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C13 Daddy Is with You

At that time, Lan Lingxue really prayed, but she didn't expect that she would be the one to extend her life. Lan Lingxue, this time, I really said goodbye to you, I will treat this body well, because it is mine now, and I will treat your parents well, because all of us are mine now, and we will live a good life, because life is also mine.

"Dad, I never thought that my prayer would actually come true. Bodhisattva really came to my front. Not only did she save my life, she also saved my life. This space has food, vegetables, and spring water, so …"

Before Lan Lingxue could finish her words, her father interrupted her.

"The water you gave me in the morning was the spring water in space?"

Lan Erzhuang pulled his daughter in front of him, grabbed her arm and asked nervously,

"En, it tastes good, dad."

"Will drinking that water be bad for your health?"

Lan Lingxue was now truly moved. If it was anyone else, if they knew that Lan Lingxue had this kind of heaven defying space, such as those so-called relatives in his previous life, they would definitely think about how to take advantage of her and even put her under house arrest. But at this moment, her father only thought of Lan Lingxue's own safety.

"Dad, I'm really fine."

Lan Lingxue pulled her father's arm, but when she looked at her father, she saw a pair of eyes that flickered slightly. Lan Lingxue couldn't help but hug her father's waist and put her face against his chest.

Dad, don't worry, that space is not in my body, it's just that it's already fused with my will, so it definitely won't affect my body. No, that's not right, it will only affect my body, it won't harm me, since I have this space, I feel that my body will always be relaxed, not tired, not tight, very comfortable, very clear in the head, my memory will be much better, I won't forget anything I've heard before, my reaction will also be quicker. So, dad, you can rest assured, it won't harm my body.


"Of course it's true. It's a dog that lied to its father."

"How can you say such vulgar words? You're already a big girl."

She patted her daughter's back to express her dissatisfaction, but Lan Lingxue just chuckled.

"No matter how old she is, she's still your daughter."

Lan Lingxue's tone was slightly coquettish. This was her own father. He no longer had the strangeness and estrangement from her in the past. She could really live a new life as a little girl and enjoy her parents' love again.

"Yes, she is still my daughter."

Hearing that this matter did not cause any harm to his daughter's body, Lan Erzhuang was happy. He held his daughter's hand and stepped onto the potholed path again.

"Dad, are you hungry? You got up so early, so you must be hungry."

Lan Lingxue's heart ached when she thought about how her father, as a man, had only drunk a bowl of water from space this morning. It was all because she was too tired for her father to eat breakfast.

"Oh, dad, I'll give it to you to eat. How delicious is it?"

Lan Erzhuang took out a persimmon from the space and handed it to his dad. He looked at the persimmon and did not recover for a long time.

I used to wash them with water before eating them, but later on, I realized that it was not necessary at all. Although there is land in the space, it doesn't cause any dust to rise up. The spring water is bright and clear, and the vegetables are bright and fresh.

Seeing her father in a daze, Lan Lingxue stuffed the red persimmon into her father's hands.

"Hurry up and eat. Dad, I'll get you another cucumber."

He then took out a cucumber from the space and held it in front of his father,

"This, this, this is the object from the Bodhisattva Space?"

Seeing Lan Lingxue conjuring something like that, Lan Erzhuang was truly shocked.

"What is inside the Bodhisattva space, it's inside my space, now it's my space, dad."

He saw that his father was still unwilling to eat the persimmon.

"It's a waste of time to eat, dad. After this village, there won't be any more shops like this. I'll be selling them all later."

He then started to stuff the cucumber into his mouth. The taste was really superb. It was watery, crisp and had a faint fragrance to it. He thought that this was the first time he had tasted something like this ever since he got the chance.

"That's how you got your money?"

Lan Erzhuang asked his daughter while gnawing on the persimmon. The persimmon was so delicious that even the sweet and sour taste was different from the one he picked from the ground.

"Yes, I sold the dishes in the space to the restaurant. Because my dishes were good, I sold them at double the price. I exchanged a lot of money for quite a bit of silver. Other than this one silver coin, there were also some leftovers."

"A little girl like you went to sell vegetables, yet she accepted it from a big restaurant?"

Needless to say, Lan Erzhuang didn't believe it. In this era, girls all stayed home obediently, how could they casually show their faces and even run away to do business. Lan Erzhuang didn't even dare to think about it.

That's why I said, your daughter has met a good person. As for me, I'll go to the granary and sell a bag of food. The uncle who sells food is great.

"Our daughter has a really good life. It's no wonder that people say that there will be a blessing in disguise if we don't die."

Recalling that his daughter had been injured, this father still felt terrible.

"Of course, your daughter is someone who is blessed. Daddy, just wait and enjoy life with your daughter."

Lan Lingxue took a bite of the cucumber and started chewing happily. The crisp sound echoed clearly in the quiet morning.

Lan Erzhuang put the last mouthful of persimmon in his mouth, swallowed it and smacked his lips. It was really delicious, worthy of a treasure given by a Bodhisattva, the taste was really hard to find in the world. Seeing that his daughter had finished eating the cucumber, he stuffed the silver coins back into his daughter's hands.

"Little Basket, take good care, this money is all yours, you can take good care of it in the future, but, don't lose it. Although having a spatial treasure is your good fortune, you can earn the money without spending too much effort, but losing it is still a blessing in disguise."

Lan Lingxue pouted and picked another cucumber for her father.

"Dad, how can there be such a thing as a pie falling from the sky? I don't even need to use much effort to make money, how can there be such a good thing, I can't get a full night's sleep, I have to wait until I'm well asleep in the middle of the night before I can enter the space, I have to make a good harvest in the space, although I don't need to do it myself, but my willpower will be exhausted every time, I always need to drink a glass of spring water, and selling vegetables and grains is also a bit of mental and physical effort. If I didn't think too much, I could easily make a deal out of it."

Lan Lingxue recounted in detail how she went to the grain store yesterday and how she discussed it with her father.

Listening to his daughter nagging about the sacrifices she had made in the past few days, Lan Erzhuang felt a little sad. He didn't expect her to pay so much for this family, yet he didn't know anything about it.

"My daughter, sorry to trouble you."

"I am your daughter. If there is anything difficult, it won't be difficult. You and mother, as well as Little Hoe, are my blood relatives. No matter how much you pay, I don't feel tired. It's all worth it."

It wasn't that Lan Lingxue was fanning the situation, it was just that she really thought so in her heart. However, those words almost made Lan Erzhuang, a big and stocky man, cry.

"Little Basket, it's all father's fault for being so weak. For a girl like you to have to shoulder this burden for father, it's father's fault."

Father, how can I share anything with you? You can't belittle yourself, because you look down on your own abilities, our family has five strong men, and that's the most you can do, not only do you have strength, but you're also very smart, the crops you serve are always the best, others will only envy you, our family is not well off, if not for your own responsibility, you live in that house, but you are a big family member. Dad, you don't know, in the heart of your daughter, you are a big hero, and that image is really big.

As Lan Erzhuang watched his daughter talking and gesturing with her hands, the cute and innocent look of her made him feel more at ease. With such a caring little jacket, what was there to worry about? Life could only get better and better.

"Dad, and wow, you don't have to worry about losing the money. I can bring things into my space, and I'll hide all the money there. No one can find it, so I can guarantee its safety."

"Then why don't you hide the money now?"

Lan Lingxue felt a bit embarrassed when she clearly saw Lan Erzhuang ask when her daughter took out the money from her inside pocket.

"I wanted to make a purse for the money, but when I got home yesterday and remembered that we didn't even have a decent piece of cloth, I wanted to go to the market again today and think about how to get it, but the money had its own number, and I couldn't just leave it in the vegetable patch, so I kept it in my pocket all the time. When I got to the market, I'd go buy a cloth, sew a bigger bag, and then I'd put the money in. Daddy, I'll sew a bag as big as this and fill it up, and then we'd have no more to eat."

Just thinking about that made her life better, and Lan Lingxue's smile couldn't be hidden.

"Father will accompany you today."


Lan Lingxue did not understand her father's words. What did he mean by that sentence?

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