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C15 Do Not Do Sick

Lan Lingxue was suddenly speechless. What kind of promise was that? It was just a few simple words, but it made Lan Lingxue shed tears and then burst into a sea.

"Father, let's go."

After crying, Lan Lingxue embarrassedly wiped her eyes with her sleeve and tugged on her father's shirt. Yes, a promise that no one could speak of, just like father, I will show it to you. I will use my actions to tell you that it is a kind of blood kinship that can never be stopped.

"My daughter, your eyes are red from crying."

As his daughter cried, Lan Erzhuang, who didn't say anything, held back the pain in his heart and reached out his rough hand to wipe her eyes gently. Lan Lingxue then smiled sweetly with red eyes.

"Dad, I'm so ugly, right? Do I look like a red-eyed rabbit?"

in a coquettish way, clinging to Dad's arm,

"What nonsense. My daughter is so beautiful."

He rubbed Lan Lingxue's eyes gently with his palm, feeling a little swollen.

"Even if she's ugly, don't be afraid. Your daughter has magical treasures here. Chou Ni, immediately become a beauty. I can't lose face for my father."

Lan Erzhuang saw the girl pat her eyes with her hand. Was it water that was leaking through her fingers? Lan Erzhuang widened his eyes. Lan Lingxue used the spring water to wash her eyes, massaged them a few times, wiped them with her sleeve and raised her head.

"How is it, Daddy? Is she beautiful?"

Looking at his daughter's watery eyes, Lan Erzhuang felt like kneeling down. It was no wonder that this treasure was bestowed by Bodhisattva. It was simply omnipotent!

"Uncle Lee, I'm here."

When Lan Lingxue saw her father carry three and a half sacks of flour to the door of Hongfeng Grain Shop, she opened the door and walked in. When she saw Boss Li, she greeted him warmly.

"Yo, Little Basket is here. Come in quickly."

Lee Yongtai immediately put down his work when he saw the little girl. He was stunned when he saw the strong man that came in with Lan Lingxue.

"Little Basket, who is this?"

It was obvious that he came with this girl, but didn't that girl say that Daddy wasn't at home yesterday? If it was someone from the family, then why didn't she come with this girl yesterday and let such a young girl come out to sell herself?

"Uncle Lee, this is my dad. He just came back last night. He heard that I came to trouble you yesterday, so he came to express his gratitude."

"Yes, yes. Thank you, Boss Li, for taking so much care of our daughter."

"There's no need to thank me. It's not like I don't want to accept others who come to sell their food. I'm here to open a shop, right?"

Looking at the big hand that the man stretched over, Lee Yongtai hurriedly held it. It really was a pair of working hands, with thick and sturdy calluses on the palms.

"That's because Boss Li is so kind. If someone else were to sell something like this to such a small girl, how would they be willing to accept it?"

Lan Erzhuang thanked her sincerely. If she was nice to his daughter, then she must be someone he had to be on good terms with.

"There's really no need to be courteous, big brother. In the future, you will always be here, why would you need such a thing?"

He moved Lan Erzhuang inside and brought two stools over.

"Alright, I won't be polite with Boss Li then. My name is Lan Erzhuang, and Boss Li can just call me Erzhuang."

"I'm called Lee Yongtai, Brother Erzhuang. You don't have to be polite with me and call me Brother Li. I won't let you down."

"I'm not feeling wronged, I'm not feeling wronged. Brother has overstepped his boundaries."

"You're welcome."

"Hee hee …"

Seeing the two men happily chatting with each other, Lan Lingxue gave father a thumbs up in her heart. She didn't realize that the usually simple and honest man, although a bit black in the belly, didn't have a clever mouth.

"Brother Erzhuang, I can tell that you're good at farming. The things you grew were indeed worthy of your daughter being willing to sell them. They really are good stuff."

"It's not as exaggerated as what Big Brother Li said. It's just plain white."

"Brother, don't be modest, I grinded that bag of wheat grains in your house yesterday, and the flour that I grinded was thin and white. Other people's wheat grains can only be this thin after I grinded it three times, but your family's wheat flour is fine after I grinded it once, and there is even a faint fragrance of flour while I grinded it. I didn't even need to make steamed buns, I knew that the flour was a good thing."

"As long as it's good stuff, it's fine. I was even afraid that Brother Li would lose by taking my family's flour."

"Of course not, I'm just waiting to earn it. I wonder if Brother Erzhuang still has this flour at home. If he has the remaining white flour, how about selling it all to my brother?" Big brother will give you a good price. "

Once the flour was ground out, he would know that it was good stuff, but he was afraid that Lan Family was a poor family, and did not have much left over food. If Lan Family did not have this kind of flour, then this half bag of flour would really be too much to sell, and would have to be kept by his own family.

"Big Brother Li, what a coincidence, there are a lot of grains left at home, I didn't want to sell them at home, but here we are waiting for money." Big Brother Li, what a coincidence, Big Brother Li, there are a lot of grains left at home, and I didn't want to sell them, I was waiting for money at home.

"That's great then. Big Brother, I'm not being polite. Where are the grains? Big Brother will go get them with you. Little girl, help Uncle look after the shop."

Lee Yongtai stood up and walked outside with Lan Erzhuang in tow. Seeing that Lan Lingxue didn't even want the shop anymore, Lan Lingxue, who was just enjoying the show, couldn't help but laugh.

"Uncle Lee, you are in such a hurry. I can't run away from you, it's right in front of your store."

"Hee hee …"

Lee Yongtai scratched his head in embarrassment.

"Uncle, aren't you worried that the food will sink? Your father can't carry it all by himself."

The two men carried the flour into the shop. Lan Erzhuang opened a bag of flour.

"Brother Li, look at the quality of this. If it's alright, you can stay. If you don't, I'll go look for someone else."

"Yes, why not? Such a good flour can only be grown by you, brother. Come, let's weigh it and see how much there is."

Lee Yongtai grabbed a handful of flour, tied up the bag as if he was afraid that someone would snatch it, and carried it to the front of the scale.

"Brother, fifty-two kilograms."

After counting, he brought another bag over.

"This bag weighs fifty-three catties."

After all the appointments had been made, he took the abacus and put it together to form a total.

Big brother, these three and a half bags of flour amount to one hundred and eighty-eight catties and nine taels of silver. Including the thirty-two catties I grinded yesterday, it's two hundred and twenty-one catties and five taels of flour, which is two hundred and twenty-two catties.

"Wait, wait …"

When Lan Lingxue heard Li Wentai's words, she hurriedly stopped him. How could this amount of money sound wrong?

"Uncle Lee, wait a moment. How much do you think per kilogram?"

Lan Lingxue was afraid that she hadn't heard clearly.

"Fifteen words, what, do you think your daughter is lacking? "It's not that uncles are stingy, this money is already the highest price we can sell in public."

Lee Yongtai was really afraid that the two of them would be dissatisfied, but since he had been tossing and turning the night before, and after thinking for a long time, he finally decided on a reasonable price. After calculating all the costs and the possible selling price, he really didn't want to take advantage of this little girl.

Uncle Lee, don't worry, it's not too low, it's just too high. The price of the noodles in your store is only 13 gold coins per catty, why are you only charging 15 gold coins to me?

She was really afraid that Lee Yongtai would miscalculate the debt. Lan Lingxue hurriedly comforted Uncle Lee, but Lee Yongtai's heart dropped like a big stone on the ground.

"How can you do business like this? Others are already complaining that the buyers are too low, but you're still afraid that I'll pay too high of a price."

He caressed Little Basket's hair lovingly. The soft and delicate feeling unique to children went straight to Lee Yongtai's heart from the center of his hand, causing his heart to turn soft.

"Big brother, you are such a good girl. If you are kindhearted, there will definitely be a good reward for your kindness. Take good care of yourself and you will definitely be blessed. You might even be a lucky star in your family."

"Of course, my daughter is one in a million. She's very smart."

Lan Erzhuang was not modest at all in praising his own daughter. He was even straighter than usual.

"Dad, how can you praise your own child like that? Don't let Uncle Lee laugh."

"What a joke. Uncle Lee is jealous. Your dad has such an obedient daughter."

Lee Yongtai raised his hand to wipe his face and hid the tears that were secretly coming out of his eyes. However, Lan Lingxue saw it with her sharp eyes and did not expose it.

"Big Brother Li, since our daughter has already said so, you should properly calculate. Don't lose your business just to help us."

Lan Erzhuang originally didn't pay attention to the money, but after hearing his daughter say this, he also realized something was wrong. This straightforward man thought that Lee Yongtai was looking out for him out of kindness, so he decided to let Lee Yongtai do this business.

Brother Erzhuang, how can we be losing money when we open the door to do business? Although I only take your family's flour, but your family's flour is of good quality, and is one of the best of the best. Naturally, we have to sell it at a high price, so how can we sell it at the same price as the ordinary flour?

"Really? Brother Li didn't lie to me? "

"Of course it's true. I plan to sell it for twenty gold coins per catty. I'm afraid that it won't be enough."

Lee Yongtai didn't expect that just a few casual words from him would actually become true. In the coming days, the supply of the Lan Family's flour would be unable to meet the demand.

"You want to buy such expensive flour?"

Hearing this price, Lan Erzhuang was speechless. 20 gold coins, but Lan Lingxue actually thought of a little 90%, this Uncle Lee, is very good at planning, is not afraid that good things cannot be sold at a good price, is very bold, in business, he is definitely a shrewd person, and in terms of being a person, he is also a sincere and kind person. It seems that if I want to interact more with this Uncle Lee, I might even need to use my business in the future.

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