Transmigration: Leisurely In Village/C14 As Long as the Girl
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Transmigration: Leisurely In Village/C14 As Long as the Girl
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C14 As Long as the Girl

"Father said that he will accompany you today. Go to the grain store and the restaurant, and Father will accompany you there. What thoughts do you have? Tell Father that he will guarantee that everything will be done."

"Dad, it's fine as long as you send me here. I can do it myself. You should go back, otherwise my milk will chatter again."

He could already see the shadow of Market Street. Lan Lingxue stopped her father in his tracks, not allowing him to see her off.

Father, I know you are worried about me, but you must believe me too. I can do these things myself, and there won't be any danger. If there really is an unavoidable danger, then I will hide in the Space.

He didn't want his father to follow him as if he hadn't grown up yet. He was already a grown man in his bones. He was also afraid that his grandma would use this matter to make trouble for his mother.

"It's not that father doesn't trust you to go alone. Father's thinking is that you might have more and more things to do in the future, right?"

"Yeah, I will do a lot of business in the future, making my family more and more rich."

"You've fallen into the hole of money, my girl, how did you become a little money grubber?"

"What's so bad about losing money? It's better than starving. I want to be a little money grubber."

"Alright, alright, little money grubber. In the future, you will need to do so many things. Do you think you can handle it by yourself?"

He really had a lot of plans ahead of him. Alone, he really couldn't handle it, so he raised his head to look at his father, who blinked his big watery eyes pitifully. His daughter's father naturally raised his hand in surrender, and he had to say, although Lan Lingxue was so hungry that her face was pale and thin, her big eyes were still as pretty as water.

"So, my daughter, since I can't do it alone, why don't I join as well? At the very least, Daddy is the person you trust the most, right?"

That's right, who else could make him so trusting like his father? Furthermore, his father had the same secret with him, so it was unknown how much closer they were to each other, but …

"Then our family —"

Lan Lingxue'er was still worried that her grandma would wear shoes for her mother. Although being scolded was not painful nor itchy, the feeling of being wronged was not pleasant at all.

"I'll give you two more dollars and everything will be settled."

That's right, there's still an old money buff at home, hehe …

Lan Lingxue smiled warmly as she knew that her father was worried that she would face him alone. It was not a lot to be worried about, but ever since she entered this time and space, she had always been worried and worried about him. This feeling was too great.

"Dad, don't you think the two of us should go buy some bags and baskets? Otherwise, what are we going to use to store the food and vegetables?"

They had already entered Market Street. Although there was no market place today, the shops on both sides had already opened their doors.

Oh right, you need some bags, baskets, baskets, and so on. It's just that it's a bit expensive to buy some ready-made goods. Girl, why don't we buy some white cotton?

"Dad, do you think I have Mom's time to help me sew my pockets? Do you have time to help me make a basket? Besides, if I see those few feet of white cloth, do you think our family can still hold on?"

"Yes, what should we do?"

Lan Erzhuang scratched his head anxiously.

"What do we do? It's not like we don't have any money. Come, let's go buy some now."

Lan Lingxue dragged her father into a grocery store.

"Little Basket, it's better if we find a way to make them ourselves. Buying the ready-made ones is indeed a bit expensive."

Hearing the boss give a price, Lan Erzhuang leaned close to his daughter's ear, afraid that the boss would hear it. He whispered to Lan Lingxue.

"Dad, it's fine, we don't need this money anymore. Worse comes to worse, I'll just sell him a basket of vegetables today, and all the money will be back. Besides, we're in a hurry to use it, and there's nothing we can do about it."

Lan Lingxue replied in a low voice, but when she saw that her father was still nodding even though he was frowning, Lan Lingxue secretly clenched her little fists in her heart. She knew that money was the best way to scare her father.

"Shopkeeper, help me get ten sacks and six wicker baskets. I want the one with me, thank you!"

Seeing this eight or nine-year-old girl so straightforwardly ordering goods, the boss of the grocery store was amused.

"Brother, this daughter of yours is not simple. She is only eight or nine years old, but she is still acting like a spoiled child at home. Even your daughter is able to come out and discuss business."

As the boss counted the goods, he chatted with Lan Erzhuang.

"Sigh, this girl looks young and she's already 11 years old. It's all because of the poverty of her family." Sigh, this girl looks young and she's already 11 years old.

"Sigh, at this time, which family isn't like this? They're just begging for warmth and satiation."

The boss of the grocery store also had a helpless look on his face.

"It's not easy, bro. There's a total of 128 pieces of paper. You two can count it as 120 pieces of paper."

While calculating the accounts, he quickly put the wicker basket together and tied it with a thick grass rope. Then, he also put the white cloth bag inside.

"Thank you so much boss, this is money, please count it."

Seeing that his daughter had counted out the money, Lan Erzhuang took it and handed it over with a bow.

"Bro, come often in the future, if there's anything you need from your family, feel free to look for me. I'll consider it cheaper for you."

"Of course, of course."

Lan Erzhuang said politely as he carried the basket and walked out of the shop while holding the girl's hand.

"Dad, the granary is right in front. Take care of the wind for me, I will enter this alley first and pack the wheat into the space."

Lan Lingxue placed her father at the entrance of Hu Tong Kou and walked into the alley alone.

"En, dad will guard here. Girl, be careful."

Lan Lingxue turned around and waved at her father to reassure him.

"Don't worry, dad, I'll be back in a while."

Lan Erzhuang gathered his attention and looked around the alley. However, he subconsciously looked back at the empty alley.

Lan Lingxue walked into the space and came next to the wheat bundles. She opened her bag and was about to use her mind to move the grains into the bag when she suddenly had an idea. Why did you insist on bringing the grains in, it's not that easy to bring in the flour directly, it's just that, I've never tried, I don't know if it's feasible or not,

"All the flour is in my bag."

Carefully using her thoughts to shout a few times, Lan Lingxue fixed her eyes firmly on the tying up ears of wheat. Seeing balls of white flour directly float into her pocket from the tying of the wheat, Lan Lingxue was so excited that she wanted to scream out loud. Sure enough, this would save her a lot of effort.

Seeing that all the wheat grains on the ground were left with empty shells, which meant they were only filled with three and a half bags of wheat grains, adding the bag of wheat grains that was given to Uncle Lee, it should only be half a bag of flour, which in total would amount to four bags of flour. This was a harvest of two fields, which meant that one bag of wheat grains would be filled with two bags of flour, which was very enough.

Coming out of the space, Lan Lingxue saw father nervously looking around, occasionally turning his head back. Sure enough, before Lan Lingxue could call him, he had already noticed his daughter coming out. He ran over and nervously looked at her for a long time, which made Lan Lingxue tense.

"Dad, what's on my face, or what's on my body?"

"There's nothing, there's nothing at all. Dad just saw you disappear and was a little worried. It's good that you're fine."

Avoiding his daughter's gaze, Lan Erzhuang lowered his head and reached for the bag of noodles on the ground. Coincidentally, Lan Lingxue also reached out to help him.

"Dad, what's wrong? Why are you sweating so much?"

It was not hot in the late autumn, so Lan Lingxue held her father's hand in a hurry.

"It's fine, it's fine."

Lan Erzhuang pulled his hand away, wiped his clothes on his back, and picked up his pocket again.


Lan Lingxue suddenly understood her father's reason for doing this. She tightly hugged her father's arm.

"My daughter, dad is fine, let go of me now, we still need to go to the restaurant later, don't stay here for too long, if we finished buying food at the restaurant, then we would have woken up early and would have finished the evening gathering."

Lan Erzhuang didn't know how to comfort his daughter at the moment, so he could only gently pat her back to calm her down and let her know that her daughter was smart and smart. At this moment, he must have guessed his thoughts, however, the moment his daughter disappeared, Lan Erzhuang was really panicking, the fear that came from the bottom of his heart was not something that could be described with words. If his daughter disappeared just like that, Lan Erzhuang felt that he would really go crazy.

"Dad, I won't disappear, I'm just going to fill the space."

He held his father's waist with his hands and even used his strength to hold his waist.

"Yes, Father knows."

I know, but I'm still scared. I can't control myself, Lan Erzhuang thought to himself.

"Next time if you're worried, just call me. I can hear it from the space, I'll be right out to see you."

"En, alright. Next time Father will call for you."


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