feel anything in my body and couldn't move at all. At that time, I was scared and thought that I wouldn't be able to live."

In order to make her father believe this, Lan Lingxue purposely spoke seriously. However, the tight and tight grip on her hand warmed Lan Lingxue's heart.

"Dad, don't worry, I'm in good shape now, I got lucky from this disaster. At that time, I had no other choice but to pray for the Bodhisattva to come save me in my heart, and I begged her to let me see all of you again, even if it was only once, I would still be satisfied. At that time, I really couldn't bear to part with her."

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